2017 year of the rooster

Christmas pictures with the symbol of the Rooster 2017

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

The year 2017 will come very soon, which means that the nimble Monkey (symbol of 2016) will leave his throne and give it to the Fire Rooster. Many of you have probably already begun preparations for the most desirable winter holiday.

Buying gifts, drawing up a menu, choosing a restaurant, choosing clothes and other equally important tasks are now in the first place. In addition, you still need to decorate the apartment, and not just hanging tinsel on the walls, but approach this matter with full responsibility.

Your decor should certainly please the Lord of 2017, so he noticed you and favorably treated throughout the year. Note thatNew Year pictures with Rooster symbol of 2017, will be beautiful elements of decor and it is likely that they will bring you good luck!

New Year pictures with Rooster

If you are looking for a beautiful and at the same time original picture with a Rooster (symbol of 2017), then you will surely like our selection.Here you can find all sorts of angles of cocks, their color, and shape.

Such drawings must necessarily be in every home, accompany gifts or decorate the desktop of your computer. Let's look at the main categories of pictures about the New Year with the Rooster.

Animated symbol of 2017

The pictures that move on the screen are familiar to each of us. They are beautiful in any form and with any image. And as they play dashing colors exactly those on which cockerels are depicted.

wishes for the new yearanimation cock 2017year of the rooster animationrooster animation
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These birds themselves are very bright, and when they are animated they can’t take their eyes off. In such drawings, a rooster's tail can shimmer, it is snowing and even the rooster itself will make several uncomplicated movements.

Beautiful pictures with a rooster

New Year pictures with the image of the Rooster, as well as chickens and chickens will be relevant throughout 2017. They can be saved to your computer or printed out and used not only in the New Year.

The fiery color should always be near you, and the image of the Rooster with a bright red tail can become like an amulet and guard against unhappiness.

download Christmas pictures year roosterbeautiful new year pictures of the year of the roosterdownload Christmas pictures with a rooster
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Pictures with Rooster and New Year's greetings

This category of pictures includes not only images of cockerels, but also cute New Year greetings.

If you cannot find warm words for the festive night, which are addressed to all the assembled guests, the poem written on these pictures will be a wonderful cheat sheet. Now you don’t have to invent lines or write a greeting text, since having saved the picture with the Rooster, they will always be at your fingertips.

New Year pictures with Roosternew year rooster drawingcockerel picturecongratulations for the new year 2017
cock greetingspictures on the desktop symbol of the year 2017rooster pictureNew Year of the Rooster New Year pictures

Black and white pictures and coloring

Such pictures, despite the fact that they are not painted in different colors, you will need in 2017. The males on them look like real “generals” and ask that they be “walked” with a brush or a pencil.

As you can see, there are many variations of colorings with a rooster and every day new images of this proud bird appear.

rooster picture coloringcoloring new year roostercoloring roostersNew Year's rooster coloring
cockerel symbol of 2017 picturesChristmas pictures symbol 2017symbol of the new year 2017 clip artrooster symbol 2017 pictures

Where can I use these pictures?

The scale of the use of drawings with the image of the Rooster are endless. It all depends on your imagination and creative thinking. On the eve of the New Year, pictures with a rooster can be used:

  • In the decoration of the apartment.For sure, before New Year's Eve, you get a box with decorations from a pantry and hang them not only on the Christmas tree, but also on the walls, windows,curtains. Why not pick up cute paper cockerels as decor this year.
  • In addition to the gift.Before you give a gift on New Year's Eve, print a picture of a Rooster and attach it to the gift. Such a gift will show that you thoroughly prepared for the holiday and took into account all the “requirements” of the 2017 symbol.
  • At leisure.Coloring like not only children, but also adults. They relieve stress, soothe and give the brain to relax. Print a few black and white drawings with a rooster and spend long winter evenings in a company with pencils, paints or felt-tip pens. Good mood is guaranteed to you!
  • As wallpaper.Yes, and the computer should also be decorated before the New Year, so that each time you look at the screen, you remember that 2017 has come - it's time for new accomplishments and undertakings.

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