Day of Russian Science 2019

The Day of Russian Science is a young holiday, but historical roots are in the distant past. Scientists are hardworking and inquisitive individuals. The desire to get to the truth with time allowed us to explain the phenomena, the ignorance of which inspired fear for many generations. So they found out how and why thunderstorms, tornado earthquakes and other things happen.


Dangerous curiosity

Scientists are honorable and respected people, but this was not always the case. The church of the 17th century, because of the fear of losing power and influence, actively pursued people who did not share the opinion of the clergy. World scientist Galileo Galilei stubbornly advanced the theory in which the Sun was the central celestial body (the heliocentric system of the world). The dispute with the Catholic Church turned into a serious conflict.

Day of Russian Science 2019

The Stalinist repressions did not bypass the scientists. Popular now as genetics, more than half a century ago, pseudoscience was recognized. Researchers were massively arrested and sentenced to death. Among the scientists was the famous Soviet geneticist Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov. The great mind left the world in 1943.

Professional holiday

Holidays dedicated to science in Russia will be celebrated on February 8 and April 21, but how many more correct to celebrate?

The story should start with a spring date. In Soviet times, annually on the third Sunday of April, the Day of Soviet Science was celebrated. The holiday can be considered the “father” of the Day of Russian Science. The writing of the “Sketch of the Plan of Scientific and Technical Works” by Lenin in 1918 gave the date a significant date. The document is written in the interval from 18 to 25 April. Part of domestic scientists prefer to celebrate the spring date, which in 2019 falls on April 21.

The Day of Russian Science celebrated on February 8 officially entered the list of professional in 1999. The roots of the holiday begin in the 18th century, in the time of Peter I. The emperor is known for massive reforms, the lion's part of which is aimed at the development of science and the construction of schools. February 8th was chosen for the Day of Russian Science in honor of the foundation of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg in 1724.

Fashion for intelligence

In the modern world, science is being tried to popularize as much as possible, especially among students and children in schools. After all, young people are the future of humanity, filled with enthusiasm and imagination, and acquired knowledge will help to carry out our plans.

Day of Russian science in 2019. What date

To attract more people in schools, they organize special lines, or they allocate time for a class hour, where they try to interest children with interesting facts, advanced achievements, and also cite as an example great scientists. An example of perseverance and thirst for knowledge is the Russian scientist Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Only in 20 years, Michael entered the Moscow Academy. Neither the ridicule of younger classmates, nor poverty have broken the desire to learn.

On the basis of higher educational institutions, thematic events are held at which students can hear a report on the research. Teachers and administration of the university are also taking the stage to congratulate students and tell about the latest news from the scientific world.

Day of Russian science at the state level is celebrated differently.:

  • The administration of the country congratulates scientists for their successful research.
  • Day of Russian science the opportunity to come up with advanced development or report an unknown find in order to receive a generous state grant.
  • By tradition, on a holiday, a meeting is organized by the administration of the Academy of Sciences, by decision of which new scientific degrees are appropriated.
  • For hard work for the benefit of the state, higher ranks award scientists with certificates, diplomas, prizes and other distinctive signs.

From the very birth of mankind, people had curiosity, which led to the development and scientific progress. A gadget or a household item is a long-term work of scientists. Relatives and friends who have devoted their lives to research will certainly be happy to be congratulated. A greeting card with warm words will help you mentally relax and give you confidence in your research. In the case of a gift, it is necessary to take into account the individuality of the person, as well as the type of activity, which will allow you to successfully pick up a thematic thing. It is worth remembering that scientists value practicality rather than high cost.

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