Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up

on 02.06.2017

At lastsummer days have come. The girls are already flaunting shorts from the new collections presented at fashion shows, but what about makeup? Indeed, without it, no image will be complete, logical, complete. Let's talk abouttrends beautiful summer makeupthis season. Let's learn how to choose makeup to the color of your eyes and your age.
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The main thing in the article

Summer eye makeup: main trends and major trends

makeup-copertinaHaving run through the shows of the latest fashion collections, one can single out the main directions of this summer's season. Let's talk about flowers first.Stylists prefer the following pale palette:

  • pastel shades;
  • pale pink;
  • all shades of cream;
  • violet;
  • soft blue.

It is the pale shades, closer to natural, especially relevant in the summer. In the evening make-up is allowed to increase the color saturation and the use of brown, gold and metal tones.

Everyone is also steadily on the wave of eyes“, Only the trend will be the application of arrows not with a pencil or eyeliner, but shadows.
Another new trend -moist eyelids. To help the beauties come creamy shades or secrets from stylists who, over matte shadows, apply a little lip gloss of identical tone.
2A new trend has becomedrawing the lower eyelid. To do this, use a pencil that is carefully shaded. In this case, the upper eyelid should not attract attention and look natural.

Features of everyday summer makeup

Summer suggestsminimum of cosmetics, maximum of naturalnesstherefore, care and decoration should be:

  • lungs;
  • waterproof;
  • reflect ultraviolet.

The wisdom of summer make-up is that it should be present, and not be visible in the eyes.

Preference should be given to delicate shades with a matting effect, since the increased temperature makes the subcutaneous glands work more actively and to avoid the appearance of oily sheen, as well as sweat droplets, is not always possible.

Rules for pallor and haze do not touch the lips. They can be bright, catchy.

How to choose cosmetics for the summer?

The main enemies of the skin in the summer are dry wind and sun. They cause stress on the skin of the face, so summer care should be special. Choosing summer cosmetics, be guided by the following rules:

  1. For the care you need a nourishing cream or gel of light texture on an oxygen or water base with a sunscreen component.
  2. The presence of vitamin E is mandatory. It prevents the upper layer of the dermis from drying out.
  3. Discard any cosmetics (tonics, lotions) containing alcohol, as they contribute to the dehydration of the skin.
  4. Make-up should be multifunctional. Otherwise, makeup will look like a mask.
  5. For summer, you should choose a water-based shade, they will not roll down and crumble.

Evening summer make-up: technology with photos

Evening make-up presupposes the brightness of the image, so you should work hard over it, but for its application it is not necessary to go to the salon. Make a beautiful evening summer makeup yourself quite real. Follow the instructions below and you will succeed.

  1. Initially, you should prepare the skin. To do this, you need to wash and rub your face with a tonic. Next, apply a nourishing cream or gel as a protective base for the skin. It must be completely absorbed.
  2. If the skin has obvious disadvantages, then you should use a special cream-based. With clear skin, skip this step. Enough nourishing cream.
  3. Apply foundation, it should be breathable and lie flat. If necessary, use a corrector pencil. For more information about the rules for using the tonal framework, read the article: "How to apply the tonal base on the face correctly."
  4. Now you should focus. It is done either on the lips or on the eyes.

If accent lips act, then you need to use a bright, causing lipstick.Eyeliner, mascara and rich color of shadows will help to accent eyes.

Bright summer make-up: performance features

Summer is always associated with lightness and brightness. As for makeup, it should be easy. Refuse multilayers, because in summer not only the body but also the face sweats. Therefore, a large amount of cosmetics can simply “float away” from the face. Prefer simple options:

  • some bright shadows;
  • arrows - how to make them, given the shape of your eyes, read here;
  • mascara;
  • lipstick.

This season will be fashionable matte version of lip coatings.

As for color solutions, it is in summer that you can give free rein to your imagination and add bright colors to your makeup.

