Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable

Finally, the repair in the bathroom ended. The tile shines, the new plumbing eye pleases, and the bath so draws to itself. And so you want to keep such beauty for a long time.Curtains for bath.Unfortunately, increased moisture, constant contactwith water and detergents significantly reduce the life of any things and make them less attractive. But small female tricks always help and to ease the work, and keep the cleanliness with comfort.

Let's start with the bathroom. Regardless of the size of your washroom, the location of the shower and how you are accustomed to using water, you can not do without a curtain for a bath. If you still doubt its necessity, I will describe to you some good options. And your doubts just evaporate, like all the droplets of water sprayed to the floor.Bath screens. Glass.

First, the curtain for the bathroom should beis practical. It must reliably protect the room from water, splashes and unnecessary stains. Therefore, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to supply a corresponding set of glass with a bathtub. This option is very practical and easy to use. And the curtain for the bathroom, the glass of which is also beautifully decorated, will even become a subject of praise for your household and guests. But quality things are quite expensive. In addition, not always this design is appropriate in small apartments or is possible by design and location of the bath itself. For small rooms it is worthwhile to think of a different solution.

Curtains for bath.Therefore, in the second place, the curtain for the bath mustIdeal for your interior. In the case of suspended curtains, you will have an inexhaustible field for fantasies and opportunities. And in order to maintain practicality, the bath curtain must be of good waterproof material and of an optimal length. This is a little more detailed.

In order that the water from the curtain does not drain to the floor,creating in some households just puddles near the bathroom, the edges should be lowered into the bath itself. This is much more important than the rest of the time, if the bathroom is used mainly as a shower or for children who are so fond of splashing and splashing. But if there are no such needs, and in most cases the toilet room is used for its direct purpose, then the curtain can be given a more decorative and solid appearance.Curtains for bath. Mounts.

Thirdly, the curtain for the bathroom should bebeautiful, reflect your taste and give a good mood. If you have the opportunity, imagination and desire, then you can do it yourself. Give your bath a uniqueness, originality and pretentiousness. There is nothing complicated in this, and all the necessary accessories can often be found in building stores. First, we select options for fastening: for permanent use, the most practical are the rings, but there are other options, as in the case of attaching conventional curtains.Curtains for bath.Now, having a suitable fabric, we process itedges, so they do not dissolve. And on the one hand along the length we bend a wide strip and adapt to the chosen type of fastening. From a dense fabric you can also sew straps of the same width and use them as a fastener. It's beautiful, and practical. The curtain is ready for the bathroom, but now you need to decorate it with unique, magnificent elements. This can be appliqués on fabrics, volumetric large embroidery, fringes and patches, colorful and monochromatic elements. In a word everything that your imagination is capable of. You can adapt to your product any decor you like. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Curtains for bath.And the last interesting moment. Often, in the current conditions, everyone wants to save money in everything, not clinging at the same time to a high aesthetic taste. Well, if the bathroom fits between the two walls, then attach the bar to the curtains will not be difficult.Curtains for bath.But if you only have two walls, then readyThe basis for the curtain and pick up is more difficult, and it costs an order of magnitude more. But even here there are skilled craftsmen who make fasteners from improvised tools and metal-plastic pipes. A little imagination and decor, golden or silver paint - and you have a wonderful bar for curtains with trim. The most important thing is that your work is liked by you. In addition, for whom you are still arranging your bathroom, how not for yourself and your family.

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Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable Blind for the bathroom - to be nice and comfortable