Congratulations on the Day of Tolerance (Tolerance)

Good day! The Day of Tolerance, which is also called the International Day of Tolerance, is celebrated on November 16th. The initiator of the creation of the holiday was the international organization UNESCO, which declared in the "Declaration of Principles of Tolerance" the creation of a holiday.

This day is very important for world social culture. After all, today conflicts due to different nationalities or faith are not uncommon. People are dying, and hatred of some nations and religions is growing in the world. Conflicts cause civil wars and the growth of hatred within a single state.

By creating Tolerance Day, UNESCO wants to convince every person that skin color, religion, which people worship, and their nationality cannot cause hostility. Because when praying to another God, a person does not violate the space of another person, just as an African American cannot prevent Chinese from living because of his dark skin.

The holiday was founded in 1995 and is still being successfully held in all countries. Organizations whose activities concern the solution of social conflicts are organizing events that promote the principles of tolerance.

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Postcards Happy Tolerance Day (Tolerance)

Day of Tolerance (Tolerance) verse greetings

Day of Tolerance is a big holiday!
Be tolerant of others!
To make you different is different -
This is a special power!

The world is colorful, it is full of flowers
Black, brown, white!
He who understands others without words -
He is the wisest and brave!

I wish it all come true
To make it all beautiful!
So that in this life you had a chance
To live and love is not in vain!

On Tolerance Day, I wish
So never desponded!
Conventions without noticing
So that different people helped.

Yes, our skin has a different color,
Everyone is different from everyone!
But still, in the main we are like -
You are a man, I am a man!

So let everyone not forget,
What else is more important in the world?
Only humanity, I know for sure!
Let us be kinder!

I'm on Tolerance Day
I wish you the best!
And love and joy!
Let them not leave

Miracles are immense!
Help people
And with faithful friends
Life you share!

Let all the best
It will happen to you!
Only well-being!
All wishes come true!

Be supportive, dear friend!
Not this hate you around.
Look to the world with love
Do not forget: evil pulls down.
Whatever the way in life
You be tolerant!

Don't need aggressive words,
Do not be angry and shackles.
And fight for your rights!

Goodbye enemies, goodbye friends,
Do not forget about kindness.
And maybe you see, she
Come back to you in full!

Modernity teaches us tolerance,
After all, so much new has appeared.
And the majority is already at our mercy,
We need to strive for understanding.

To accept all that is difficult is
And that sometimes we can not understand.
But it's not for nothing that people are called us -
I wish you tolerance!

Respect, read other cultures,
And the people, they are people because, like you,
In doubt do not put other people's lives,
Be tolerant, let the thoughts be pure!

After all, patience is given only to the brave and strong
Show everyone the character of steel, your strong!
On this Day of Tolerance be smart, meek,
Let patience forever soar over you!

Happy Tolerance and Reconciliation Day!
Only in tolerance is our salvation.
When would we hear each other,
That would have settled hate blizzard.
We all want to live in peace and wealth.
And we do not need war and suffering.
And tolerance is the path to love and brotherhood,
And only she is the basis of the universe.

I now give you my wishes:
With a sense of the cause to brake;
Show attention to your neighbors -
Open your eyes more often;
Let the vicissitudes of you pass by -
There is enough to link the teeth ...
I congratulate you on the Day of Tolerance
And I wish to be more tolerant!

SMS on the International Day of Tolerance

The holiday is now the best,
Neither a letter nor a telegram
Congratulations SMS.
That's a miracle, that's progress!
Congratulations to those in dispute,
With the opponent does not argue,
Definitely the best
Tolerant person

This holiday is very necessary,
He is a pledge of good friendship
Glorify let always
Tolerance, gentlemen.

With tolerance today
Congratulate all the people
SMS send
For colleagues, friends,
And we hope that everywhere,
On any continent,
They will talk to each other,
Only in a peaceful language.

Delights everyone now
Tolerant person
I wish you patience
Accept congratulations.

Hold no evil in your heart
Learn to forgive
In life, the main thing - to be able to
Understand each other.

Tolerance today
The holiday is dedicated,
Respect someone else's opinion
Should you and he.

Million people and true
Everyone has their own
Understanding the world
I wish this day.

We all live on a big planet,

Be tolerant of the faith of a stranger,
To the code of customs ... And never
Do not harm another!

Let the others understand you too
Help hand, if necessary, will give,
Will be tolerant and very kind
And not disgusting and not at all evil!

Happy Tolerance Congratulate

I want everyone today.
Tolerance in your heart
You light it like a candle.

Pardon everyone
For insults and words.
There will be more in life
Happiness, tenderness, warmth.

Happy tolerance day

Congratulate now from the heart.
Let your thoughts be clear
Deeds are only good.

Tolerance be willing
Do not grieve, do not remember evil
In response to all your efforts,
Believe me, life will be good.

Congratulations on the International Day of Tolerance in prose

Congratulations on the Day of Tolerance.On this day, I would like to wish to always and everywhere, in any weather and in any scenario, to remain a real person who respects himself and others. I wish justice, honesty, kindness and sincerity to reign in the world. May each of us be tolerant, calm and cool.

On the day of tolerance I want to wish a happy and peaceful life with kind and understanding people on the way. I wish self-confidence, respect for others, sensitivity and insight, poise and patience. May each of us be tolerant and always respectful of others.

Happy Tolerance Day! I wish everyone to have patience and understanding. Be careful, rational and farsighted, insightful and conflict-free. Human nature is multifaceted, always find a compromise and take the position of the absence of aggression! Good for you!

I congratulate you on the Day of Tolerance and wish you respect and kind people on the path of life, mutual understanding and loyalty to others, a peaceful sky over your head and well-being in your home, sincere relations and a high tolerance of your soul.

Congratulations on the Day of Tolerance.Let your relatives and friends understand you, let there be no gross pride and misunderstanding in life. I wish patiently to overcome any difficulty; I wish only to move forward with courage!

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