Congratulations to the grandmother of the Day of the Elderly

Good day! The main goal of such a day is to draw public attention to the difficulties and problems that arise in the elderly, as well as their social role. After all, the older generation has a huge life experience and potential that it can pass on to its descendants, however, at the same time, older people need social adaptation and special care.

In other words, the Day of the elderly person, celebrated in Russia, is aimed at understanding the necessity and importance of the elderly in public life. It should not be forgotten that one of the most important problems that must be constantly addressed is the provision of comprehensive assistance to low-income and lonely disabled people, pensioners. Do not be lazy and address your congratulations on the Day of the elderly person to all your relatives, neighbors and acquaintances whose life meets the sunset.

It is said that in relation to the elderly one can judge the society as a whole. Look around how many are near, abandoned and destitute.Perhaps it is for you to dispel sadness and bring bright colors to the lives of these people. Having handed over or voiced beautiful official congratulations on the Day of the elderly person in verse and prose, you can pay tribute to people who have a great life behind them with its difficulties and joys, successes and losses. They taught us to believe in ourselves and our strength, to appreciate justice and decency, to hope for a better future.

In this article we have prepared for you good congratulations for your beloved grandmother, warm and tender words.

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Funny congratulations on the Day of Elderly People in verses and prose

Congratulations to the grandfather of the Day of the Elderly Man In verses and prose

Congratulations to the grandmother of the Day of the Elderly Man in verse

Happy senior day today congratulations
I want to read my beloved grandmother
To live her immediately became more fun
To be healthy, so as not to grow old.
Always, Grandma, be near you,
We often need your wise advice,
You will support us all with kind words
Live, my dear, for many years.

The day of older people walks in the morning
In all places, all over the land is big.
Grandma, I congratulate you on this holiday.
With all my heart, with all my open soul.
Always help and teach me everything,
I trust you all, because we are friends with you,
How nice it is to be your granddaughter
And on this day, I hasten to congratulate you.

My poems, my grandma dear,
I only dedicate to you this day,
The day of older people today is celebrated
Live a hundred years, my dear, not pain.
You are so attentive to me and so wise
I will always share any problem with you,
With all my heart you health and good
And the sky is always peaceful overhead.

From morning till night, Grandma, you clap,
Always help me in everything
You will always find warm and tender words,
I call you a good fairy.
On the day of the elderly, congratulations,
Let the mood always be great
I wish you long and happy years from the bottom of my heart,
May all your dreams come true.

Beautiful poems grandmother Happy Elderly Man

My dear grandmother,
In the whole world there is no mile you,
You give peace, warmth and caress,
As if she came from a good fairy tale.
For all of you, granny, thank you,
Very much you, my dear, I love,
On the day of the elderly, I wish you happiness,
Let all bad weather pass by.


 Dear Grandma, happy holiday to you,
All our family sends you a greeting
Seniors Day today, congratulations
We sincerely wish you a long life.
Let all worries pass by,
Let peace prevail in the soul,
Be always fun and loved
Stay long - long young.

There is no mile in the whole world
Good my grandmother,
You are generous, kind, intelligent,
Advice wise always help.
Today is the day of the elderly, congratulations
Always be in great shape,
Never old soul,
Let everything be fine in your soul

I wish you wonderful joys,
That the light shine in your eyes
On such a wonderful, kind holiday -
Day of the wisest, elderly!

You, Grandma, adore!
Always weight

Eloy, be cheerful.
And at all you are not elderly
And just an adult a little bit!

I respect the elderly,

And grandma especially
She will feed for three,
The Council will give its special
And he will kill and forgive,
And something will tell
And I give her this verse,
Not for “thank you” even -
For what she is and everything
Beloved granny
And hug her again,
And a good kiss!

Dear grandmother, you are not old

Let even years be added.
Happy elderly people,
Happiness, health and joy!

You are the best, believe me:
I did so much good ...
Let them stay outside the door
Troubles, problems, spleen!

Short sms to grandmother Happy Elderly Man

No, my grandmother is not elderly,

Grandma, you're in your prime,
You are slender, beautiful such
And age still has not cooled!

I wish you to stay young,
And do not get sick, but always be in the ranks,
And exercise often do,
Hone his waist!

To old age did not find you,
Run away from her in the park,
To smile happily shone
Cheat for kiss kiss!

The day of the elderly has come,

Grandma has a holiday
I congratulate her,
Good wish different
Happiness let not fail
And health, too,
What did she think
Let him be able to do everything!

Grandma my dear, my dear,

You are a perfect person
I congratulate you today,
I wish to live a century.

You are so cute
Always ready to help me,
Happy Senior Day dear,
Get the bad thoughts away!

I wish you strong health,
Of course peace and good,
Let everything be as you wish,
And let your soul bloom!

Congratulations to the grandmother. Happy Elderly Man's Day in prose in your own words.

Granny, I congratulate you on the international day of the elderly! I wish you to always remain as cheerful, loving, kind and affectionate, generous and open as I know you! May your health be strong, your mood excellent, your life beautiful and full. I love you very much and I want you to have everything wonderful!

Granny, on the International Day of Older Persons, I want to wish you no day without joy and happiness, not a minute without the delight of the soul and the joy of the heart. Grandma, you are for me a dear and important person, always remain a source of perfect kindness and a woman of happy holidays.

Grandma, I congratulate you on the International Day of Older Persons. Let the years go by, but you remain a young and beautiful soul. I wish you health and happiness, warmth and love of loved ones, cordial joy and spiritual harmony, excellent weather outside the window and well-being in the house.

There is such a bird albatross. It flies farther than other birds and can cover vast distances without rest. - Where did you get such power? - ask the albatross. - This is not power. This is a weakness! - meets the bird.- We are terribly afraid to land! Is it not for this reason that many people almost work for a hundred years? In my opinion, do not be afraid to land. And you can live in retirement! Let's drink for pensioners!

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