Children about Easter

Children about Easter: how to talk about this holiday

The brightest and greatest holidays for a Christian person are connected with the milestones of the life of Jesus Christ. And if the European Christianity of the Western rite is preparing all year to celebrate the Nativity of the Son of God, the Eastern rite Christians - Orthodox - consider Easter, or the Resurrection of Christ, to be the greatest holiday.

It is very important to properly prepare the child for the bright Easter day, having told about his main meaning - the great sacrifice of God's Son.

A child's heart is receptive to pain and full of compassion. On this great wave of humanism given birth, children (like no other) are able to soak up the ideological background of the holiday and respond to it with the fullness of a childless bottomless soul. The story itself may have several specific forms, one of which is set out below.

Overcoming darkness

Throughout its history (and this is several million years), mankind had to go through a lot of difficult pages. The struggle for survival in the world of predatory animals (for example, saber-toothed tigers and woolly rhinos) was replaced by a series of state wars with the state.The wars ended, but times of turmoil came when they had to fight back from the less fortunate but more envious own neighbors.

Having learned to fight, a man every day was in a duel with a capricious fate. Even the Bible testifies to this, narrating about the brothers Cain and Abel’s envy killed by him.

And then - more.

And so mankind is mired in sins, wars, deaths and violence that no gap was foreseen. After all, every word, intent or action returns to its owner a hundredfold. So the whole Earth was covered with darkness, emanating from human souls who do not know love and exude anger, aggression, and hatred.

The future of mankind loomed in a very deplorable form, as following the law of hundredfold (according to which a man is the sower of his destiny, and sowing the grain of hostility will reap the harvest a hundred times more) only darkness and self-destruction was expected ahead.

Everlasting light ...

Easter for childrenSo the entire population of our beautiful blooming planet would disappear if the Heavenly Father did not take pity on the creatures of his foolish and did not send the Son of the Only Begotten to the hardened people with a new law.

This law, called the New Testament, gave salvation and delivered from death in the case of humanity:

  • think again;
  • repent;
  • cease to destroy their own kind;
  • "Love one another" no matter what.

Not knowing unrighteousness, the Son of God preached the deliverance from sins even to the most terrible of the most evil sinners. Coming to the earth covered with darkness, Jesus was the light, everything that illuminates and enlightens everyone.

And after all it was required from people very little:

  • never again do evil to anyone;
  • take the New Testament;
  • live it without disturbing.

But people refused the possibility of salvation: they got used to sin and its blackness. Yes, and the light of Christ’s love cut their eyes too — their hearts hardened and shriveled from unmerciful anger.

Death got to death ”...

And so that the sinless Jesus did not interfere with their life in the usual common evil, they thought it terrible to kill the Son of God.

And they crucified Him on the cross (and such a death was considered very shameful and only the villains and murderers were subjected to this execution).

Suffering on the cross, the Son of the Only Begotten did not send words of curses to his tormentors, but he begged forgiveness to the murderers from his Father.

On the Friday day of the execution, not one sinner saw the light, realizing the whole terrible meaning of what was happening - even the robber crucified by his side repented and was saved.How to tell children about Easter

Preaching eternal life, Christ promised that he would rise on the third day after his death.

The villains were very afraid of this and set vigilant guards to guard the tomb of Christ.

How glad the evil was! Triumphant and exultant! But what can a little man do against the will of God himself?

On the third day after the terrible (passionate) Friday, exactly on Sunday (and in honor of such an event even the day was called SUNDAY), pious righteous came to the tomb - and there are no bodies there - Christ was resurrected and passed from the kingdom of the dead to life, promised.

Christ is Risen!

Resurrection of Christ on EasterThis is how people greet each other on Easter Sunday, remembering the price the Lord paid for our right to continue living on the Earth, bringing joy, love, mercy and forgiveness in our hearts.

On this Great Day, the bells of all the temples proclaim the Resurrection of Christ:

  1. Festive all-night services are served.
  2. The solemn processions end with a triumphal Easter tropar, proclaiming that having risen from the dead, Christ overcame devastation, decay and death!
  3. Festive candles are lit and ritual Easter dishes are consecrated: cakes, paska, painted and painted eggs.
  4. The heart of every Christian is overwhelmed with the great joy of the victory of light over darkness.

And all the people (remembering the terrible sacrifice for mankind made by God) knows that there is nothing worse than breaking the main commandment of Christ’s love and experiencing anger, aggression, sowing hatred and destruction.

Why is it customary to paint eggs for Easterchildren are told about Easter


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