Bond 25 - the 2019 film

  • World premiere:8.11.2019
  • Original name:"Bond 25"
  • Country of Origin:United Kingdom, United States;
  • Genre:thriller, thriller, adventure;
  • Producer:undefined;
  • Cast:Daniel Craig, Ben Wishaw, Naomi Harris, Rory Kinnear.

Intrigue intrigue - who will be the director

The main intrigue of the new series of the Bond 25 franchise, scheduled for 2019, is who will be the director. The list of main candidates is known, including the following directors:

  • Yann Demange;
  • David McKenzie;
  • Denis Villeneuve.

In addition, Christopher Nolan announced his desire to work on the film. For several years, the director has been in constant contact with the producers of the film, as he told in an interview for Playboy. According to sources related to the studio Pinewood, the start of filming is scheduled for March 2018. The refusal to the producers of the project, Denis Villeneuve, who is engaged in filming the continuation of the film Dunes, has already answered. The leading weekly from the USA “Variety”, which covers life in show business, read the role of the favorite French director Jan Demange.

Daniel Craig

Where will shoot

There is a lack of clarity with the choice of the studio where it is planned to organize the shooting. Traditionally, this was entrusted to Sony, but they did not extend the contract agreement with them and are now considering a wide range of candidates:

  • Warner Bros;
  • Universal;
  • Fox;
  • Annapurna.

Information received from insiders indicates that a consortium of companies will deal with the release of the film:

  • MGM;
  • EON Productions;
  • Sony.

Fox will release a DVD version of the picture. Take pictures will be in Ireland.

Who will be the villain is unknown

The release of the movie Bond 25 in 2019 will take place without the main villain of the previous series. Christoph Waltz said that according to the established tradition, he will leave the filming of the franchise. In an interview with the Italian online edition of Talky Movies, the actor expressed regret that he had no place in the composition. The situation is caused by existing traditions concerning the fate of villains in Bond films. It is envisaged that in the next series there will appear another antihero who plans to conquer or destroy the planet. The villain must be accompanied by weird minions who spoil the life of 007.

The second tradition appeared by chance and leads its story from the painting “From Russia with Love”. It concerns the character of Ernst Blofeld, played in each new series by a new actor. Since 1963, this role has been played by 11 people, including Christoph Waltz, who appeared in the film “007: SPECTR”. Many expected that the confrontation of Blofeld in the face of Waltz and Bond in the performance of Craig will continue. However, the actor assured that he could not play in the film for objective reasons.

Christopher Waltz

The plot of the film "Bond 25"

Known not only release date, but also a fascinating story of a new film. The publication of Page Six, referring to sources close to the film crew, sends the main character to resign. James Bond marries, but his family happiness will not be long because his wife is brutally murdered. The character is forced to return to the performance of their previous duties. Bond's main goal is revenge. Become the wife of 007, albeit briefly, lucky actress Leia Seydoux, performing the role of Madeleine Swann, the former beloved of James in the previous film. Informed sources state that the film will be close in plot to the “Hostage” film.

Is a movie possible without Craig

Craig's announced participation in the film is still not guaranteed.An actor in one of the TV shows said he agreed to the shooting, but this will be his last participation in the project. The producers, according to rumors, had to ask for help from Craig's wife Rachel Weiss, who had an impact on her husband, who at the end of the horse gave his consent to participate in the filming. However, the official confirmation of the participation of Craig in the film has not yet been received.

Craig expressed the hope that "Bond 25" will be the last movie of the franchise, after which the project will be closed forever. One of the actor's wishes was the return of Monica Bellucci, who played with him in the film “007: Spectrum”. The entire list of actors in the Bond 25 film, which is scheduled for release in 2019, is still unknown.

Music in the film

The film will not do without the main song, which Adele will again create. The singer worked in picture 007: The coordinates of Skyfall, where she sang "Skyfall". The singer was awarded for this several prestigious awards:

  • Brit Awards;
  • Oscar;
  • The Grammys.

Singer Adele

Interesting moments

The technical equipment of the painting will be in the style of Ilon Musk, the head of SpaceX. Producers believe that Bond must use the most modern technology. Therefore, we should expect airplanes and ships turning into cars and cars with the function of a submarine.

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