Catfish. general information

Catfish is a large freshwater fish that lives in the rivers and lakes of our country. Adult individuals grow up to 3 meters in length, and the weight reaches 150 kg.

Depending on the season and habitatfish catfish, a photo of which can be found in huge numbers on the Internet, has a different color - from black to bright yellow. Sometimes you manage to meet the albino.

Fish catfish has a large and wide head. Large jaws contain many small sharp teeth. Near the mouth of the fish are two long white mustaches, and a little lower, on the chin, four more small ones. The eyes of the catfish are large and lowered. The skin does not have scales.catfish

The small fin of the fish on the back is not at all similar to the anal - longer, wider. The tail occupies a large part of the body.

Catfish is a fish that lives on the bottom of the body of water, its bodyfully adapted to such a life. It rarely rises to the surface of the water. Usually a catfish finds a deep hole and settles in it. Also the place should be quiet, without a strong current, and the bottom hard. He loves snags and fallen trees. Som is a thermophilic fish. Already in the beginning of autumn, with the appearance of the first cold weather, it ceases to feed and lies to the bottom for wintering.

Fish do not like muddy water, so it hides in the pit during the rain.

Is omnivorous, so you can safelycall the "sanitaire pond." Food catfish are frogs, mollusks, crayfish, waterfowl and small animals crossing the river. He also will not give up the meat of dead animals.

But his main diet is fish. To catch it, the catfish is masked and waiting for its approach. His victim, he does not pursue, but attacks unexpectedly. For food the catfish swims out at night, near its pit can be observed increased activity.

Usually he hunts alone, but in the event that there is a lot of food, you can see several fish at the same time in one place.catfish

The catfish grows slowly. During the year, he accumulates 1.5-2 kg, and only by five years his weight is 8-10 kg, and the length is one meter. Sexual maturity in the fish comes only to 3-4 years of life.

Spawning in catfish begins with the heating of water to 17-19 degrees, starting from the end of May. To do this, he leaves his pit and finds a quiet place (backwaters or bays).

The female herself chooses a male from the numerous applicants, after which they drive the rest.

Together they go to a place where there will bepass the spawning, which the couple prepares together. To do this, catfish dig holes up to 1 meter deep, after which the female lays a small amount of caviar.

The appearance of the larvae occurs after 7-10 days, at which time both parents are nearby and guard them, driving away other fish. With the appearance of the fry, the catfish leave the spawning grounds and return to their catfish photos

Catch this fish from the end of April andto August. It suits best at night. As bait, earthworms, leeches and frogs are suitable. With artificial lures on catfish do not usually go, they do not always get to get into the pit because of the current. Good assistants on fishing will be a quality and strong fishing rod, a rubber boat and podsachek, which will be able to pull the catch out of the water.

Somov, weighing up to 5 kg and after 20 kg, is usually released. Young individuals need to grow up, and very large individuals have reproductive value.

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