Charm "Nerazluchniki"

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Lovebirds are one of the best symbolic gifts for any couple, to whose union you desire real strength and strength. From this article you will learn how to sew such a charm with your own hands. In this master class, we will give you step-by-step instructions and valuable tips that will be useful for making not only the slaves, but in general any talisman. We will also tell about who is better to give such an article.

Preserve lovebirds

Amulets were invented by the Slavs to protect against harm and attract good luck, love and other benefits. This is a very personal gift, so do not present it to those who do not have much value for you. It is not customary to sell stitched amulets - they are made with their own hands not for the sake of profit, but with the goal of taking care of loved ones.

Nerazluchnikov decided to give not a specific person, but a couple or family. Most often, this charm is presented to the newlyweds at the wedding. Nerazluchniki help strengthen the union and will protect it until the end of life.You can give (or sew for yourself) a similar amulet to the family that needs additional support for one reason or another. These dolls will hold family ties together and make them unbreakable, and love - eternal.

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What do we need?

  • wooden skewer or twig
  • two strips of red cloth (for the body)
  • white cloth for arms, legs and head
  • fabric of any color (for dress)
  • red thread
  • red and color braid
  • wool thread (for hairstyle)

Please note that when sewing amulets with chopsticks or branches, aspen and pine are never used - they attract trouble and weaken it. It is also worth remembering that the faces of the guardians are never painted - this means that the doll carries only light and good in itself, it cannot harm anyone, since it has no personality and soul. And one more thing: in the old days, the cloth on the amulets was always torn, not cut. However, this rule does not necessarily follow.

How to sew a doll charm?

We begin to make the guardian with the processing of white cloth. We take a strip and turn it into a tube, rolling a skewer there. We tuck the ends so that it does not fall out, and drag them with a thread.You can make a few turns - so even more beautiful.

the basis for the charm

Take another white strip and fold it with a wide tube. We form the head of the bride Nerazluchnikov and tie it with a red thread. We make an interlacing on the chest, so as not to hem, but attach the charm to the stick. The bridegroom will first make his pants, crossing a strip of colored fabric under the wand and tied it with a red thread. Next, make him the body of the white tube shorter. Also tie it with a red thread to the main part. Do not forget that around the edges should remain the hands of the Nerazluchnik.

preserved a master class

Cut out the groom shirt from red fabric. We fold the rectangle in half and cut off the excess so that we get a standard silhouette of clothing. Cut a hole for the head and put it on the groom.

The bride will make a skirt made of red fabric. And in the same way as they did a shirt, cut out a dress.

how to make a charm

It remains to add to our talisman the belts of beautiful bands with traditional Slavic motifs. You can sew a bride apron.

Slavic doll charm

At the end we will make a simple decor. To the bride, we will knit a scarlet kerchief, and the groom will glue the hair from woolen threads or we will make a hat from a piece of fabric and braid.You can not sew anything - just snap. Also, the groom can make boots of burlap and braid.

Slavic doll charm

Add a red thread in the middle of the ward to visually differentiate the hands of the newlyweds, and tie the braid around the edges so that the slaves can be hung in the house.

Preserve lovebirds

Our doll charm is ready. Now you can place it in your apartment to strengthen your marriage, or donate to a couple whose union is dear to you.

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