Calendar with weekends and holidays in June 2019

With the onset of June, a calendar summer comes to us, which seems to mean warm weather and bright sunshine. This is not always the case, and besides, most adults do not have much time on working days to enjoy the gentle light and warmth. They can have a good time on the street only in the evening after work, on holidays or on weekends. How much will be the latest calendar prompts with weekends and holidays in June 2019.

Total number of days of work and rest in June 2019

June 2019The first summer month has a duration of 30 days. At the same time, the pronounced “slackness” of the month is noticeable - out of 30 calendar days only 19 fall on business dates. June quite successfully begins and ends with the weekend. The first number falls on a Saturday, and the final date falls on a Sunday. Total cumulatively goes 10 calendar days off with a standard work week of 5 days.

In addition, there is also 1 day off, formed due to a public holiday.For this reason, those who work on a standard schedule of 5 days, receive 11 days of rest out of 30. A shift schedule of 12 and 24 hours does not provide such advantages in most cases.

Number of working hours and professional holidays

Alarm clock on the tableHourly working hours are quite modest for a full month with 30 days. The classic work week with weekly work dates will be at 151 hours, taking into account the shortened day. A week with 36 working hours will result in 136 hours. When working daily, 90 working hours are expected, but their number may vary depending on the location of shifts at the beginning of the month. The same applies to people working on a 12-hour schedule.

Specifically, professional holidays are not a very large number, as happens in other months, although much depends on personal relationships. Some consider various international dates to be their holiday, while others only celebrate professional days. An example is the comparison of World Fisheries Day and Sailor's Day, celebrated on June 27 and 25, respectively. At the same time, a sailor may be a professional angler, therefore, he is actually related to both dates.On the other hand, the fishery festival is dedicated to the process itself, and not to people. Therefore, the list of specifically professional days below will be demolished only the days of "people".

The list is not very large:

  1. Date of workers in the textile and light industry - 1 number.
  2. Holiday at land reclamation - June 2.
  3. Environmentalists need to congratulate - June 5th.
  4. Brewers, furniture makers and social workers congratulate June 8.
  5. The holiday of professional bloggers falls on the 14th.
  6. The date of the workers of the migration service is the 14th.
  7. Day of the medical worker - on June 16.
  8. Mine-torpedo service specialists celebrate June 20th.
  9. Canine should be congratulated 21 numbers.
  10. Sailor's Day - June 25th.
  11. Holiday innovator and inventor - 29 number.
  12. The Day of the Security Service of the MIS of the Ministry of Justice is the 30th.

Modern trends are firmly established in our lives, there was even a professional holiday blogger. However, this is not the strangest date of the month. Many people in the street are not aware that the day after “World Blogger Day” is “International Day of the Wind”. Calendar is June 15th.

The date dedicated to the wind is not the only celebration of nature. Do not forget about the day of ecologists,and also about the World Day of the Oceans, the Day of the Establishment of the Plant Quarantine Service, the International Day for the Fight against Drought and Desertification and the Day of the Protection of Elephants in Zoos

Also in June there are also such dates:

  1. World Day of the donor.
  2. Day underground and partisans.
  3. International Day of Refugees.
  4. Russian crowdfunding day.
  5. World day of the African child.
  6. International Day Against Child Labor.

These are not all significant days of June. In the 30-day month holds almost 50 different dates and professional holidays. And if the same “Day of Milk”, celebrated on the 1 st, excites very few people, then the “Day of Youth” is significant even for adults. According to the calendar of holidays and weekends in June 2019, the “youth date” legally takes the 27th.

Festive dates, shortened days and transfers

Russia DayThe only official holiday date in June will be “The Day of Russia”, celebrated on the 12th. The date falls on Wednesday, which does not imply a transfer. With high probability, the day off will be presented on this date. From other months to June 2019, the weekend will not be postponed.

Regarding the shortened days, this is legally the date before the holiday.On Tuesday, June 11, employers should organize a short working day, but in practice this does not always happen. Knowledge of a shorter working day is needed for those who work in an organization that strictly enforces the Labor Code.

The remaining bonuses the first month of summer does not offer. The calendar with weekends and holidays in June 2019 contains an important date for the Russians, and the population gets the opportunity to relax on this day. The remaining dates are without official holidays, but the holiday can be celebrated after work. Especially pleasant for all parents should be the first day of the month - June 1. On this date, the International Children's Day is celebrated, giving a fiery energy for the whole summer, although we should not forget that June 1 and the World Parents Day.

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