Bedroom in the house

The bedroom is the most intimate person in the whole house. Its interior when a person wakes up gives a certain psycho-emotional attitude for the whole next day. In addition to design, the microclimate is important in the bedroom. To maintain a comfortable temperature, automation is perfectly suited, which will maintain the desired temperature and humidity. Scientists have long proved that the temperature in the bedroom plays a significant role for a comfortable sleep.

The bedroom has always been a place for the restoration of human vitality, and therefore with a constant increase in emotional and physical stress on the modern person, special demands are made on it in order to create an environment of comfort and coziness. It is worth noting, under the fabric walls of the bedroom fit curtains and vertical blinds. Different colors and textures of vertical blinds, a variety of materials will help to create an elegant and complete look of the overall design. Vertical blinds are easy to install, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

The empty bedroom, like most rooms in the house, we first of all perceive by area.But it should be noted that a well-planned bedroom is not so much a big room (which is, of course, very good), as with the correct proportions.

The modern market offers a huge selection of bedroom furniture, when, with appropriate financial capabilities, you can satisfy almost any desire. But even in the case when much is available, the feeling of harmony, style, comfort should not change you.

The bed in the bedroom should be placed at a distance of 75 cm from the window, if the house is equipped with water heating and batteries are installed under the windows. When placing the bed should also take into account another important nuance: if you live in cold areas of the country, then this type of furniture should not be placed on the north side.

Furniture in the bedroom - an important stage of its design. The central piece of furniture is a bed.

The modern way of placing the bed is basically a perpendicular position with respect to the long wall of the room. If the bedroom is located next to the bathroom, the furniture (cabinets) placed along the corresponding adjacent wall can perform a soundproofing function well.

Wardrobes for modern bedrooms are mostly represented by wardrobes, which has a clear practical orientation. In the presence of such furnishings, the life of the hostess is greatly simplified, since all things are in one place and there is a definite niche for everything.

The optimal distance between the bed and the closets is 70-75 cm, which will allow you to comfortably approach the closet with the door open. At the head of the bed it is recommended for practical reasons to put bedside tables for storing small items needed in the bedroom: an alarm clock, mobile phone, book and other things. One of these cabinets can be supplemented with a mirror and play the role of a dressing table.

If the dimensions of the bedroom allow, then you can put a chair with a floor lamp, thus equipping an additional recreation area, isolated from the common place of leisure.

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