Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school

Hello to everyone who came to my blog today! How is your mood? I hope it is fun and you are fine. After all, another time of year will soon come, and with it the spring holiday International Women's Day will come. And we will be happy to congratulate all women on this day.

Let's present to mothers and grandmothers beautiful and original crafts that will be executed with care and love.

Of course you can make a bunch of hearts and shower them with your favorite girls and sisters. And you can make gorgeous bouquets of flowers or make original postcards and souvenirs. From this article you will learn this all, so let's go ...

Crafts for March 8 do it yourself

What can make crafts? Of course, from scrap materials that you always have on hand, let it be paper, cotton pads and a lot of napkins. After all, the main thing is to come up and then translate the idea into reality.

I really liked this craft that you can give your mother - this is a flower. And it is made of paper, and see how magically it looks in this pot.

You will need corrugated paper, and it will need to be cut into small squares, they should all be the same.

And then the method of facing glued to the base. You can also make a base from a long ribbon of paper, twist it into a tube and glue it together. After that, each piece of paper prepared for this case, twist on a rod and glue to the base.

Make petals and take any flower pot, you can pour it with plaster or come up with something else.

Be creative and you will succeed.

Using this technique you can make a different look.

If you want to find a more gentle option, make the figure 8 of satin ribbons and you can even hang it on the wall. Here, of course, you need certain skills to perform such beauty in the style of Kazan.

Using the quilling technique you can also build a real spring masterpiece, see for yourself.

Such a work looks awesomely cute and very original, even your teacher will be delighted to receive such a gift.

The most common children's souvenir is a postcard in the form of tulip flowers or some other.

I also liked this basket-magnet on the fridge, cool as you can’t find?

Or a small multicolored glade like this.

Of course, it didn’t go without vytynok, my favorite kind, who needs to write a template, will send it for free. So gorgeous and not at all difficult, literally five minutes and your masterpiece in the form of an eight figure will stand on a table and you will not take your eyes off it.

There is an even easier option, from ordinary strips you can make such a wonderful bunch, and the child of a kindergarten and a schoolboy can also perform.

You can use the application, make a pattern of a vase or basket decorate it with leaves and flowers.

Daddies, remember they gave tea glasses with labels when preparing for February 23, you can re-pay this idea here. How do you look at it?

For the next great idea, you will need material, namely, felt, needle and thread, and scissors. You can create such a magical and bright bouquet.

First, make such a base, you can also use a satin ribbon for fixing.

Cut flowers out of felt, and the middle will be a bead.

In principle, instead of a bead, you can use something else, multi-colored stones or glitter.

I was also conquered by such a delicate pink charm, and why go to the store, when you can make a miracle yourself. It looks like an orchid, well, just great!

Bulk cards from paper and cardboard

On this day, all the daughters and sons delight their mummies and grandmothers with glorious gifts, present them with postcards, which they made themselves during labor classes or in kindergarten. You can make such quickly and at the same time beautiful.

I suggest you make such a nice corrugated paper greeting card with the children, it will also look voluminous, take notes. You can use this phased master class in the senior, preparatory group or elementary school. Get a bunch of roses or wildflowers.

We will need:

  • cardboard
  • glue
  • corrugated paper
  • satin tape
  • wipes for baking openwork

Stages of work:

1. Take a cardboard, preferably blue, blue or green. After glue to it on the lower center of the napkin.

2. Cut the strips out of the corrugated paper and attach it to a pencil or pen and start twisting, as shown in this photo.

3. And then pull it off, pull it off the pencil like an accordion.

4.Twist in a spiral to make something similar to an open bud.

5. Unscrew with your fingers, fluff the product.

6. Glue bright creations on a napkin.

7. Cut the leaves out of the green corrugated paper.

8. And make them crafts.

9. Make a satin ribbon bow and tie a bouquet.

10. Pretty good and I would say it looks charming. Creative success! Do not forget to learn a poem on this subject.

You can still make such a creative product.

You can make such beauty from an openwork napkin and cardboard - chamomile with preparations.

If you are looking for a simpler version, for example for the youngest people from 3-5 years old, for example, for the average group of a kindergarten, then this hint may push you to the right idea.

For the younger group, make a huge total craft out of clay, literally 10 minutes and ready. See how great you can make the balls.

Or a violet.

For schoolchildren, you can make a product from threads, like embroidery. No glue is used in the product itself, the threads pass through the holes.

The idea to make figure 8 seemed quite interesting to me and to use the music disc as a stand.

And this is what can come out of these materials.

The most beautiful ideas of souvenirs

The first thing I want to offer you to watch this video, how do you think this? After viewing, write your opinion at the bottom of this note.

With the arrival of spring, you can see not only flowers, but also the arrival of birds and insects. So let's make a clearing with a bee, uh, and it looks like it's all just great and very beautiful.

We will need:

  • toilet paper sleeve
  • double sided tape
  • kinder surprise mold

Stages of work:

1. Take a sleeve and double-sided tape, wind them across the entire diameter.

2. Then glue a piece of paper onto a double-sided tape.

3. Wrap the unused pieces of paper inside.

4. Take sheets of green paper of different tones, fold them in half, and then cut into strips, as if you are making a bookmark.

5. Using a stapler, wind the blanks onto a prepared base and secure.

6. Get a seductive leaves or grass. The base of the sleeve should be wrapped again with paper to hide all that is not necessary.

7. Or do it like this.

8. Then, in the store, purchase figurines for decoration or make these yourself, butterflies, bugs, spiders, etc.Unleash the imagination and the original and in a spread, apply them to the grass.

9. After that, make a butterfly blank for the wings, which will be made of a case from a surprise kinder.

10. Do not forget the eyes and perhaps the mouth, which can be drawn with a marker. Here are the tones of spring beauty that will decorate any house or apartment.

