Construction of a deep well

A deep well (drilled or tubular) drains water from rocks located at a depth of about 15–20 m, usually under impermeable layers. Thanks to them, the water is much less prone to pollution than in the case of smaller wells. The effectiveness of a deep well is usually not a problem, and its resources are fully capable.
Construction of wells should precede hydro-geological studies that meet the needs of the household.

Task for professionals

Building a deep well is more difficult than doing a simple absin. It is necessary to use professional equipment and hire experienced professionals. A deep well can be constructed in two ways. In the first case in drilling.
The casing pipe is placed in the hole, the tubular pipe is abandoned in the second, the other components are the same. A perforated filter tube is placed in a casing tube that extends to the aquifer.The ground gravel layer is poured around the filter tube, so water flows better to it. Cleaning of drinking wells may be necessary for everyone, you can order it on the site

Good with pump

The end of the casing is placed in the finished housing below the surface of the earth. At this point, the connecting head is also connected to the water pipe, pump feed and valves. Water can be drawn with a submersible water pump (but not more than 30 m) below the water pump or with a self-priming pump. This second solution can be used if the groundwater level does not fall below 7 m from the level of the pump during pumping. When choosing a device, it is important to consider not only its performance, but also the depth at which water is present (lifting height). The pump must be certified by the National Institute of Hygiene, allowing it to be used to extract drinking water.

A deep well is an effective and safe source that can meet the needs of a household.

Within a radius of 1 meter from the well, the area should be solidified and have a 2% drop in the direction of the well.When you start a pump and perform a pump to clean a sample of water, you must send it to a test that determines its response, hardness and content. Based on these tests, you need to select the necessary equipment for water treatment.

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