Congratulations on February 23 to men in 2018

The tradition to congratulate men, defenders of the Motherland on the day of February 23 has existed for more than 90 years. The holiday was born in 1922, and after the collapse of the USSR it was renamed the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Today, February 23rd, men of all ages are congratulated not only in all regions of Russia, but also in many post-Soviet countries. For all those who wish to make it pleasant to their friends and relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, we have prepared many original rhymed greetings, as well as beautiful postcards:

February 23, 2018

Universal congratulations on February 23

Postcards and wishes of a neutral nature are relevant for those who plan to post pictures and congratulations on the occasion of February 23 in an office, a store, an educational institution or simply on their wall on a social network in 2018.

On the calendar sheet -

February 23.

On this day, we congratulate

All men and we wish them

We remain protected

I did not have to doubt

In their dignity and strength,

To get away from the troubles.

Let them always lucky

Adventures, impressions

Let men in the company

There will be friendship, harmony, peace.

May they be loved,

Roads to their close people.

Let happiness reign in life

And the soul of the senses soars.

Dear men to us!

Today is a good reason

In this unprecedented hour

Congratulations on your holiday.

Be our support always.

Easy, quick and easy

Solve all problems,

Reach your goals.

Be our shoulder reliable

Miracle make it possible

Admire with willpower

And make your dream come true.

Let good luck give you

Choice and career growth.

Let everyone wish you

So fortunately the path was simple.

Strong, courageous and courageous

Our men, with the holiday important!

We heartily congratulate you with love!

Let bogatyrsky be health.

Let the time of battle pass you by.

Let life be full of achievements

Let the lot be benevolent to you,

Wonderful miracle - in life incarnate.

Keep your willpower everywhere.

Let your heart know pain.

May remain unchanged from now on

Qualities that only men are called.

We wish you love and kindness,

That luck was generous to you.

With honor pass the test of fate.

Let all wishes come true.

Our irreplaceable men!

Congratulations on your courage holiday! Anxiously keep your mighty power - physical and spiritual. We wish you continued goodwill of fortune, success in every planned and planned business, financial prosperity and enduring wealth of a beloved and loving family.

Viva, defenders of the Fatherland!

We wish to feel triumph in any undertaking, on any path. Let life be filled with ambitious plans and their successful accomplishments. May never your fortune betrays you.

Congratulations on the landmark Defender of the Fatherland Day!

I wish that the leaders, through the various trials of the path of your life, end at the threshold of well-deserved happiness. Let there not be such a peak that would not submit to your heartfelt passion, excitement and determination.

On this significant day for each of the defenders of the Fatherland, we wish for self-confidence and the ability to find a decent way out of any seemingly intractable situation. We wish to be wise in heart, generous soul, to find mutual understanding with everyone.

Postcard to the Day of Defender of the FatherlandPostcard to February 23Universal card February 23Congratulations for menPicture from February 23

Congratulations to veterans and soldiers on February 23

Despite the fact that on this day, it is customary to give gifts to all men of all ages, regardless of whether they served in the army or not, the Day of Defender of the Fatherland has a special meaning for people whose life and profession are inextricably linked with the army.

We picked up beautiful postcards in retro themes, as well as short rhymed wishes that will surely please men in whose memory on February 23 is inextricably linked to the USSR, as well as stylish congratulations of 2018 for young soldiers and those serving in the ranks of the Russian army.

At February 23

Slam you respect.

Under the protection of the land.

Let the battles go

Only on the labor path,

Full of achievements.

Life will be full of friends

And good achievements.

Let health preserve

Years lived,

To instruct the guys:

"Treasure the world!"

Be current youth

Life example

To each after the fathers

Came out a gentleman.

In each house this date

Honor, defender, soldier

Honoring everyone this afternoon

They say only about him.

We wish men

An interesting life.

We really respect you

For the service of the Fatherland.

Let you be cherished and cherished

At home and in the service.

Let there not be you nicer

And rather in friendship.

Let the trouble forget about you

With a gloomy mood.

Let every new day be

Joyful, successful.

We are honoring the defenders of the Fatherland!

Thanks for the peace and our peace.

On you alone, the hope of mankind.

We speak to you from the heart today

Words of appreciation to your dignity,

Courage, valor of his country of sons,

An example of the right in their actions of the army,

Ready to smash any enemies.

