Day of Criminal Investigation in Russia in 2018

All those who have dedicated their lives to the fight against crime, those who protect citizens of our country from crime, have a special professional holiday dedicated to the Day of the Criminal Investigation Workers.

Holiday date

Day of employees of the COUNTER - a professional holiday. Therefore, the holiday itself and the traditions associated with it are little known to the public. And even the question of how many will be celebrated on the Day of Criminal Investigation, is asked not only by ordinary citizens, but also by the servants of the law themselves.

In 2018, the Day of employees of the criminal investigation department is celebrated on October 5, on Friday.

The date of the holiday is constant and does not depend on the day of the week or the order. That is, it is celebrated annually on the same day, unchanged. The choice for October 5 was not accidental: on this day in 1918, Tsentrorozsk was formed - the progenitor of the current UGRO.

Who celebrates the Day of Criminal Investigation

Everybody who is related to SD is celebrating the holiday: not only investigators,but also operative workers, experts, criminologists, drivers, cynologists and many others - all whose place of work is a criminal investigation department.


How to celebrate the Day of workers of the threat

Employees of the COUNTER are primarily employees of the internal affairs bodies, which means that the holiday is celebrated in full accordance with the duty station. The most significant event on this day, in the opinion of many, is the nominal congratulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs. Managers of all ranks address solemn speeches to employees, congratulating them on their professional holiday.

The most outstanding employees are awarded awards: special titles, medals, certificates, diplomas and commendable sheets. By the significant, “round” dates, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issues special award commemoratives with which distinguished workers are awarded. Of course, it does not do without a pleasant addition - personal and general bonuses issued for the holiday. The celebration ends, as a rule, with a banquet - at the management team - official, and at the rank and file employees - corporate-wide and informal.

Cadets and students of specialized educational institutions are shown films - artistic and documentary, emphasizing the importance of criminal investigation in modern life.Of course, out of competition, the famous film “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed”, the most famous film about the workers of the COUNTER, telling about the adventures of the brave Gleb Zheglov and his assistant Volodya Sharapov.


Congratulations are often joined by colleagues from related branches of law enforcement. Such congratulations are especially pleasant - after all, any employee wants to see a visual confirmation of his own merits, to know that work is appreciated, and efforts are noticed not only by his closest circle, but also by “neighbors” in the service.


The prototype of the modern COUNTER, more precisely, its ancestor became Centorozysk - a special structure attached to the police of the first Soviets, created in 1918 to conduct search activities throughout the country.

Strictly speaking, the very concept of criminal investigation was known long before the October Revolution: criminal investigation appeared in the middle of the XIX century, and the practice of entrusting the investigation of special crimes appeared in Ancient Russia.

In 1918, with the formation of the new government of the Bolsheviks, there was a need for new law enforcement agencies.The NKVD became such a body, and already in its structure a separate division was allocated - the Central Criminal Investigation Department. Centrozysk was directly subordinate to the head of the NKVD, and the task of the new body was to “guard the revolutionary order”. By the way, Tsentrorozysk became the first law enforcement organization under which the Forensic Examination Office appeared - at that time expert actions were available only to employees of the Central Department of Emergency Management.

A few years later, Tsentrorozsk from the NKVD moved to a new division of the Workers 'and Peasants' Militia - the Central Administrative Office. And if, under the leadership of the NKVD, the Central Department of Internal Affairs was mainly engaged in the investigation of political crimes, then under the auspices of the Central Agrarian University, the main activity of Tsentrorozysk was the investigation of criminal offenses and their prevention. By the beginning of the 30s of the 20th century, the name "Centororozsk" changed to "Criminal Investigation" or the CAM.

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