We move further and look at the following design options, by the way, such girls can be presented to boys and decorated with a class or hall with such supports.

Use the materials at hand, lids, tubes for a cocktail and there will definitely come to your insight.

There are a lot of options, I do not cease to admire and marvel at times.

You see, even a box of eggs and then applied here. And of course they used ordinary pasta to make another masterpiece.

As they say, who is ready for anything, and what did you think up? Or are you still searching and do not know what to do?

Well, then perhaps you will be interested in making such a souvenir using ordinary disposable spoons, and indeed there were tulips, only unusual ones.

Undoubtedly a basket or a pot will emphasize the originality of this simple idea.

I saw this kind of work at school the other day.

By the way, even dandelions or chamomiles can be made from cotton buds and plasticine, to whom which flower does this work resemble?

Well, here is a dandelion.

And here most likely asters.

Then you can use cotton pads and make them calla.

Or daisies.

Using paints and brushes you can draw a plot and a greeting.

Skilled craftswomen can make a product out of beads, it is certainly difficult, but for those who are keen on this will not be difficult.

For most, remains the most beloved postcard palm. How simple it is, and you can even take it to a competition or to an exhibition.

We do crafts for kindergarten with children

With children, first of all, you can make all sorts of drawings for this international day. Use something unusual, such as drawing with crumpled paper or cotton ball.

Well, for joint activities you can make such a gift for mothers and grandmothers and place it near the group on booths with congratulations.

We will need:

  • red paper napkins
  • corrugated paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stapler
  • tassel
  • cardboard

Stages of work:

1. Take an ordinary paper napkin, see the diagrams from left to right.Roll it in half, then again, connect in the center with a stapler. Then cut out a shape resembling a circle. Make small cuts across the diameter, and then fluff the product.

2. Cut out the form of a bouquet from a cardboard and wrap it with a gritfootugoy, tie a bow.

3. Make leaves and let the kids stick the resulting flowers in any order.

4. Here is a wonderful and magical creation turned out, well, just looks amazing, like a real bunch of roses.

We give moms on March 8 Flowers

In this article I will not go deep on this topic, at the very beginning you have already seen some ideas, now I will show you the most simple ones, and in the next issue there will be new items and very cool options for flowers for this women's day. So, do not miss a new note, add this to your bookmarks, so as not to lose.

You can make buns from notes for notes and then paste them in a circle, that's what happens.

By the way, such a charm can also be given to a beloved teacher).

Nothing seems to be special, but it looks cool.

Or you can use this video:

Also use colorings, because children love this business.Any mother would be pleased to receive such a picture.

You can use pictures with the animals, you can just with the same flowers.

Or at the same time even arrange in the form of messages and wishes.

Choose any template you like, print it on the printer and congratulate!

And finally, I decided to share with you the step-by-step instruction of one wonderful gift, see for yourself.

We will need:

  • cotton pads
  • scissors
  • strings
  • tassel
  • gouache paint
  • glue
  • skewer or wand
  • corrugated paper

Stages of work:

1. Put a fleece on the stick, you can glue it with glue.

2. Then dye it yellow, and then wrap a cotton pad around the entire circumference of the wand, while using a thread so that it does not fall.

3. Decorate the wand with corrugated green paper, you will get a stem, cut a leaf and also put it on the stalk.

4. These are the flowers that turn out to be white and at the same time elegant, quite beautiful and cute, super!

Master class for elementary school students

I want to offer you an unusual craft that will be made of yarn. You will also need a vase and your good mood, because you get bright yellows and beloved flowers called mimosa.

Next time in another note you will find instructions in this paper mimosa.

Well, now let's make just such a twig of yarn threads. Here all the steps are immediately shown, you just have to repeat.

Now let's create a casket, or such a miracle can serve as candy or a vase, 3 in 1, and this can be done from cardboard, toothpicks and wool threads.

1. Cut a heart out of cardboard and stick toothpicks into it. But first of all, first on the cardboard, make holes with a needle and put glue in them, and then stick the toothpicks.

2. Next, take the thread and alternate make the side parts.

3. That's what happens with time, you can add beads or beads.

4. And of course with the forms you can play, make it round or square.


Well, how do you like this idea? If you do not like it, go to the next type of greeting greeting card, so to speak 3d.

We will need:

  • cardboard - 1 pc.
  • colored paper
  • PVA glue
  • scissors
  • punch designer
  • rhinestones or scrapbooking set

Stages of work:

1. Take a white sheet of cardboard and fold it in half, make two notches in the center 5 cm wide, just like it is shown in this photo.

2Now bend it with your hands to make it look like a ladder, this will be the basis on which you will glue the craft.

3. From the colored paper, mark the basket and cut it.

4. Next, draw a butterfly and a flower on the cardboard, cut it out and using them as a stencil make a bunch of similar ones.

5. Determine the number of products yourself.

6. Now with the help of a special hole punch make an ornament, for this, take a strip 2-3 cm thick.

7. Glue this decor on the sides, and a basket in the center.

8. Then cover the flowers and butterflies, as well as strazikami or sparkles. In general, the fact that you have at hand from the ornaments.

You can use this template and make an unusually expressive and cute gerberas.

To do this, print the flowers, and then glue them one on one, so that it comes out quite luxuriously and volumetrically.

I also liked the work in the form of a fan, and tulips on it.

Or this postcard.

Also a great option for schoolchildren can be such a pretty wire product.

Or from paper strips to fold such a souvenir.

I have it all. I wish you all the way out.

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Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 38

Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 53

Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 86

Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 56

Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 84

Crafts for March 8, 2018 - the most beautiful do-it-yourself DIY ideas in kindergarten and school 67