Let your shoulders remain our support,

May your souls be faithful to the motherland.

Let your truth be the undisputed truth.

Let the sons be upon you.

May our days henceforth be bright,

Your hands and valor kept.

May your cherished dreams come true

And feel always loved.

Congratulations on February 23!

I wish to remain a reliable guarantee for my relatives and friends. I wish to be gifted with mutual affection, sincere love and touching care.

Happy holiday, defenders of the Fatherland!

We wish your strength and valor to serve not a military, but exclusively a peaceful cause. We wish to feel the soul of the company and loved in a close and indestructible family circle.

Congratulations on the day of courageous defenders of the Fatherland!

We wish you inspiration and spiritual perseverance, contributing to the successful implementation of any impossible goal, even seeming at first sight.We wish inexhaustible optimism, support of relatives and friends, both in trouble and in joy.

Congratulations to the Defender of the Fatherland DayCongratulations to veterans on February 23Greeting card from February 23 retro
Congratulations on February 23Congratulations for warriors on February 23greeting card for veteran on February 23

Congratulations on February 23 for dad

Dad - the most important defender, worthy of many warm words! Congratulate dad by sending an original thematic picture, or by reading for him an exclusive greeting in verse at the holiday table.

This holiday is for men

Main. He is so alone.

Daddy, we congratulate

And we sincerely wish

Courage, courage, honor

And don't give in to flattery,

Noble feelings, attention

And mutual understanding.

Believe infinitely

Friends bosom.

Never know the evils,

Do not betray the dream of happiness.

We wish to be loved

And wife, children kept

From misfortune and offense.

May fate favor.

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland

I wish the sky clear

Purity as in infancy

The mood of the beautiful!

I wish strength and wisdom,

The will of spirit and patience

To overcome all difficulties,

To find problems to solve.

Friend, so that the soul is pure

Near the woman's favorite!

Avoid the path of the thorny

And take care of the stored

Honor, dignity, decency,

Nobility, friendship dedication,

Your passion and cheerfulness

To happiness inherit.

I sincerely send congratulations on February 23!

Let this and every next day of your life be filled with memorable events, new meetings and impressions, a desire to experience something new, to experience yourself in some adventure.

Postcard for dad from February 23Congratulations on February 23 for dadWishes to dad on February 23Beautiful card for dad on Defender of the Fatherland DayCongratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day for Dad

Congratulations to a friend or brother

Every man on this day should feel important and necessary. And it does not matter how old your brother is or how long ago you met your bosom friend. Just find a couple of minutes on February 23 and send them greetings in the form of a short SMS or a beautiful 2018 e-card. Weight options:

  • traditional;
  • for those who served in certain troops;
  • with poems;
  • funny comic greetings.

On the day for men of all such a significant

I wish he was the best, wonderful

So that only positive was in your mood,

To put into practice any decisions.

Let pride be unshakable and become.

I want to wish you this day

Reliable rear and faithful love,

So that was before the woes invulnerable.

I wish ardent battles with vices.

I wish you only wise, successful decisions.

I wish friends to gain forever.

I wish excitement in the soul of the spark.

Do not be unworthy of you feeling tomimo.

Always stay the fate of the stored.

So that, fortunately, striving to not move anywhere,

Let the lot show you the right path.

On the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, I wish you positive and optimism in every moment of your life. Always feel loved and necessary. Be ready to help your loved ones or friends. Remain for each of them a reliable ally and loyal assistant.

Our valiant defenders of the Fatherland!

Congratulations on your important holiday! We wish, in spite of everything, to preserve our honor and dignity, never to lose face. Let your loved ones be proud of your qualities. Let your every business be crowned with success only.

Greeting card for brother on February 23Congratulations on February 23 for a friendPostcard to a friend on February 23
Wishes to brother on Defender of the Fatherland DayPostcard for a friend on Defender of the Fatherland DayPostcard on February 23 brother or friend

Postcards and poems beloved in February 23

Defender of the Fatherland Day is another great occasion to remind the second half of their feelings and surprise them with a pleasant surprise. If you are close to your loved ones, be sure to take care of an unforgettable romantic evening and an original gift. If there are kilometers between you, send an original e-greeting to your loved one, which will surely please him on this festive day.

