Consider the color of the brown color

what color is the color of the brownWhich color is brown? With a palette of autumn tones. Do not be surprised. This color really prevails in autumn colors. Although the eyes, perhaps, throw more yellow and red. And yet, take a closer look at the elegant autumn, and you will see a brown bark of trees, red-brown leaves and grass, and even the dark color of the animal's fur will be all right. So, what color is the color of the brown? With warm autumn tones.

Spice color

The reddish-brown cinnamon gave the name to browncolor. It is not in the main palette, it is formed by mixing several colors. He has such a large range of colors that can not be expressed in words. However, this is the most natural tone that surrounds us everywhere. Therefore, when asked about the color with which a brown color is combined, one could answer that with natural natural colors.

Of course, the artist would have said more specifically: with cream, sand, pink, orange, yellow and green. However, not only with these light tones. It is also suitable for dark shades. This combination looks solid and elegant.

What is the color of brown in clothes?which is combined with brown color

This is already a matter of fashion. Immediately you can answer that brown will not disappoint even the most fastidious lady in combination with yellow, green and even with dark red. Your outfit will certainly benefit if it has a contrast of brown and blue with turquoise. It is fashionable now to combine it in clothes with coral, and even with any shades of purple and, perhaps, pale pink.

Connection with white or gray is also acceptable. Moreover, in such tandems the brown gets softness and airiness. Finally, pastel colors give it grace.

It is not necessary to try to combine brown and black in clothes, unless only its light shades.

What is combined with the brown color in the interior?

When decorating without a brown interiordispense, because it is the color of the tree. And furniture, and floors, and doors, and window frames are often made of this material. Of course, all this can be painted. But do not forget that each color has a psychological effect. Brown calms, gives a sense of stability and security, helps make informed decisions.

So, with what color does the brown color blend ininterior? If it is the main one in the room, then you can advise adding beige and cream. It is modern and fashionable today to combine it with the blue. Depending on the shades of the latter, this combination will be appropriate both in the living room and in the bedroom.with what the brown color is combined

Brown furniture looks great against the background of pink and light green walls in the children's room, especially if it's a girl's room.

Another interesting combination: white furniture and brown walls. Believe me, the room in this case will look not only stylish, but also peaceful, if I may say so. True, there is one condition: windows should go to the south side, providing sufficient illumination.

During the development of the color scheme of the apartmentforget that the brown color has a wide range of shades. They vary in intensity. Selecting to each of them a pair, you need not forget about the contrast. For example, it will be wonderful to look dark brown against the background of bright shades of green. If the room is located on the north side of the house, it should be filled with a light brown color, turning into a yellowish one, and in order to give it a cheerful look, you should choose reddish or tan.

So, what color is the color of the brown in the interior? With those colors that will help make the house cozy and warm.

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