Books of the year 2019

If parents want to raise a competent, intelligent person from their child, they are obliged to introduce him to reading, to show that reading is a pleasant and fascinating activity. It is just necessary for the adults themselves to show an example of the love of reading and offer the child such books that he would read with pleasure. Each person should have his own “golden” shelf of books - favorite books, which I want to return to quite often. Let's see what will be on display at libraries next year? These are the books of the anniversary of 2019.


What is classic literature?

In the general sense of the classic is called literature, past the test of time. Here we will see heroes characteristic of their time with their eternal questions “who is to blame?” And “what to do?”

Books of the year 2019

These are works in which human problems are raised:

  • love and hate
  • good and evil happiness
  • relationship to death
  • patriotism and many others.

In these books are offered and ways to overcome complex problems, ways out of the impasse.Classical literature teaches to live according to conscience, to help others, to love your homeland and the people around you.

I do not like the classics ...

Often in schools from students can hear the phrase: "I do not like the classics." What is behind these words?

  1. Low interest of modern adolescents to the problems of people of past centuries.
  2. The language of the 19th century is quite different from the modern, saturated with Internet words, slang, foreign language forms.
  3. Interest in reading in general and in particular in reading fiction has decreased due to the dominance of modern gadgets that can reproduce the book in a truncated version (the so-called brief retelling).
  4. The cinema has stepped so far ahead with its special effects that it is much more interesting and easier for adults and adults to watch a movie based on a book in high quality.
  5. Poor quality presentation of literary material at school in the classroom discourages children from reading truly interesting and important for the formation of the personality of books.

Thus, the problem exists and it must be solved. Or maybe just need to update the list of references proposed for study in school. It is the 21st century, and children should read, including modern authors, raising problems that are understandable to the Pepsi generation ...

Reading in Russia

And yet they read in Russia! Just look at the list of the most reading countries. And it looks like this:

The name of the country % of readers
1 China 70%
2 Russia 59%
3 Spain 57%
4 Italy 56%
5 United Kingdom 56%
6 USA 55%
7 Argentina 53%
8 Brazil 53%
9 Mexico 52%
10 Canada 51%

As a percentage, respondents are presented who read frequently: every day or once a week. And it pleases!

Monuments of literature

The library is the place where people really pay homage to anniversary books. Here you can find both children's books and books for adults, Soviet and Russian literature, as well as works by foreign authors. Employees of book storages by months paint a work plan dedicated to one or another book.

For libraries, complete lists of anniversary writers and anniversary books of the current year are compiled and published.

Let's list the book monuments that are firmly included in our life and settled on many of the "golden" shelves. These books will celebrate their anniversaries in 2019:

Russian authors:

  • 80 years old - Bazhov PP "Malachite Box" (1939)
  • 50 years - Vasiliev B.L. "And the dawns here are quiet ..." (1969)
  • 80 years old - Volkov A.M. The Wizard of the Emerald City (1939)
  • 80 years old - Gaidar A.P. "The fate of the drummer" (1939)
  • 160 years - Goncharov I.A. Oblomov (1859)
  • 195 years old - Griboedov A.S. “Woe from Wit” (1824)
  • 175 years - Dumas A. "The Three Musketeers" (1844)
  • 185 years old - Ershov PP The Little Humpbacked Horse (1834)
  • 75 years old - Kaverin V.A. Two Captains (1944)
  • 65 years old - Nosov N.N. "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends" (1954)
  • 70 years old - Ozhegov S.I. "Dictionary of the Russian language" (1949)
  • 95 years old - Olesha Yu.K. "Three Fat Men" (1924)
  • 160 years old - Ostrovsky A.N. The Thunderstorm (1859)
  • 85 years old - Ostrovsky N.A. "How the steel was tempered" (1934)
  • 190 years old - Pogorelsky A. "Black chicken, or Underground inhabitants" (1829)
  • 185 years old - Pushkin A.S. The Tale of the Golden Cockerel (1834)
  • 60 years old - Simonov KM The Living and the Dead (1959)
  • 160 years - Turgenev I.S. The Noble Nest (1859)
  • 165 years old - Turgenev I.S. Mumu (1854)
  • 80 years old - Fraerman R.I. Wild Dog Dingo, or the Tale of the First Love (1939)
  • 120 years - Chekhov A.P. "Lady with a dog" (1899)
  • 90 years old - Chukovsky KI Aibolit (1929)

Books of the year 2019 for libraries. Full list

Foreign authors:

  • 175 years - Andersen H.K. The Snow Queen (1844)
  • 235 years old - P. Beaumarchais. The Marriage of Figaro (1784)
  • 150 Years - Vern J. “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (1869)
  • 245 years old - Goethe I.V. "The Suffering of the Young Werther" (1774)
  • 200 years old - Hoffman E.T.A. "Little Tsakhes" Zinnober "(1819)
  • 150 years - Hugo V. “The Man Who Laughs” (1869)
  • 300 Years - Defoe D. The Life and Amazing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe "(1719)
  • 145 years old - Giovagnoli R. "Spartak" (1874)
  • 125 years old - Kipling RDThe Jungle Book (Mowgli) (1894)
  • 350 years - Moliere J.-B. Tartuffe (1669)
  • 90 years - Remark E.M. "On the Western Front without Change" (1929)
  • 100 years - Reed D. "10 days that shook the world" (1919)
  • 135 Years - M. Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884)
  • 85 years old - Travers P. "Mary Poppins" (1934)
  • 90 years old - Hemingway E.

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