Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018

The autumn chills have not yet cleared up with might and main, but the thermometer is creeping downward, and it becomes chilly in your favorite cardigans. So, it's time to choose a coat for fall-winter 2017-2018, after looking at what is relevant and fashionable now.

Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018


Coat autumn-winter: fashion trends

In the fashion of hyperbolic styles (cocoon coat), A-silhouette and all sorts of options free cut. The decor and decoration will decorate a warm wardrobe.

Embroidery Uniform Patchwork fabric
Flower theme, slightly beginning to fade. And, although you can still lift yourself and others around you, dressing in a coat embroidered with leaves and buds, begin to look closely at the abstract patterns embroidered with satin stitch. Full of dignity, a few strict style "Militari" will remain with us in this cold season. The transverse fastener, stripes and shoulder straps set off the femininity of the style. This patchwork style so popular with designers, this year has become more diverse due to bold experiments with different-factor fabrics and ensembles of pieces that are incompatible by color.

Fashion designers have not been able to give up long belts, fur collars and leather inserts this season.And why? It's so feminine and stylish! Namely, fashion houses are betting on femininity, rough unisex clothing is pushed into the background. In the elegance of an elongated coat can not be compared with any jacket - no sintepon, no skin.

Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018

Graceful ladies should be pleased with the trapezoidal cut of monophonic color, emphasizing the silhouette. This “no claims” option will easily fit both a deliberately business style (trouser suit with a shirt) and a solemn rendezvous (with a cocktail dress).

A variety of options are presented in different styles:

  • business,
  • classical,
  • military,
  • casual
  • sports.

Fashionable women's coat: trends autumn-winter 2017-2018

  1. Overseas. Baggy clothes are now not only those who have something to hide. Slender women of fashion love clothes in which they look even more fragile: sweaters, dresses, coats.
  2. Anti-oversight. For those who are not used to the oversize fashion, there is encouraging news: they can wear the most fitting outerwear. To sew a light demi-season coat, in addition to the usual coats of cloth (crepe, drape, gabardine), fashion designers are increasingly stopping the choice on soft materials with an unusual texture (denim, cashmere).Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018
  3. Bathrobe.Women who previously fashioned to wear uncomfortable tight skirts, stilettos and the like, can now breathe a sigh of relief. The main purpose of a bathrobe is to create comfort and warmth. With it you can wear even biker pants, even a combination dress.
  4. Asymmetry. The fashion for asymmetry is stable as the Egyptian pyramids and is omnipresent as a figaro, simultaneously doing everywhere. Asymmetrical haircuts, jewelry and, of course, clothing are popular.Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018
  5. Maxi length. Maxi lengths look truly royal. Long floors practically reach to the ground, therefore (especially if you are not tall) it is better to stand on the heels. Ready to take some inconvenience? As a reward, this style will make you the main fashionista among friends and colleagues.Coats for fall-winter 2017-2018. Fashion news and trends
  6. Short coat In contrast to the impractical (some people think), very long “sub-types”, models were shown on the catwalks as short as coat jackets. A more relaxed, less pretentious image is created. Do you want to choose something bright or semi-sports where there is a hood, and maybe you like sea or flower motifs?
  7. Colorful coat Someone will consider this expression, and someone extravagance.The designers chose two directions for creating such non-boring versions: one kind of fabric, which is decorated with stripes, specks, lace and the other; combination of diverse fabrics. In order not to get confused about what to wear under the motley outerwear, use simple bows:
    - monophonic polo-neck,
    - jeans or classic pants.
  8. Unusual sleeves. Bearing in mind that the devil is in the details, some immediately sweep aside the challenging styles and colors and opt for the classics. More precisely, it is practically a classic, where boring lines are supplemented with only one non-standard element - sleeves. But it is they who seem to many to be the "highlight on the cake."
  9. Cell. The notorious cell is the eternal motive of a slightly different tune. It is also popular now, as it was once in the 70s. However, shoes help to bring down a strong association with the time. With a checkered coat, it is now permissible to wear any shoes in men's style, oxfords, brogues, as well as boats or ankle boots.

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