Calendar of KHL games in 2017

Hockey fans are eagerly awaiting the start of a nearly a year-long ice battle, the start of which will happen very soon, in August of this year. After all, in the last summer month, famous ice hockey clubs will meet in the arenas of Russia, the CIS and even the states of the European Union.

At the same time, fans have a special interest in the KHL 2016-2017 standings. What will the calendar of games be like? Will regional teams be able to beat Moscow teams? Will the Canadian Cup affect the functional status of hockey players?

Will Moscow CSKA win the tournament for the Gagarin Cup? The answers to these questions will be known very soon, but for now we offer you to get acquainted with the innovations in the game calendar and in the 2016-2017 season as a whole, in this article.

Game calendar season 2016-2017

Tournament KHL 2016-2017will be the ninth championship of the KHL. The annual tournament will start on August 22 of this year and will last until February 18 of the next year.

The game calendar will include short breaks for the European Championships with the participation of the Russian team - from 10.29.2016-06.11.2016, from 10.12.2016 - 12.12.2016, from 4.02.2016 - 12.02.2016.Interestingly, the World Cup, which will be played in Canada in September of this year, will not interrupt the 2016-2017 ice hockey season.

CHL 2016 2017 schedule

The series of play-off meetings will take place according to a pattern similar to last season and will end no later than April 20 - 14 days before the start of the World Cup 2017, the battles of which will take place in France and Germany 1/4, 1/2 and the final meeting will occur within the conferences , and the champions of "East" and "West" will play in the final match, where they will fight for the main award. Game series pass up to four wins.

Twenty-eight clubs participated in the tournament last season, of which six foreign teams represent Latvia, Finland, Belarus, Croatia, Slovakia, and Kazakhstan. At the moment, no team has yet faced the problem of financing, in connection with which someone may not get into the season.

One, at the end of last year's tournament, the debtors still have, and if the teams do not extinguish them within a certain time frame, they will be excluded from participation in the 2016-2017 season.

“There have been no great changes. Dates are shifted by one to two days. The nice thing isthat a fairly clear structure has been established in the league, which is perfectly supported by the “Federation” - the Olympic champion Valery Kamensky, the winner of the Stanley Cup, gave his comments on the new calendar.

New teams

Chl season 2016 2017

Disputes about the expansion of the KHL 2016-2017 are becoming more “acute”. Since the project in question has given its results and due to its success, it is gaining popularity every year, being an alternative to the National Hockey League, it is quite logical that most teams are interested in joining this tournament.

The new season is likely to please fans not only with the most interesting battles of clubs with a lot of goals scored, but also with new teams from different countries of the Eurasian continent.

In the upcoming season, the hockey team from China may appear in the list of teams, information about this was previously said by Dmitry Chernyshenko (KHL President), as well as René Fasel (head of IIHF).

Two months ago, it was said that the KHL and the Russian Hockey Federation approved a relationship document with the Beijing Red Star Kunlun HC, on the basis of which the team from the Middle Kingdom can participate in the 2016-2017 season of the KHL championship, the final decision will be reviewed and taken in July of this year.

In addition, data about the Kraus team from Sweden, which premiered at the end of April in Stockholm, appeared recently in the KHL. But this was opposed by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, without whose consent the KHL has no right to arrange a tournament meeting in Sweden.

With a smaller share of probability we can talk about participation in the new season of the Czech HC “Slavia”. The famous team, in which matches more than 4,000 loyal fans constantly came in, dropped in its class, mostly due to financial difficulties.

khl schedule

Also, the leadership of the KHL said that it is studying in detail the applications of teams from Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, as well as two other Chinese teams, but this does not apply to the 2016-2017 season. In any case, as the president of the KHL said, the number of participants in the league will not be more than thirty teams, and if there are anyone who wants to go above this figure, then the outsider clubs can be transferred to lower leagues.

Farm league

At the end of last year it was told about the debut of the KHL Farm League - KhPL (Hockey Premier League), in which the farm - teams of KHL teams participating in the VHL would participate. And in March of the current year, on the KHL Board of Directors, even the main points of organizing the tournament among the farm - clubs of the 2016-2017 season were stated.

But quite recently, at a conference with the leading staff of the Russian Hockey Federation (Hockey Federation of Russia), VHL, KHL and the first persons of hockey teams, it was decided not to organize the HPL tournament and not to give birth to a new league. The second teams of clubs KHL will continue to participate in the VHL, for organizing the championship, which will be responsible FHR.

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