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When we hear the word "creative", at oncecome such areas of human activities as marketing and advertising. This is because the work of specialists from these areas is directly related to the generation of new ideas. However, if you think about what a creative is, then, most likely, this is a creative process, so he is verywhat is creativeis important for any field of activity.


At the moment, creativity has become importantQuality, which must have a candidate who took part in the struggle for a high-paying position. Someone says that it is akin to genius, and it is impossible to develop it. Someone, by contrast, proposes to develop this quality and guarantee success for any person. Now everywhere you can stumble upon hundreds of trainings aimed at developing creative thinking, but are they so necessary? Therefore, before signing for the next course, it is worthwhile to figure out what all the same is creative.

Meaning of the word

If we imagine creativity at the household level,then it can be called savvy, that is, the ability to achieve the set goals and find a way out of the current difficult situation, using the objects and the situation in an unusual way. From the outside it may seem like something ingenious, but at the same time simple. The thought arises: "Why did not I think of it before?" Such a non-trivial approach to solving problems is creative.

Translated from English, this word sounds more likelyhow to "create" or "create," but this applies not only to material things. As you can see, this is a very useful thing. But where does it come from? According to Abrahammethods of creativityMaslow, an American psychologist, this abilitythe individual is inherently inherent in absolutely everyone, but in the course of education and external influence, it can be lost. To assess the level of the creative abilities of a person, various tests, personal questionnaires are used, and all possible situations are simulated.

The Creation Problem

Now you know what is creative.Let's take a closer look at the process of creating ideas. It may seem that brilliant thoughts are taken from nowhere and just appear in the head, but it's not at all like that. English psychologist Graham Wallace identifies 4 phases of the creative solution of the task.

The first is preparation.At this stage, the task or problem is formulated, and the first attempts are made to solve it. Next is the phase of incubation. Here the person, as a rule, is distracted by another object or action and does not return to the task until the moment of enlightenment (the third phase), until the intuitive penetration into the very essence of the problem. And the final stage is a test, that is, the implementation of a solution.

creativity of thinking

In fact, in order for thecreativity of thinking, it is necessary to turn off consciousness and completely trust the subconscious. Therefore, the second phase is so important. Most often, we are hindering ourselves, trying to consciously find a solution in already known situations, but this will not help to come up with something new. The problem of creativity can also be our complexes or psychological blocks, the fear of appearing stupid. All this prevents you from thinking creatively.

Criteria of creative thinking

Many tests are aimed specifically at assessingcriteria of creativity in man. The most famous test at the moment was created by psychologist Paul Torrens. It allows you to determine the level of this very beginning. Here are some of the criteria:

  • fluency;
  • originality;
  • flexibility (allows to determine false originality);
  • metaphoricality, that is, the ability to see in simple complex and vice versa;
  • susceptibility;
  • development;
  • satisfaction.

Methods of Creativity

Techniques of creativity are methods and techniques designed to facilitate the generation of new original ideas and solutions of the delivereddevelopment of creativitytasks. They are designed to help clearly and clearly formulate problems, speed up the process of finding solutions, increase the number of ideas, and expand the industry's problems. However, it should be noted that this is not an algorithm, following which you will certainly get a solution. Methods only increase the probability of the appearance of good and right ideas, they organize the search process itself, making it more efficient.

What is creative? This is primarily a tool for getting something new and original. Stimulus methods are used in all spheres of life, for example, engineers and inventors successfully apply such of them as morphological analysis and TRIZ (the theory of solving inventive problems). The technique of lateral thinking is widely used in the field of advertising and marketing, and the SCAMPER methodology is used to create absolutely new products. There are also universal. These include brainstorming and Walt Disney's method. They have found application practically in any branch. Sometimes in the course go and graphic images, for example, the reception of the construction of a map of thoughts, these are also aimed at further development of creativity.

Popular methods and techniques

The most famous at the moment are the following:

  1. TRIZ. This method was developed by Heinrich Alshuler. It mainly consists of providing a database and tools for the sequential solution of problems and identifying problems in order to create a new or improve the old system.
  2. creative valueBrainstorm. This is an operational technique based on stimulating creative activity. Participants are usually asked to give as many ideas as possible, even if they are quite out of the ordinary. Subsequently, of all the thoughts is the most successful.
  3. In lateral thinking, the technique of six metaphorical hats is applied, wearing each of which, a person should look at the problem from different points of view.
  4. The cinectics was invented by William Gordon and consists of ten successive steps, which are connected to a greater extent with the construction of analogies.
  5. The principle of Delphi's method is that a number of experts, not connected with each other, give out a number of ideas, and the organizational group collects, analyzes them and brings them together.

Development of creativity

Learning what is creative, you mustI want to try to find a non-standard solution. Perhaps you belong to those people who have not lost this ability, then you will not have problems. However, practice shows that without training aimed at development, to achieve creativity is not so simple. How can you develop your creativity?

First of all, we need to get rid of stereotypes in thinking andcreative meaning of the wordto acquire the ability to think outside the framework. This can be facilitated by exercises that should become a habit for you.

Exercises for every day

Take, for example, your way home or to work. Usually it runs along the same road. Try to change the route to a stop or walk the part of the distance that you pass by bus. Every day, try to change the road and find new options.

Everything new and untested is useful: places, menus, actions, clothes and even thoughts. Creative, whose meaning is directly related to creativity, will help develop arts or crafts. Such exercises as reading the opposite (from the bottom up or from the right to the left) are also very useful and also raise the mood.

Try to come up with 10 exotic names,for example, Diosphene, Hematin or Eyergestior. Draw an animal that does not exist, give it a name, think of where it lives and what it feeds on. Take any word and imagine that this is an abbreviation, decipher it. All these exercises are simple and fun, but they will help you develop creativity.

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