Comic predictions for the New Year 2018

On the eve of the New Year holidays, many try to think out not only the menu, outfit, home decoration, but also the evening program. Comic predictions for the New Year 2018 will help to make it truly fun and memorable.


Predictions for Year of the Dog for Corporate

New Year is hard to imagine without fun and jokes. This applies to both corporate parties and friendly gatherings of relatives and friends. So that the company does not get bored after a nourishing meal, you can entertain her with cheerful predictions about the next year. Surely no one will refuse to think about the future in a comic form.

Comic predictions for the New Year 2018

As a rule, on the eve of the New Year, numerous corporate parties are held, where colleagues in a festive atmosphere summarize the outgoing year and think about plans for the future. In this situation comic predictions will be appropriate, which will cheer up the staff and make the party truly unforgettable and interesting. Here is an example of what can be said in this case:

The year that came to you is prophesying
Glory, money and success!
A lot of crazy emotions,
And recognition from everyone!


Forget about the holiday coming
You need to go forward in your career
While colleagues drink "through" simply
Hint boss about career growth!


There is a danger that colleagues
Carts will roll on you.
Better not tease famously
And sit quietly!


Fulfillment of all desires
A great success awaits you
The main thing is not to miss
And your teeth to tear!


Today you are among friends
Shout again: "pour, pour,"
So that tomorrow you are not ashamed
Today you have to be solid!


Today you do not drink much
And then you start all fall in love
After all, at work, at your
You can not copulate with anyone!


You such a prediction
Keep you silent more often!
But not your colleagues
You will be buried in white snow!


Hello to you from Santa Claus
He asks you to be more serious
And not the boss is angry,
Will send you at once home!


You are predicting the heavens together
You don't need to sleep with colleagues
Worker with * kc is closed for you
They will pay you at the same hour!


In work next year
Success will bring you!
And a lot of money in the bargain,
To buy in the suburbs you cottage!

Selecting predictions for your colleagues, you need to take into account their features. At the same time, statements should not offend the applicant.They can chide a little employee and set him up in a positive way.

Similar predictions can be not only in verses. They are well perceived by their colleagues in prose:

  • Be sure to look at your feet, climbing the career ladder - and you can slip on spit envious.
  • The promotion will come in 2018 necessarily - your office will be moved a couple of floors above.
  • Hard work in the year of the Dog will throw you four years ago - to the year of the Horse!
  • Next year you will have a replenishment in the family! Neighboring cockroaches finally get to your apartment.
  • If in the new year you will smile a lot, then it is likely to sign an advertising contract with a major manufacturer of toothpaste.
  • At the beginning of the new year, literally in the early days, you will see fireworks of bright events. We hope you bought firecrackers.
  • It is said that a golden fish fulfills three wishes. You're lucky, in the new year you will meet such a fish. True, it will be stuffed with rice and greens.
  • If next year, every time you step over the office of your boss, you do it with your left foot, you will soon get a promotion.
  • You're lucky: in the New 2018 you will completely get rid of the bad habit. Only here, in return you will get a couple of new bad habits.
  • In 2018, you are lucky enough - you win about a billion dollars. But, the surprises of next year do not end there: this money will have to be donated to charity.

Comic predictions for the New Year 2018. Short verses and prose

Short greetings

When holding a party among colleagues, it is very important not to miss the attention of any employee. If there are many workers in your team, you can pick up short and cool predictions for the New Year:

Short Cool
In view of the head is not to be - so there is no risk of grief to get drunk! Urgently you go to the gym,

To grow in your pocket cash.

The figure has nothing to do with it

Time to be strong shoulder.

Who will be expelled by the boss from his job - that in the new year there is less concern! New you wanted a laptop

Old came the skiff.

Get it and sign it

And say goodbye to money

What will keep from salary

For the breakdown of the apparatus.

Whoever gets drunk of champagne will be back without a prize! Waiting for your promotion,

Looks you worked for a reason.

And for the bosses every day,

Not for nothing was dragged like a shadow.

Now it's up to you,

How do you get along with a dream.

Who is sex today, to tomorrow the sheet is calculated! Remember, only you

Salary raise to the skies.

Do not tell anybody,

What raised your fare.

Open your mouth, everything is gone,

You lose points again.

A strong explosion is expected this year: all your envious competitors will burst with anger. You will get up early,

Just not to be late.

If you temper,

That wishes come true

They will, do not hesitate

And pour water.

Smile always! And no one will call you a gloomy man. Be silent! And then no one will call you a fool. This year of work is a lot

Waiting ahead!

And a happy outcome

You will achieve, wait.

In hot countries, rest

And you will find luck.

This year you will discover treasure. You will find ... stash spouse, which he saved all last year. You will soon enter the cream of society, perhaps you will find a sponsor.
In the new year you will be attacked. You will attack ... luck, from which you can not fight back. Love will decorate your days, and they will become bright.
In the coming year, avoid cooling from the second half, otherwise you will be sick all 12 months. Don't expect much from the year

You have enough love!


By giving your wife a New Year's ring with diamonds, you ensure yourself a full life for 12 months. Find time for love

But do not pass by.


Funny predictions for close friends

Wishes for friends and relatives may be more daring. After all, close people are unlikely to be offended at you for the "sharp tongue":

If you didn't find a penny in your pocket,
Look in the pocket to the neighbor - obviously, the money is there.


If you go across the ’field,
In the field you will find the coin;
When you find the money -
All you spend on the junkie.


Have a higher power for you
Disappointing outlook:
New Year promises you
Love the laughter!


If you start kissing
Every day for half an hour,
All dreams will come true.
Life will be filled with wonders!


Either you fill, or you pump,
Whether sitting in a chair -
Know that next year
Ass notably increase.


Always smile, smile everywhere,
Smile on land and on water!
Repay you for smiles fate
A couple of wrinkles and a bunch of dough!


From bad habits in the new year
You will get rid of it without fail.
But bad luck: instead of one
Two new ones will come for a replacement.


The dog will bring good luck
And a lot of money in the bargain.
Be rich to you all year
And buy a car, cottage!


All wishes for this hour
Today, just for you.
Get plenty of sleep, rest,
Don't waste your bottle!

Predictions can be read when presenting presents, or you can attach tags to glasses of champagne and read greetings after the chiming clock. You might want to write cool wishes on small cards, and put them in a bag, then the guests will choose their own predictions for the New Year.

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