With the holiday of honor and courage

You, love, congratulations!

Eternal with the happiness of the community

And I wish you much joy.

Be strong, agile and courageous.

You stay forever

Wise and mature in action.

Let eschew trouble.

True friends and home

Warm hearth.

After the problems of yesterday

New let it be rich:

By faith, by love and tenderness,

Happiness by the will of heaven

Peace and serenity

And waiting for miracles.

My dear defender of the Fatherland!

On a holiday for you, I wish you to remain purposeful on the way to your dream. In every battle, be honest, brave and adventurous. In each idea, find your perspective and unswervingly follow to success.

Postcard guy from February 23Postcard beloved from February 23Postcard to husband from February 23Wishes for a loved one on February 23Wishes to a guy on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Congratulations on February 23 to colleagues

Celebrating all the solemn dates in the team has long become a tradition. We recommend that you prepare in advance for the upcoming corporate event and pick up some unusual greetings and toasts in verse or prose. In 2018, short rhymed wishes are especially relevant, which will help you to make the holiday on the occasion of February 23 bright and cheerful.

Happy Defender of the Motherland

We congratulate you!

To make it all happen in life

We sincerely wish you!

So that neither feather nor fluff

Do not throw up fate

To have the strength of spirit,

Whoever the struggle was.

To be valued

And colleagues, and relatives,

To live in peace with them

And do not quarrel a single day.

Do not throw so luck

Every day promised success.

Turned into an adventure

Life, and tears - in the happiness of laughter.

Congratulations today

The men of our strong and brave,

Serious in matters noble,

Successful, reliable, skillful.

Let luck be with you

Let him indulge often fate.

Let there be a feasible task

Any successful struggle.

Let women give smiles

Let faithfully love and wait.

Pass let you mistakes

And the troubles go aside.

Wish green light

On the life of the thorny path.

Heed all wise counsel,

To find your happiness.

Men, congratulations!

On your most important day

Only a lot of good wishes.

So as not to fall shadow

To your honor and courage,

To always luck

To life maturity

Went with you through the year.

May you live with love

Reciprocal grief.

The fate of not being reproached,

Life is burning for nothing.

That seemed to shoulder

All complicated cases.

So that the troubles do not concern,

And life gave carte blanche.

Our defenders, passionately loved,

We wish you health, be life stored

From troubles and tribulations, from sadness and quarrels,

Always and in all act as our support.

We wish a career growth and zeal,

Wishes, zeal and inspiration,

To dream and strive for the heights desired,

Find the strength to fulfill all the plans.

A worthy example to serve your children,

For them, keep the peace on our planet.

Fight for clear skies and happiness

And drive away all bad weather from your family.

Man’s honor

And in old age do not disgrace the gray hair.

Always stay human for all

To be taller and better than others, flawless.

Dear men!

Please accept our congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day! We sincerely wish you to remain self-confident in any life situation, to keep cool even in the most difficult moments. Be us a fortress wall, which neither enemies nor misfortunes can destroy.

Congratulations to our dear men on February 23!

We wish you warmth and home comfort, love and mutual understanding with family and friends. We wish always and in everything to uphold justice and remain respected people.

Dear defenders of the motherland!

We wish you a peaceful day of peace in your life, families and hearts.May the sky under your faithful protection always remain clear. Let no one and nothing disturb the comfort and peace of your hearth.

Postcard 2018 to February 23Laconic card by February 23Postcard to the Day of Defender of the Fatherland colleagues
Congratulations to colleagues from February 23Beautiful card for February 23

Merry postcards and funny wishes

If your friend, brother or boyfriend is not alien to a sense of humor, we suggest in 2018 to pick up congratulations for them with jokes that will add peppercorn on February 23 and definitely raise your spirits.

Happy Defender, men!

Young and wrinkled

Wise and young

With fantasy stormy.

We wish you no trouble

Long live, dashing victories.

Never know the obstacles

Many deserve rewards.

All in all serve as an example,

Build yourself a career.

Dedicated friends to have

Much to decide to be able to.

We wish you success,

Good and joyful laughter.

To the fate of you kept

Never failed.

Honoring the defenders of the Motherland!

We wish bold daring and strength to accomplish enchanting plans. We wish instead of a monotonous existence full of adventures and transformations of life.

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