Contests for teachers 2018 - 2019. Ministry of Education

The competition of pedagogical skill is a competition of teachers professionalism, in the ability to demonstrate their pedagogical style, reveal the secrets of mastery, to discover the unusual in the traditional. Teacher competitions in schools in Russia are widespread, as teachers are creative people who work on their qualifications all the time. Communicating with the younger generation does not let the talent of the teacher wither, who regularly takes part in competitions for teachers 2018 - 2019 from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.


From the history of contests

Professional pedagogical competitions originated in Russia in the 20s of the last century. In 1923, the newspaper Pravda, together with the Narkompros, organized the All-Russian competition for the best teacher. The announcement of the competition said that the best teacher should be considered such a teacher who “managed to keep the school under extremely difficult conditions, taught the children to love the school, associated the school with the production,He takes an active part in public life, fights against religious prejudices, helps to banish moonshine and drunkenness, helps to organize a cooperative, shows the best ways of doing business ”(Pravda No. 65 of April 24, 1923.) The pedagogical competitive movement received special development in 80- e years of the 20th century.

Contests for teachers 2018 - 2019. Ministry of Education

The main objectives of competitions for teachers

The contests of pedagogical skills are a kind of advanced training for teachers, an open competition of teachers.

Therefore, the main tasks of teacher competitions are:

  • identifying the best experience in the national teaching practice;
  • distribution of this experience through the media;
  • the growth of professional skills of the participants of the competition.

The teacher, who is working on his professional growth, wants to make himself known to the general public in order to improve skills and spread his experience.

Types of teacher competitions

Let's talk about face-to-face contests that have a lot of weight in the teaching environment.

  1. One of the main and significant pedagogical competitions in Russia is the “Teacher of the Year” or “The Teacher of the Year”.

The founders of this competition are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Education, CJSC Teacher’s Newspaper Publishing House, the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Public Education and Science Workers of the Russian Federation.

The results of the competition “Teacher of the Year” can be taken into account by the school administration and be replaced by:

  • control;
  • interview;
  • certification for the highest category.

And the higher the status of competition in a stage (school, municipal, regional, All-Russian), the more prestigious it is to participate.

  1. No less prestigious is the All-Russian competition of the best teachers of educational institutions in the framework of the PNPO (Priority national project "Education") to receive cash incentives.

The winners of this competition have the opportunity to receive a cash reward of 200 thousand rubles.

Contests for teachers 2018 - 2019. Ministry of Education

Teachers, the first in the rating, who participated in the competition of PNPO, but did not win, can be paid the prize of the Governor of the region.

Why do we need remote contests of pedmasterstva

Remote contests held on the Internet are commercial in nature and have no particular significance.

Yet teachers take an active part in them. Why?

The remote nature of such events is due to the remoteness of the participants and organizers from each other. Online contests of pedagogical skills are held for the following purposes:

  • the prestige and status of the teacher in society is increased;
  • participants of teacher competitions identify and study new directions of pedagogical theory and practice;
  • school employees are remotely acquainted with innovative, contributing to the development of the education system.

The list of competitions for teachers in the 2018-2019 year

Name of the site The name of the competition
Exemplary school "Lighthouse Education"

"Pedagogy: science and practice"

"Pedagogical potential"

Ecological competition "With the planet together!"

TsDPU "ACADEMY OF PEDAGOGY" "Workshop genius"

"New ideas"

"The best presentation to the lesson"

"Methodical system of effective teacher"

"The best media lesson"

"Innovative methods and technologies in training"

"Pedagogy of creativity"

Pedagogical Academy of Modern Education

(conducts free with certificate
competitions for teachers, tutors of pre-school and supplementary education teachers in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards)

"The work program of the teacher in accordance with the GEF"

“The teacher is a creative profession”

"Pedagogical innovations"

"Modern lesson on GEF"

"Lesson using ICT"

"Extracurricular event"

"Integrated lesson - development and application"

"Pedagogical portfolio"

"Health-saving technologies in the classroom"

"My office"

"Best site (blog)"

Participate in these competitions can as teachers of academic disciplines of middle and senior managers, and teachers of primary classes.

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