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Medicine has always been considered one of the most important areas of social welfare. In our country, representatives of this profession are treated with great respect, because everyone knows that it is the people in white coats that largely depend on the health of citizens.

In order to get the right to personal practice, any medic has to overcome a difficult way of learning. Only after acquiring in-depth knowledge and necessary experience, the beginning physician can establish a diagnosis, prescribe procedures and drugs, while simultaneously assuming full responsibility for the patient's state of health.

In connection with the specifics of the profession to medical education, it is customary to pay increased attention. Health care is one of those areas where, in addition to maintaining established traditions, innovation must also be encouraged.

The need for change in the health care system

Almost every day, the scientific community gives out new methods of treating diseases and develops unique formulas of drugs in order to more effectively cope with various kinds of diseases.

The knowledge provided by medical universities a couple of decades ago, can no longer form the necessary basis for a modern professional. The government understands this and is trying to modernize this area of ​​education, although it turns out with great difficulty.

Officials from the relevant ministry strive every year to introduce fundamental changes in the educational process of beginning medics, calling the current system obsolete and requiring global reform.

will there be an internship in 2019

Another reason to think about the qualitative changes in the health care system was the systematic complaints of citizens dissatisfied with the quality of medical care and the degree of training of young professionals.

As it became known from official sources, it is 2019 that will bring long-awaited changes in medicine. They will touch every link in the industry from education to reception and care of patients.

The most unexpected will be innovations in the segment of postgraduate education - internship. A widespread practice, without which a physician previously could not get the right to practice, may very soon go down in history.

Reasons for canceling an internship

The beginning of reforming the medical sphere was laid back in 2011, when a new federal education standard was approved at the government level. In accordance with this document, a phased modernization of the system of training of domestic health workers is assumed.

why the internship was canceled in 2019

If earlier in the years spent at the university, students studied mostly the theory of medical sciences, and practical skills were obtained during the internship, now the approach to this concept is changing dramatically.

According to the new standards, young people enrolled in a specialized university will acquire all the necessary knowledge, starting from the first course. This will be achieved by completely rebuilding the training system, making a bet, above all, on practice.

Scientific and research activities will now become an integral part of the educational process. Students will carry out practical exercises with real patients directly in their universities or urban medical institutions.

This is extremely important in terms of the formation of a high-class specialist who is able to most effectively implement the knowledge gained through direct contact with the patient.

Each such lesson will be held under the strict guidance of the teaching staff with a high professional and pedagogical level.

Stages of Internship Cancellation

in Russia canceled the internship

According to the government’s plan for reforming medical education, the cancellation of the internship will take place in three stages.

Students of dental and pharmaceutical specialties will be the first to fall under the innovation: they will be relieved from the need to complete postgraduate practice from the very beginning of autumn 2016.

The second in line will be pediatricians and therapists: their reform will affect in 2017. The final stage of the abolition of the internship will be the year 2018, and all the remaining specialists will fall under it.

These changes will not affect residency at all. This workshop is often confused with an internship, although their functions vary slightly.

Residency is needed, first of all, to narrow specialists, such as surgeons, neurologists, dermatologists or gynecologists.

Young doctors who have chosen this specialization will continue to prove their professional suitability for two years and only after the expiration of this period will they be able to receive a special certificate allowing them to practice independently.

Advantages of changes in the system of training doctors

Cancel the internship law

Such radical changes in the system of training medical specialists received rather ambiguous reviews. As it turned out, people were able to find in such an innovation both advantages and disadvantages, although it was positive at times more.

The main advantages of the changes are:

  • reduction of time for training a specialist (students can start working much earlier without losing time for additional education);
  • deliverance from staff shortages in medical institutions (since medical universities will more quickly train doctors, the labor market will quickly fill up);
  • increasing the level of knowledge of the young doctor (by relying on the practice, the university will be able to provide deeper knowledge to the student during classes).

By introducing such changes, the government will be able to simultaneously accelerate the release of ready-made medical personnel and improve its professional level, which is required by the national health care system.

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