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What part of the dwelling is the first to catch your eye on entering? Someone will answer that this is a wall, ceiling or floor, and will be partly right. But in most cases, the visitor's view, first of all, is drawn to the window opening. Therefore, the design of this interior detail should be treated with the same responsibility as the rest of the home. After all, in order for the room to play with new colors, it is not at all necessary to make expensive repairs. Even the most unpretentious atmosphere can be “pulled out” with the help of properly selected curtains. For example, apply the increasingly popular cotton curtains in the interior of your home.

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The history of thread curtains

Cotton curtains are very narrow pieces of fabric or thinly twisted ropes that are suspended parallel to each other. The first mention of the cotton curtains found in the distant past. As soon as people learned to weave cloths for clothes, the thought immediately arose to block bright rays of matter from the segments of matter.This was especially true in the hot countries of the East, where solar activity is highest.

But closing the windows with solid pieces of fabric did not allow the flow of air into the rooms. Therefore, an original solution was invented - to close the openings with the thinnest threads. They are freely amenable to the breath of the wind, letting in fresh air, and in a quiet state they perfectly hide the room from prying eyes. Cotton products, which we will talk about today, may also have other names, for example, rope curtains or muslin. Although the notion of a muslin itself means light translucent cotton fabric, from which light curtains are usually sewn. However, gauge in the interior is usually used as filament curtains.

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Over time, this technology has been undeservedly forgotten. But when the fabric curtains and all kinds of blinds had already become boring, people rediscovered this light and air invention of their ancestors. And thanks to modern production technologies, designers are increasingly advising their customers to hang curtains in the interior.


The raw materials for the manufacture of the first cotton curtains were, of course, natural materials: cotton, flax, jute and others.Modern industry offers customers more affordable products from synthetic fiber, as well as more expensive, but from environmentally friendly natural materials. Therefore, the number of fans of such curtains every year only grows.

Finished models of filament curtains, as a rule, have a width of 0.7 to 3 m and a height of 3 m. These are the standard sizes of window openings for typical apartments. If the dimensions of your living space exceed the size of the products sold, then you can make curtains to order. But more about that later. The most common varieties: silk, cotton, linen, synthetic, rope, consisting of beads, with the addition of jewelry and others.

Bead Curtains

Application options

Now let's look at how you can transform the interior using cotton curtains in different rooms:

  • Living room. Best of all, if there will prevail calm tone, contributing to a good mood. Here can be used gray-blue, yellow-green, gray-green and other colors of low and medium saturation. If desired, you can choose brighter for the living room: purple, blue, purple.
  • Bedroom. The design of this place should contribute to relaxation and a pleasant bedtime. Therefore, for the bedroom curtains it is better to choose warm, pastel colors, yellow-white, light blue colors.
  • Kitchen. This is a real culinary workshop, where the most exquisite recipes are realized. Accordingly, the presence of dark tones in the kitchen is undesirable; it is better to illuminate and expand this area as much as possible by choosing light, “cool” colors: light blue, blue-green.Option design curtains in the kitchen
  • Children's. Here is where you can give free rein to imagination and creativity. The brightest tones, interweaving of toys, beads and other pleasant trifles.

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