Blinds on the windows: tips on choosing

Rolled curtains today are gaining enormous popularity and popularity, in their appearance they are quite similar to blinds. Roller blinds are very practical, easy to use at home, they serve a long period of time without requiring special care.

The transparency of roller blinds is selected depending on the location of the windows in the house relative to the sun and on the individual preferences of the person.

It is sometimes quite difficult to choose rolled curtains correctly. However, if you decide for what purpose they are purchased, the purchase will turn into a fascinating event.

The following factors influence the correct choice of roller blinds:

  • colors of furniture;
  • small details of home interior;
  • features of the walls (texture, color);
  • the size of the room;
  • room illumination;
  • the size and color of plastic windows;
  • room style.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds mechanism

The mechanism of roller blinds on the windows is arranged in such a waywhich allows them to effortlessly and comfortably fold themselves with little effort. Depending on the size of the window, the diameter of the shaft can be from 1.9 cm to 4.5 cm. Thanks to folding into small rolls, they do not take up much space, are compact, and do not catch the eye.

roller blind curtains

Roller blinds can be placed both in the window opening and overlapped on the wall. In order to select the desired size of curtains in the window opening, you will need to measure the width and height of the glass of plastic windows with millimeter accuracy. If the plastic windows are not perfectly smooth, it is better to fix the blinds using the overlap method. To do this, you will need to measure the window, a minimum of 20 cm is added to the resulting height, plus 10 cm wide.

Fabric blinds and rolling curtains consist of a simple construction, the main elements of which are fabric and a shaft designed for winding curtains. Such a device allows you to conveniently control the curtains, depending on the time of day and your own preferences.

The following types of curtains are currently known:

  • open type. This type and design of curtains is considered the simplest, because they consist only of fabric and a twisting shaft.At the bottom of the curtains there is a small strip that allows the fabric to better lie down and hang down;
  • closed type.In this case, the shaft is limited to a special box, which allows much more accurate to close plastic windows. The principle of their operation is no different from the previous type.

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