Cyprus. Holiday 2019

Anyone who has never been to Cyprus, but only plans there for their holidays, tries to learn as much as possible about this amazing island. Many fear that the resorts there are so well known that they will not afford a person with an average earnings. So, do not worry and deprive yourself of a wonderful stay in the resorts of Cyprus, and take advantage of early booking tours, which will also help save. Tours can be chosen for any “taste and color”, there are more modest hotels there, average cost, “all inclusive”, and unusually expensive, but rest and a lot of emotions are guaranteed regardless of cost.

Cyprus - is the cleanest beaches with clear water, beautiful panoramic views, a favorable climate, a lot of history objects and simply amazing places, sandy beaches, discos, romantic adventures, walking on the water and much more. Among the variety of resorts, there is definitely one that will turn life, bring bright colors and the most positive impressions into it. Having been to Cyprus once, I want to return there, at least, just to admire its beauty.Often, tourists create for themselves a small trip, because Cyprus is located next to Egypt and Turkey, which allows you to diversify the rest, having been in three wonderful places for one vacation.


Cyprus - holidays in 2019

Interesting facts that every tourist needs to know.

It is important that the time difference in Cyprus and Russia is 3 hours. So, if we only rang the alarm clock, marking that it was already 7 am, then Cyprus is exactly 10. And winter time is set 2 hours ahead. For motorists it is necessary to take into account - the movement is left-sided, all cars are controlled sitting on the right side.

Cyprus is located at the intersection of Eurasia and Africa - it is unique, and as legends say it was there that the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite emerged from the foamy waves. Apparently, therefore, this island is extraordinary, delightfully beautiful.

Cyprus. Holiday 2019

What are the resorts in Cyprus

Almost all resorts on the island are suitable for families with children, this is due to the excellent weather conditions and mild climate, due to its good geographical position. The following resort locations exist:

  • Pathos- This is a place for those who want to immerse themselves in history, visit archaeological sites, and see a lot of monuments. This leisure is calm, but diverse.
  • Aya - Napa- Perfect for lovers of noisy discos, bars, active entertainment. In the clubs you can see a lot of unusual, for example, pipes that shoot sweets, fountains of foam and much more.
  • Protaras, Larnaca- The best places for a family relaxing holiday.
  • Limassol- famous for its winemaking, numerous reviews of tourists say that there is the most fun rest, with festivals and night celebrations. At the same time, Cyprus is strictly the situation with drinking alcohol

Cyprus beaches

Cyprus has the most sandy beaches, the color of the sand is different in different places. The best beaches are located in Ayia Napa and Protaras, it is shallow, bright golden there, the entrance to the sea is convenient - flat. But in Limassol, the sand is gray-volcanic in origin; it is convenient to enter the sea. In Larnaca, the beaches are mostly sandy, but there are traces of small pebbles. The beaches of Paphos are diverse, the entrance to the sea is gently sloping, and there is a rocky one. Tourists are advised to take rubber slippers on these beaches, and it can be interesting for children there - building houses from stones, but on sandy beaches it is still safer. An important fact - the beaches of Cyprus annually receive an international award for cleanliness - the “Blue Flag”.Often beach parties are held in Cyprus, especially in Ayia Napa. Usually beach equipment on public municipal beaches are free, on some beaches renting a sun lounger and an umbrella costs 3-5 euro per day.

The swimming season begins in May and ends by the end of November. Cyprus is warm all year round, but swimming in the sea is better during the swimming season.

Cyprus. Rest 2019. Prices, all inclusive


Cyprus is very diverse and tasty food, this has contributed to the many settlers from the countries of the East, Southern Europe and England. Numerous cafes, restaurants and bars are located throughout the island. Meals are mainly meat and vegetable, but seafood lovers will also find tasty offers.

Tourists are advised to try Dolmades (rice with ground meat, grape leaves), Fetu (hard goat or sheep milk cheese), Kleftiko (lamb baked in a clay oven), desserts and of course wine (everyone should try the wine “Saint Panteleimon).

Prices for some products in the table:

Name Price in Euro
A cup of coffee 1
Beer From 2.5
Water From 1.5
Hot dish From 15 (for two)
Glass of wine From 3

What memorable souvenirs to get

Almost all tourists are concerned about the question - what to bring memorable relatives from other regions. In Cyprus, you can buy lace embroidery, wicker products, especially beautiful and valuable products from the village of Lefkara. Many sell items made of ceramics. You can also buy one of the ancient wines - "Commandaria". Where you can find: in resort areas, supermarkets, markets. It is important that many of the shops on the island are working on the system of duty-free trade, which is good news for the guests.

The cost of tours to Cyprus in 2019

Those who have never been to Cyprus, it is better to purchase a complete tour, and not worry about how to get to the hotel, beaches and sightseeing facilities. Vouchers are different in the number of services, but their quality is everywhere at a height.

The cost of popular tours with flights from Moscow is presented in the table below:

In Cyprus, you can rent an apartment, which is perfect for a family holiday or for a company. The cost is different, from 50 euros per day you can live in complete comfort with beautiful views from the windows.

For those whose budget is limited, they can get a hot tour, this is a real opportunity to relax much smarter.The websites of official tour operators should track information about such opportunities, there you can often see discounts on tours.

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