Coat autumn - winter 2017-2018

Coats are in demand in the men's wardrobe and indispensable in the women's. This type of outerwear is most popular because it is considered a classic and a symbol of tradition. The coat is comfortable in everyday wear, and in the right combination with other clothes is a model of style and exquisite taste. It is comfort that makes him a favorite in the men's wardrobe. Long or short, strict or with a design fiction - it always emphasizes masculinity and attracts attention. Therefore, outerwear collections often show fashionable men a line of men's coats. How do the coats of the autumn-winter 2017-2018 leading couturiers see? What are the main trends and original ideas become the property of the podiums and will be embodied in the autumn-winter images on the streets?


Fashion trends in the new season

Coat autumn - winter 2017-2018

Coats must meet the criteria put forward to comfort, warmth, comfort and fashion trends. And if the first three characteristics are unchanged, then the fashion must change. In the new season, the trend hits that distinguish the fashionable coat from the unfashionable will be:

Style Expressive features
Free Cut Models Overseas: "blanket", "robe", "Cape", "Scottish blanket", "overcoat"
Trapezoidal models Cropped and mid-calf, with sleeves, sleeveless, capes
Straight silhouette Fur details, increased patch pockets, safari-style, double-breasted collars
Duffle Coat Models Dense wool, hood, huge lining pockets, outer loop (leather, harness, rope), large buttons-fangs
Short coat Major details: collars, pockets, sleeve strap, voluminous sleeves, understated shoulders

Hot color trends will be: red-black combinations, scarlet with blue color (dark shades); accessories in yellow.

Women's fashion on the coat

Coat autumn - winter 2017-2018. Fashion trends, trends, new items

A woman in a coat always looks more elegant and more exclusive than a woman of fashion in a down jacket or jacket. This feature is boldly used in their creative ideas by designers, thanks to which, apart from the classic models, women's wardrobes are replenished with unique, original, and sometimes extravagant models. The main trends of the upcoming season will be styles of free and trapezoid cut. The traditional color scheme will remain relevant, however, it will not be complete without a placer of bright colors, displayed in coats, cut details and accessories.

Also in the trend will be a women's coat, made of fabrics, which the designers have identified fashionable in the cold season:

  • tweed;
  • suede;
  • leather;
  • wool;
  • lavsan;
  • cloth;
  • knitted and quilted coats.

As for the prints, then the cell will still be relevant, made in different sizes and colors. Women whose coats are sewn using animalistic prints can also consider themselves women of fashion. Also, materials have returned to the podiums that mimic the skin of reptiles or animals. In this case, mega-fashioned will be the "unnatural" colors for them: blue, red, yellow. Do not go out of fashion and flower drawings on the coat. Therefore, for the next season, women will be able to buy models decorated with luxurious furniture and floral patterns.

Men's coat models

Coat autumn - winter 2017-2018. Fashion trends, trends, new items

Leading couturiers did not ignore men. They brought to the podium classic, stylish and versatile models that are easily converted for everyday outing. Fashionable men have an original choice of styles that can satisfy their highest demands:

  • English Crombie- classic men's coat in the style of "dandy", made of thick wool.In the new autumn-winter season, it will be decorated with trend pieces in the form of a fur collar, red lining, straight silhouette.
  • Coat- a shortened model with characteristic details for the style: a turn-down collar, shoulder straps, buckles, emblems. The peculiarity of this season in bold experiments with a conservative appearance of outerwear. Designers decorated a strict "military" image with details of fur, knitwear and bright colors (red, purple, orange).
  • Strict Double-breasted Coats- classic models of restrained style. They will always be appreciated by men who prefer a concise fashion. Leading designers emphasize rectangular styles with elegant length, reaching to the knee. Fabrics also emphasize the taste of the owner: tweed, drape, wool. For those who like to combine classics with shocking, they created models of velvet and satin.

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