2017 year of the rooster

BMW is preparing to produce a 1-series sedan 2017 model year

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

The famous Bavarian manufacturer presented a conceptual version of its brand new compact car in Guangzhou at the motor show. The management of BMW is confident that this segment will appeal to both in the Middle Kingdom and the world market.

The plans for the creation of this model, BMW first revealed in the 2012th year. Presumably, the BMW Compact Sedan will be a serious competition to the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA.

The company itself describes the novelty as “an oversized model with comfortable spacious interiors and sporting data that reveal the full potential of a sedan.”

Serial sedan will be calledBMW 1-series 2017and will be developed on the UKL2 platform with a front-wheel drive system, on which the Mini Clubman and Series Active Tourer were also created, to which the X1 crossover recently moved.

Exterior and interior model

BMW 2017 sedan photo

When developing a conceptual version of the car, the designers of the Bavarian brand did their best to create a luxurious prototype of a 1-series sedan with an aggressive, courageous exterior and a tempered sporty character.

The recently introduced concept shows that the front of the body has acquired a brand-name radiator grille, headlights are made of LEDs, the massive front bumper has original air intakes.

The profile part of the model is characterized by huge wheel arches with 20-inch alloy wheels, a dome-shaped roof and original fins on the doors. A separate delight on the conceptual version of the car is caused by rear-view mirrors on thin horizontal holders and concealed door handles.

New BMW 1-series sedan

Of course, there will not be such impressive door handles and mirrors on the production model, the wheels for the wheels will be a bit more modest, but overall the exterior design will be very attractive.

Fresh pictures of the model are tightly camouflaged and do not allow us to make a full comparison with the concept, but you can see that the BMW 1-series will be made in the classic style of cars of this manufacturer. According to the photographers who managed to capture the novelty, the model is slightly smaller than the existing BMW 3-series. The luggage compartment lid immediately catches the eye, which is much higher in relation to the hood.

Car 2017

Peering into the car's interior, an 8.8 - inch display of a modern multimedia complex, an original dashboard illumination, and leather trim are immediately apparent. In the new generation of BMW 1-series, the space inside the car will become more.

Specifications of BMW 1-series 2017

The basis for the novelty is the front-wheel drive system. This was achieved thanks to the new UKL architecture on which the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer 2016 was built, as well as the MINI Cooper Hardtop 2014.

The decision to use it caused a lot of disagreement, but the example with the main competitors of the car - the front-wheel-drive Mercedes CLA and Audi A3 - proves the entire success of the plan. The manufacturer said that this architecture will be used on seven different cars, which will be presented very soon.

Car 2017

The line of power units should be similar to the model of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer - four-cylinder and three-cylinder versions, equipped with a turbocharger. The top grade BMW 1-series should be equipped with an engine that is mounted in the model 225i. This power unit due to its turbocharged four-cylinder engine will develop a peak power of 231 hp.

There is information that besides the front drive the car will be equipped with all-wheel drive. Immediately after the launch of the BMW 1-series mass production, an M-version should be expected. According to preliminary information, a 300-strong four-cylinder engine will also be available for this novelty.

new cars BMW 2017

It must be said that the UKL platform from BMW is very flexible. Thus, there is information that the car can get a six-cylinder engine. But this is only speculation. If a similar version of the model appears, then you should not expect that the modification will be called M1. Most likely, marketers will come up with a more effective name for it.

Considering that the engines and the platform are sufficiently tested on other models of the manufacturer, the main reason for postponing the start-up into mass production is the need for modifications to the front-wheel drive habits.

In comfortable driving conditions, the xDrive function sends all the torque to the front pair of wheels, but if they slip, the electronic system redirects the power flow to the rear wheel pair. The advantages of such a system are driving pleasure and perfected handling associated with rear wheel drive.

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