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Choosing furniture in a small living room

January 30, 2018

If you decide to re-equip your apartment, you can do all the work and do it yourself, but still, in order for the result to meet all expectations, it is recommended to order from RealStroyService. Now there are many ways available by which the room visually expands, for which various finishing materials are used. This method is particularly relevant in those cases if you are the owner of a small apartment. However, the visual aspect cannot be called the most important, as the comfort, both your personal and invited guests, is equally important, so everything must be arranged correctly, so that the harmony and lightness of the interior is preserved. This plan will help the correct selection of furniture.

Choosing furniture in a small living roomChoosing furniture in a small living room

How to choose a sofa

If you have a small apartment, then no matter how much you want it, the purchase of a large sofa is unacceptable here. However, modern manufacturers take into account this fact, so now there are two optimal options.One of them is the purchase of a small two-seater sofa, and additional seating is organized by other elements, such as padded stools, chairs, floor cushions, and so on. Now on the furniture market, you can choose any sofa that fits perfectly into the interior with its size and shape.

A plus would be if the sofa, supported by the legs, can be entered in the interior of the room. With the help of such an easy way, the general view of the apartment will be light and airy.

Also distinguish the second method, which provides for the installation of a large corner sofa. Models of the angular type are distinguished by their capacity and at the same time small dimensions.

How to choose a coffee table

Many believe that the "king" of the living room is a sofa, but still, all attention is given to the coffee table. In a small living room there is always a place for him. For example, you can use a neat table-chest, which not only complements the interior of the room, but also serves as a place to store various things (it is in small rooms that the question often arises: “where to hide this or that thing?”).

Also in small living rooms a table made of transparent glass will look advantageous. This option is designed to make the room look light and not cluttered.

If there is very little free space and it is difficult to enter the coffee table, then you can go for a radical solution - use a hard pouf as a table. This technique can rightly be called a designer and now it is widely used in the design of New York apartments.

Find a seat chair

Many are accustomed to the classic seats, which are distinguished by their "exaggerated" forms. In a small apartment from such a decision is to refuse. In the presence of free space, his place is easily replaced by a beautiful chair. To improve comfort, use soft covers or skins as upholstery.

In general, a good solution is the use of furniture-transformers. This concerns not folding types, but those products that can simultaneously perform several functions. As an example, a cubic bedside table can be allocated to provide additional seating. The same applies to the ottomans, which in addition to visual appeal as an element of decor are widely used as seating.

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