Day of Russian Science 2018

“All the works are good,” said, as he chopped off, Mayakovsky, with his original verse, cannot argue with him. However, there are people without whom the world was not as its humanity knows. They are always praised, but especially on the Day of Russian Science. What date to send congratulations to scientists in 2018, how to organize ceremonial events, and where to find warm words for outstanding minds? The true connoisseurs will tell about the history and traditions of the holiday!

Day of Russian Science 2018


Professional holiday of researchers in the Russian Federation

Day of Russian Science 2018

For those who are wondering how many professors and academicians, researchers and graduate students, candidates and doctors of science accept congratulations, history itself and one of its wonderful pages will be the best clue - the date of creation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS): February 8, 1724. Despite the fact that it gained official status only in 1999, the custom of honoring scientists is much older. True, until the presidential decree was issued, timed to coincide with the 275th anniversary of the world-famous institution, festive events were held on the third Sunday of April (in the USSR).

In 2018, the holiday falls not on Thursday.He was not assigned a day off, but this never prevented outstanding personalities from celebrating their professional holiday, following their own unshakable traditions. One of those is the organization:

  • conferences and seminars;
  • announcements of new inventions;
  • exhibitions and presentations of works;
  • award winners contests and grants

The rest of the physicists and chemists, biologists and philologists, as well as all representatives of the world of science, are the same people as everyone. They are not alien to the desire to have fun, therefore, if you want to congratulate your teachers, you can safely organize more frivolous events: concerts, skits, KVNy, etc.

Russian Academy of Sciences to be!

Day of Russian Science 2018

Peter the Great, who was famous for his reformist initiatives, simply could not ignore science. The course on the European way of life led the great king to create a stronghold of knowledge - the Academy, which united the greatest scientists for centuries, among the world-famous names:

  • Mv Lomonosov, who made a huge contribution to the development of Russia;
  • VC. Zvorykin - the inventor of the microscope and TV;
  • I.I. Sikorsky - the creator of the first helicopter and bomber;
  • S.P.Korolev, who opened the way to space for man;

This list takes more than one page, and the people in it deserve special honors that are relevant not only on the Day of Russian Science.

RAS accepts congratulations

Day of Russian science in 2018. What date

Not a single festive event in honor of outstanding and future geniuses is complete without soulful words. The habit of writing odes and dithyrambs within the walls of the Academy has long been out of fashion, but their addition is also not prohibited. It is accepted to wish:

  • bright thoughts and great achievements;
  • universal recognition and well-deserved laurels;
  • realizing the potential and successful searches for the right answers

You should not limit imagination, because besides professional congratulations it is always nice to hear the same ones that sound more often than others: about health and longevity, happiness and material well-being, love and well-being.

Interesting facts about the RAS

Day of Russian Science 2018

Since the founding of the Russian stronghold of knowledge and discovery has undergone a lot. Its names changed, from year to year the number of researchers increased, and with it the salaries of the engines of progress increased. This was not always the case. In its long history, the Academy has known ups and downs.

The current composition of the institution was formed in 2017. It included 79 candidates.The General Assembly and the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, headed by the physicist A.M. Sergeev. The appropriate department is assigned to each industry: from history and geography to nanotechnology and the military sphere. Regional departments and research centers, specialized institutions, councils, etc. have been organized and continue to be established.

Russian Science Day 2018: everything you need to know about the holiday

The official name of the holiday Day of Russian science
Established By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 717 of June 7, 1999
Value Timed to the formation of the Russian Academy of Sciences 02.02.1724
Date 2018 (fixed) February 8, Thursday
Status All-Russian
Output Not fixed
Scientific staff of the Russian Academy of Sciences 46 955
average salary 47 thousand 500 rubles.

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