Choose: laminate or floorboard?

And laminate and flooring, as usual, have their pros and cons. But the approach to choosing a floor wisely will help you avoid the difficulties and shortcomings of both materials. Let's consider all the disadvantages and advantages of these materials in operation.

The main advantage of the laminate is its practicality. A high-quality laminate floor can withstand any stress and damage. He is not afraid of scratches, indentation, etc. In addition, the laminate is not combustible and resistant to moisture. Laminate can be operated in any premises, it is only necessary to choose the degree of load. Laminate is any texture and color: under the tile, wood, stone. Easy to assemble, thanks to the locking systems. Does not require special care for yourself. Laminate will serve you for a long time. Disadvantages of laminate: cold, does not absorb sounds, therefore, quite noisy, cannot be restored, laminate is not a natural material, requires the use of antistatic chemicals.

The floorboard is an environmentally friendly material, quiet, easy to install, easy to maintain and clean, can last up to 25 years, does not electrify, is subject to repair and restoration. Disadvantages: if you want your floorboard to always remain attractive, you should avoid constant changes in the microclimate, high humidity, sand particles, not subject the board to high loads (easily scratched and damaged by furniture or heels of shoes), requires special care.

The cost of laminate is lower than the floorboard. But it all depends on the manufacturer and quality of manufacturing material. A large role has the design, texture, laminate and floorboard.

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