Crafts from dry leaves: 44 fascinating photo ideas

the animals

The site "Mom can do everything!" Offers you 44 ideas for autumn dry leaf crafts for children. Be sure to make at least one of them with the child.

Leaf applications

This is the easiest form of autumn creativity. You and your child can easily create from the leaves of animals, birds. Drain the leaves between the pages in a thick book and take the PVA glue and paper and start creating. To make the applications more diverse, take leaves of different colors and from different plants.


It is quite simple to make such an autumn application: glue the appropriate leaves to paper and add a couple of lines with a felt-tip pen: the chickens are ready!dry leaf applicationapplicationleaf face applicationappliqué deerthe animals
And such an appli cation will already be similar not to a children's hand-made article, but to the work of the artist and will occupy a worthy place on the wall in the living room.
beautiful applique of flowers and leavesHere we make such a chick in just a couple of minutes from three different sheets, buttons and a pair of lines.

bird of osnoennyh leaves

Handicrafts made of cardboard and autumn leaves

Such crafts are easy to make.It is enough to cut the base out of cardboard and stick the leaves.
turkey leavesturkeyowl leaves

Garlands and pendants from dry leaves

Take dry leaves and perch each in yellow paint, so that the color becomes brighter. Now hang them to dry in the form of a beautiful garland.

leaf garlands

Take sheets of maple of different sizes and colors and cover them with a colorless varnish or strong hair lacquer. When the leaves are dry, hang them on threads and decorate with beautiful beads to hang on crossed sticks. Such a suspension will look good on the street or indoors.

leaf garlands

Emerging leaves

This is a simple and very effective hack. Children will love it. Take leaves of different shapes and sizes and place them under a blank sheet of paper. Use colored wax crayons or pencils to shade the sheet. Gradually, as if by magic, an image of leaves will appear on the sheet. This will delight the child.

drawing on paperinteresting crafts from dry leaves

Dry Corn Leaf Dolls

If you have dried corn leaves, you can make these original dolls. Below you will find a diagram. To make such a beauty is not so difficult, if you wish, you can also paint it.

Dry Corn Leaf Dolls

scheme how to make a doll of corn leavesbeautiful corn leaf dolls

Pictures of leaves

With the help of leaves you will make an interesting picture for your interior.Take a canvas and paint it with acrylic paint. Now place the sheet on top and spray paint from a can of a contrasting shade. Remove the sheet and dry the picture. Beautiful and original interior decoration is ready.

leaf painting

picture on the wall

Bouquet of flowers from the leaves

How to make such a bouquet is clear from this master class with a photo.

bouquet of flowers from leaves


Interior decoration with dry leaves

To create a special autumn mood in your home, make original decorations from dry leaves, for example, letters. Cut a letter out of thick cardboard and stick leaves on it, then varnish the entire structure and tie a beautiful ribbon. Hang it on a door or wall. Thus you can make the initials or the whole name.

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