Bedroom design: choose your

In order for the interior of the bedroom to contribute to a pleasant rest and healthy sleep, which upon waking gave a feeling of lightness and peace of mind, you should choose the right design of the bedroom.

Bedroom design in pastel colors

Most scientists are unanimous in their opinion that the pastel gamut promotes relaxation and rest of the human brain. It has a positive effect on health, eliminates the tension accumulated during the day, relieves eye fatigue. However, the interior of the bedroom room does not have to be monotonous. Pastel colors are perfectly combined with other, more saturated colors that serve to dilute them. But it should be the dominant beige because it is considered a neutral color that does not cause cold and warm sensations and associations. Pastel colors has some drawbacks:
  • most people consider him boring
  • on the light, all the dirt and dust are immediately visible - you will often have to do the cleaning.

Lilac bedroom design

Lilac - this is one of the most feminine shades, provided that the interior design of the bedroom is not decorated in dark lilac, but in its delicate shades. After all, it is proved that purple looks gloomy, depressing, creates a feeling of hopelessness, contributes to sadness. Today’s fashionable option is a bedroom, the design of which combines soft lilac and white, creates a feeling of weightlessness and airiness. This color with a light beige looks no less advantageous. The walls and the bedroom suite can be light lilac, and everything else is beige.

Green bedroom interior

Despite the fact that the green color is considered invigorating, the interior / design of the bedroom in its shades looks elegant. Bright emerald, lime, lime or mint walls in the bedroom will help you wake up quickly in the morning. Lovers of meditation and relaxing procedures will like to relax in a room whose interior is decorated in soft pistachio hues combined with marsh. It evokes a feeling of serenity.

Blue bedroom interior design

If you like clear sky, azure sea, relaxing holiday, think and dream in silence, your choice is the bedroom, the interior and design of which are decorated in soft blue tones. Psychologists recommend creating such an environment in order to fight depression. It does not bother, does not hurt the eyes, but drives away sad thoughts and gives hope for the best. By applying shades of different saturation, you can achieve a certain effect:
  • soft blue visually enhances the interiors of bedrooms;
  • Cornflower and turquoise causes appetite.
The bedroom looks gorgeous, the interior design of which is decorated in blue tones in combination with green, white, and red.

How to choose bedroom furniture

The choice of furniture depends not only on the area of ​​the room, but also on financial possibilities. If they allow, you can buy a beautiful wooden bed with a wooden headboard and a velvet canopy. Depending on the design, the headboard can be:
  • high
  • curved
  • flat,
  • low.
According to the method and material of manufacture:
  • wooden, decorated with carvings;
  • solid;
  • with silk upholstery;
  • rack
The massive headboard can be part of the bed orhinged. However, even the most expensive and luxurious king-size bed in the interior of the bedroom without the complementary furniture will look bad. How it is added depends on the floor of the owner of the room, taste and age. A set consisting of a dresser, one or two bedside tables, a wardrobe and a dressing table is considered classic. Girls need a large mirror with mirrors and shelves for cosmetics and perfumery. A special cozy bedroom adds a soft armchair or ottoman. When the area of ​​the bedroom is limited, it makes sense to buy a sofa book, thanks to which you can save space and design the interior in a minimalist style. Due to the presence of a niche in the couch - to abandon the linen closet or chest of drawers. As for the decorative interior design of the bedroom, it is not customary to hang heavy curtains, massive chandeliers and paintings. The light should be warm and unobtrusive. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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