Blue light 2019

The review prepared by our media guides will help you to get acquainted with the history of the legendary program, as well as learn about the surprises that the “Blue Light 2019” prepares for domestic TV viewers.


How did the story "Spark" begin?

New Year residents in most countries are associated with the Christmas tree flavor, family feast and the clinking of glasses for festive toasts. However, the citizens of Russia, there is another integral component of this wonderful celebration - the beloved program of all "Blue Light".

The program debuted on Soviet television in the distant 1962 year. Initially, the Blue Light issues appeared on the screens weekly, and a little later they began to be released only on holidays, namely, on March 8, May 1 and New Year's Eve.

Blue light 2019

Millions of Soviet TV viewers liked the program not only for the “star” line-up of its participants, but also for the innovative for that time format, which was a staged concert movie with a lot of combined footage and original special effects.

During its existence, not only the brightest celebrities in the person of film actors, television presenters and public figures, but also the foremost workers, outstanding athletes and cultural figures visited the “Ogonyok” party.

In 1986, some changes occurred in the format of the favorite show. Starting from 1987, filming of “Blue Flame” was started in various places of the capital - in the Ostankino concert studio, the Kolomenskoye Museum-Preserve, the Arbat restaurant and many other significant places in the capital.

Over the years, the first cosmonaut of the USSR, Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Leontyeva, Nikolai Karachentsov, Alla Pugacheva, and other popular theater and film figures took part in the program as special guests. Mark Novitsky, Angelina Vovk, Yuri Nikolaev, Alexander Shirvindt and Mikhail Derzhavin tried on the role of the presenters.

As for the current realities, the baton of the famous TV show was picked up by the “Blue Light on Shabolovka”. A "revived" the popular TV channel "Russia 1" familiar to the Russian audience. In particular, the authors of the idea retained the rating version of the broadcast - a New Year's concert with congratulations and brilliant humor of the presenters.Currently, the live broadcast of the program is available for viewing on New Year’s “First” central television channel.

Curiosities and rumors of the “Blue Flame”

Also noteworthy is the fact that large-scale scandals flared up around the popular project. One of them "broke out" in the 2017th year. The fact is that the filming of the next issue took place as part of a stylized "reality show" in which Alla Pugacheva introduced viewers and program participants to members of her family. This format immediately provoked a storm of indignation from the Russian television audience, which regarded it as the seizure of the New Year's air by a “clan” of entertainers, “close” to a diva.

The main battlefield with the pop mafia has become social networks. Many popular bloggers, supported by thousands of Internet subscribers, opposed the program. As a result, the people's petition caused a wide response in the media and on Channel One, whose management decided to return the Spark to the former, more “democratic” channel, updating the list of invited guests.

In addition, a vote was announced among the viewers of the channel, which resulted in the determination of the full list of participants of the “Spark” of 2018.After an accurate counting of votes, the leaders of the national rating are: Grigory Leps, Nargiz, Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina, Svetlana Loboba, Leningrad, Hands Up, as well as Artik & Asti music projects and singer Alekseeva.

Christmas program 2019

What will be the New Year program and the composition of the participants of the “Blue Flame” of 2019 is still unknown; however, according to the organizers, the audience of the “First” channel will have many pleasant surprises. Given the previous issues of the program, it is unlikely to go without the “regulars” - Nikolai Baskov, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. In addition to them, Stas Mikhailov, Polina Gagarina, Zara, Soso Pavliashvili, Vera Brezhneva, A-Studio, Stas Pieha, Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum will take part in the program with high probability. It is possible that the main hosts of the evening will once again become a humorous duet in the person of Yuri Galtsev and Maxim Galkin.

Blue light 2019

According to unofficial information, participants in the popular project “Comedy-Vumen” - Dmitry Khrustalev, Natalya Medvedeva and two Catherine -Varnav and Skulkina - will appear in the program “Spark 2019”.

How to get to the "Blue Light" 2019?

Taking into account the tight New Year's schedule of domestic artists, it is easy to assume that the next edition of “Spark” will be shown not in the live broadcast, but in the recording. Filming of the program will be fragmentary, and the main advantage of this format is that even ordinary viewers of the First Channel will be able to participate in the program.

The list of applicants for shooting in the crowd can be reached by passing the qualifying casting, which will be announced on the following resources:


As a rule, the shooting of the “Blue light” takes place from December 12 to December 20 of each year. Therefore, in order not to miss the chance to take part in the New Year broadcast of the First Channel, it is necessary to postpone all your affairs in advance and adjust the working calendar for this period.

Recall that the broadcast "Spark" will begin on December 31, 2018 at 22:00 Moscow time. You can watch online all episodes of the program on the official website of the “First” or on the video hosting site

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