Burime is ... What is a literary game

Burimee is a term meaning in translation fromFrench "rhymed ends" (bouts rimes). From this we can conclude that the burim means at least the ability to compose verses and the possession of certain information.

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Salonage game

However, the ability to compose verses is calledpoetic gift. Hence, there are some differences between these concepts. Firstly, Burimee is a literary game, implying the ability of participants to rhyme on a given topic and in a limited time. It is desirable, of course, that the resulting poem had a meaning, or better yet, it was witty or at least funny. Since the ability to rhyme is not given to everyone, we can conclude that people involved in this game, at least gifted. And given the fact that this fun came to Russia in the 17th-18th centuries, like everything that came at that time, from France, and our country was at that time a fortress, it is clear that the storm is an occupation of aristocrats, anyway, at the time. Secondly, the storm is not considered to be literature in the full sense of the word. The works of the Burimists do not remain descendants (with rare exceptions).

Gifted and well-educated

what is borima

This game involved people gifted and beautifuleducated, and it was a hobby, allowing to flash with its eccentricity. Moreover, Burim does not require the receipt in the end imperishable works or deep philosophical thoughts. Therefore, the descendants are little familiar with the classics of the Burima, although they were talented poets such as D. D. Minaev. He is known mainly as a brilliant interpreter of Dante and Schiller, and the fact that he was a brilliant satirist, master of the pun, and contemporaries considered him "the king of rhyme," only specialists know. More people know that Pushkin could have made a storm, but he was a genius in the highest sense of the word, and he had a poetic gift, and he was brilliantly educated.

Burime - in the masses

Alexander Dumas published in 1864 a collection of burime360 authors who responded to the contest announced by him. But, again, few know about this. In the XIX century, this genre was so popular that the masters of burim made concerts. Meetings with listeners could be built on the principle of blitz-answers to questions, but a poem on a certain topic could also be asked. At the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century in Russia, Burim stepped out of the salons into the broad masses and competed with sports. This is to the fact that our country was not dark and downtrodden - in the yards along with lotto and dominoes were amused by the storm.

A completely new genre

It should be noted that in our time this termhas acquired a new color - appeared movie-borima. This is such a way of making films, when several directors are given the task to create a film for a given short key moment. In 2014 there was such a film - "Games in the Dark", which has reviews most enthusiastic, including members of the jury of the film festival "Kinotavr".

drill examples

In his production, 20 young directors took part, and in the formation of the plot - Internet viewers. The experiment was more than successful. His genre is thriller and drama.

A rare gift

So what is a storm? God's gift, literary game, a certain method, or something else? Burime differs from poetry in the first place by the fact that true poetry is inextricably linked with inspiration, and in most cases is not created by order. With the storm everything is vice versa - the availability of an order is the main condition, the time frame too. The difference is so strong that this gift is often called rhyme. Anyway, the ability to compose poetry, and even more so on the given topics - the ability is rare, causing deserved respect. One can not give a monosyllabic answer to the question "What is a Burime?". Because this is the name of the contest in the popular KVN game. In our time, the storm becomes many-sided.

burime poems

A popular occupation in our time

Dozens of magazines hold contests, assignmentscan be on any topic. For example, "From smoke to fire". The best answer is: "Smoke - we burn, burn - lanterns, lanterns - horses, horses - fire". You can bring examples in the burim examples and other, classic, when given a rhyme, say "chair - dough, quiche pie", and the author requires a verse that takes rhymes, but narrative and meaningful, like this: "I moved the chair, , stuffed inward cottage cheese - a delicious pie should be. " In this short example, burima poems flow freely. And then, it's a short story. Clearly imagine this story with the preparation of a pie.

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