Chipboard or MDF, which is better?

January 27, 2018
DIY furniture

MDF and particleboard are not natural materials. They have certain similarities and differences, and therefore it is better to apply them for different purposes. But to understand exactly what you need to know their properties and characteristics. Chipboard is made of sawdust, which are glued together with a special substance. Usually formaldehyde resins act as such a substance. Then the resulting sheet is additionally decorated. Depending on the method of decorating, several subspecies of the material are identified, for example, a chipboard sheet that has undergone lamination is abbreviated to LDSP.

Chipboard or MDF, which is better?

The process of making MDF resembles the process of making paper. The main raw material can be any wood waste. They are cleaned with hot steam, then ground to minimum dimensions and pass through a drying step. After the crushed raw material is mixed with the resin and pressed into plates. Here on the site you can buy different types of MDF at the best price in unlimited quantities.

Chipboard or MDF, which is better?

MDF is slightly more expensive chipboard.Its cost exceeds the cost of chipboard, almost a third. Also MDF has good resistance to moisture, while its competitor is afraid of it. In LDSP better performance due to the laminated coating, but if it deteriorates or its integrity is broken, the moisture gets inside and the material will be irreversibly damaged.

Sheets of MDF easily give in to a cut or figured cutting at the expense of the uniform structure. When sawing DPS chips may be formed. Both materials are flammable, MDF is even better burning. On the website, you can order figure cutting services on CNC machines for wooden products and decorative panels.

The furniture from a chipboard does not differ in big service life. Installation locations of fasteners will begin to crumble over time. In this regard, MDF furniture will be much more practical, it will not lose its original appearance even with reusable assembly and disassembly.

Chipboard or MDF, which is better?

Virtually all the characteristics of MDF exceeds chipboard. Chipboard is considered a cheap disposable material, it is often used for utility works. It can also be used in the construction of partitions and when laying the floor. While MDF is more expensive material, but also significantly better and more durable.In addition, MDF sheets have an excellent appearance. Often they can be difficult to distinguish from a real tree. Therefore, they are often used in the manufacture of door panels and furniture.

In some cases, you can make a frame using chipboard sheets, and decoration with MDF. In this case, you get a fairly high-quality and not expensive piece of furniture or interior.

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