Buy a new loader

There are a number of arguments in favor of a new purchase of a forklift: for example, all equipment and requirements for customer specifications can be taken into account and implemented in a completely new widescreen forklift on The device from a reputable manufacturer also ensures that it is a mature and proven technology that not only works reliably, but also significantly improves performance.

In addition, there is a statutory warranty on a new forklift, as well as on any other new device and usually also a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty, so there is a high investment safety. However, a new purchase of a forklift is also the most expensive purchase option. Depending on performance, equipment and model, investments can easily increase in five to sixfold areas.

For this reason, many manufacturers offer not only a purchase option, but also other financing options, such as leasing or long-term rental. These models are particularly suitable for companieswho want to use the truck for a longer period of time (usually five years or more) and are often used to finance full forklift trucks.

However, regardless of the exact mode of financing, you should always compare offers from different retailers, as this can often provide significant savings potential. Especially easy and convenient is an independent comparison of offers on, where you can get up to three different offers for suitable forklift trucks and other trucks from dealers in your area. All you have to do is write down the key data about your desired forklift, and in just a few days you will receive offers by mail, conveniently and without any obligations. Thus, you can save up to 30 percent on a new loader compared to the regular price.

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