Christmas comedies: the best films for the New Year 2019

New Year and Christmas is the very time when you can finally get together with the whole family, prepare salads and turn on some interesting film.

If you no longer want to revise “Die Hard” or “Home Alone” again, then in this article we have collected interesting and unusual New Year's comedies.

A selection of the best New Year's movies will certainly give you and your loved ones a New Year mood. But a cheerful attitude is the main component of any holiday!

Bad Santa

New Year's comedy about the new year

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:Terry Zwigoff
  • Screenwriter:Glenn Ficarra
  • Starring:Billy Bob Thornton, Brett Kelly, Tony Cox, Lauren Graham.

Santa Claus is a funny old man who brings joy and presents to everyone ... but not in this film! The protagonist of the comedy, Willie, every year dresses up in Santa to get into the malls and take out more jewels from there, and he even has an accomplice playing the role of an elf.

Willy - an avid skeptic, he always does something that lies, drinks alcohol and curses. Nothing pleases him and he doesn’t care about the spirit of Christmas.

However, once in his life, everything changes abruptly: during his regular scam, he meets the boy Terman, their unusual friendship makes Willie take a very different look at life.

Welcome or neighbors not allowed (Deck the Halls)

New Year's comedies

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:John whitesell
  • Screenwriter:Matt Corman
  • Starring:Matthew Broderick, Danny De Vito, Christine Chenoweth, Christine Davis

In this quiet American town, nothing ever happens. The winter holidays there are celebrated rather conservatively - a family photo in the same New Year’s sweaters, a decorated Christmas tree, gingerbread, Christmas songs and church trips.

Steve is completely satisfied with this order, but his little idyll collapses exactly at that moment, when Buddy settles in the neighborhood. This noisy type immediately begins to demolish the measured life of the town with its eccentric behavior.

For example, Buddy is upset that because of the small size of his house is not visible from space, because he comes up with a brilliant plan - to dress the house with garlands, so that its glow can be seen by all the Earth satellites.

Such behavior infuriates Steve incredibly, and he begins to express his displeasure in every way. Neighbors begin to compete in everything, until their actions reach the point of complete absurdity.

Hello, Dad, New Year (Daddy’s Home)

movies new year comedies 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Director and screenwriter:Sean anders
  • Starring:Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Linda Cardellini

In this film, Mark Wahlberg plays a careless husband named Dusty, who divorced his wife. They live separately, but Dusty still can’t forget his family and wants to return to them. The task becomes more complicated when a new head of the family, Brad (Will Ferrell) takes his place.

Nevertheless, Dusty still has hope to renew the relationship, because he openly begins to compete with Brad for the love of his family. Stepfather starts to panic, because Dusty is a strong competitor, and children love their real father more, but Brad is not going to give up so easily.

Needless to say that their confrontation throughout the film causes only laughter. Who will win this family battle?

Exchange Holidays (The Holiday)

best new year comedies 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Director and screenwriter:Nancy Meyers
  • Starring:Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black

The main characters of this film - Iris and Amanda live on opposite sides of the ocean, and their lives can not be compared at all. Iris leads a measured life, she works as a reporter in a British newspaper and lives in a cozy house with a fireplace in the suburbs of London.

Amanda lives in a huge cottage in the heart of California, creates trailers for Hollywood films and enjoys high life.

The only thing that unites them - they have no luck in love. On Christmas Eve, the heroines decide to swap houses to change the situation and find out for themselves, and maybe even find a long-awaited happiness.

Jingle All the Way

Christmas comedy list 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:Brian Levant
  • Screenwriter:Randy cornfield
  • Starring:Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Belushi, Rita Wilson, Phil Hartman

We are accustomed to seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the cinema as a fighter for justice, he usually does something that saves people and does not let the villains descend. In the same family comedy, he played an unscrupulous dad who constantly disappears at work and thinks about the family last.

That is why he remembered that he had promised to buy his son a gift for Christmas, on the very eve of the holiday. And everything would be fine, there is still time, only his son wants a special toy - Turbomen.

This robot among children is very popular, because it is not strange that it is almost impossible to find it in stores. But nevertheless, the desperate father starts the race for the last remaining Turbomen, so as not to disappoint his son.

Fred Claus, brother of Santa (Fred Claus)

New Year's comedy overseas

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:David Dobkin
  • Screenwriter:Dan Fogelman
  • Starring:Vince Vaughn, Kevin Spacey, Paul Giamatti, Rachel Weiss

It turns out that Santa Claus has a brother, and his name is Fred! Unfortunately, Fred has no fabulous abilities like Santa, he lost them and became an ordinary person. All the time that the brothers lived together, the rays of glory battered Santa, and Fred had to put up with a secondary role.

Because of this, Fred stopped celebrating Christmas, having come to hate this holiday and his brother, who, by the way, is not called Santa at all, but Nick.

One day Fred finds out that trouble will happen very soon - Christmas is in danger of disappearing. Without hesitation, he goes to the North Pole to save the holiday and, perhaps, even restore the lost family ties.

Real Love (Love Actually)

best new year movie comedy

  • A country:United States, United Kingdom
  • Director and screenwriter:Richard Curtis
  • Starring:Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman, Emma Thompson

The main characters of the film are trying to figure out what love is, because every person is able to find something in it.

The film contains ten separate stories about all sorts of people: the British Prime Minister, a widower, a girl who suffers from unrequited love, a lovelace tourist who went in search of romantic adventures — they all prove to us with their romantic stories that love is around us.

A funny and touching story about completely different fates that wonderfully intertwine together.

Love the Coopers

New Year's family comedies

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:Jesse Nelson
  • Screenwriter:Stephen Rogers
  • Starring:John Goodman, Diane Keaton, Alan Arkin, Ed Helms

Christmas and New Year are a good reason for the entire family to finally gather around the huge festive table. But what if this same family is so big and motley, that instead of a quiet family dinner, you get a real farce?

Coopers are just such people, they can’t safely be all in the same room, but they still decide to reunite for one day.

Here is just one of them gets to the police on the eve of the holiday, the second leads to dinner his fake guy who only plays the role, and one of his aunts is called crazy at all. In general, they will remember this family dinner for a long time!

Christmas Vacation (Christmas Vacation)

New Year's comedy

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:Jeremiah Chechik
  • Screenwriter:John hughes
  • Starring:Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid, Beverly D’Angelo, Nicolet Scorsese

Rules, rules, rules! In the Griswold family, they are trying to do everything according to the rules; therefore, they have already planned the holding of Christmas right up to the number of light bulbs that will decorate the house.

The only thing they could not figure out was that one of their family members, Clark Griswold, is a walking affliction that breaks all the rules.

So at first they were without a Christmas tree that burned down, and who knows what else might happen in the house. It is time for the Griswold family to hide pyrotechnics and get ready for the most unexpected Christmas.

Surviving Christmas

good new year comedy 2019

  • A country:USA
  • Producer:Jeremiah Chechik
  • Screenwriter:John hughes
  • Starring:Ben Affleck, Christina Applegate, James Gandolfini, Josh Zuckerman

Drew has a lot of money, but there is absolutely no one with whom to celebrate Christmas, even the girl and she threw it. In desperation, Drew calls around all his acquaintances, but no one wants to take him into his family circle to celebrate Christmas.

Then our main character finds himself a new family, and is even willing to pay 250 thousand dollars to pretend that he is a member of their family. That's just Drew did not know that this same family is already on the verge of collapse and Christmas intends to spend in quarrels and reproaches.

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