Light day makeup: step by step instructions

Any day makeup, whether it is winter outside or summer, provides for a minimum of decorative cosmetics, a maximum of natural shades, and it is done like this:

  • Step number 1. Primer and tonal application.This step is necessary if the skin has defects in the form of rashes, irritations, age spots. With clear skin, it is better to skip this step. Primer can be applied by hand, but for the tone you should use a brush or cosmetic sponge.The selected tool shade tone to translucency.
  • Step number 2. Eye makeup.In the daytime version of the makeup, you can select only the eyes. Use need dry pressed shadows. They are applied to the mobile eyelid. From the shooter and liner is better to refuse. Mascara is better to choose brown. In order not to shade the eyebrows each time, we recommend painting them. How to do this, read: "How to beautifully paint your eyebrows with henna and paint."
  • Step number 3. Lips.Lip coating should be barely noticeable. Pastel, caramel, nude and pink colors are allowed.

The best photo ideas summer makeup

For our readers, we made a selection of makeup models that participated in the shows of summer collections of fashion designers. See and be inspired.

Beautiful summer eye makeup: how to perform?

Make-up will help make the look expressive. We suggest to consider in detail how to make an expressive summer make-up. Initially prepare the necessary cosmetics:

  • shadow, you need three shades from one range;
  • black eyeliner;
  • eyebrow pencil;
  • black mascara

Now we perform the following steps:

  1. Apply to eyelid tonal tool, shade it.This is necessary in order for the shadows to hold on longer and not roll in a ball. Powder the eye. Eyebrow pencil create the shape of the eyebrow.
  2. Apply the lightest shadows from the selected palette on the eyelid. The crease of the century is overshadowed by the darkest shadows. They should not be found on the surface of the moving eyelid.
  3. Make a black line with a black pencil inside the lower eyelid. Also paint it over the lash line, shade it. A brush with an average color of the shadows of the selected palette to make the transition from light to dark. Paint over the lower eyelid.
  4. Make an accent in the form of a thin arrow. It can be done not only with a pencil, suitable eyeliner or liner. The width and shape of the arrow depends on the preferences and shape of the eyes. The final step will be drawing mascara.

Summer Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed beauties are allowed to apply any color palette of shadows, except shades of yellow.
maxresdefaultPreference should be given to:

  • for day makeup -shades of brown, all shades of beige, cream, sand. If you want a little playfulness, you can use color ink;
  • evening make-up- does not limit "brown eye" in colors.Feel free to choose the brightest color, just do not forget to add black eyeliner and mascara to it.

Tips for doing summer makeup for gray eyes

originalThe neutrality of gray allows you to try on any color palette, but you should consider the following:

  • warm tones do not always look good, so it is better to give preference to cold silver hues;
  • frosted shadows make your eyes look extinct;
  • in choosing a liner, pencil and mascara, you need to take black color, since bright shades will make your eye color inconspicuous and dull.

Summer Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes


  • Cold blue and blue shades will help to emphasize the depth of the eyes of blue-eyed beauties.
  • Avoid costing beige palettes, as they can give a look to fatigue.
  • Black pencil and eyeliner should be used only in evening make-up, and for everyday it is better to give preference to brown, since it will emphasize the heavenly color of the look.

Summer Eye Makeup Tips for Green Eyes

Emerald eyes - a luxury inherited by the elect. Girls are recommended to use:

  • for day makeup- peach base with golden brown shades;
  • for evening makeup- perfect purple, purple colors.Ink and pencil should not be black. Dark brown or gray will look better.

Blue and pink shadows are contraindicated in green eyes, as they create the effect of tear-stained eyes.

Step by step execution of the most fashionable summer makeup

As it has already been noted more than once, for the summer you should choose a light, unobtrusive, natural makeup. Consider step by step how to do it:

  1. Cleanse the face with mica foam. Remove fat, sweat from face.
  2. Apply a radiant base. It will make the face relief. Brown brow paint over eyebrows, moving up, this is the last hit of the season. Secure mascara fixing eyebrow gel.
  3. Brown pencil to make perioral contour. Using a brush, apply shadows to the upper and lower eyelids. For trendy summer, light look, take a gray-brown shade with a shine effect. Shine will make them shine in the sun in different shades.
  4. Paint the lower mucosa of the century with a brown pencil.
  5. Eyelashes to curl and make up brown mascara. Black mascara can make you look heavy, so it’s best not to experiment. Now it is quite fashionable to use the technique of lamination lashes. Read more about it: "Lamination of eyelashes: technology of implementation."
  6. Lightly powder the lips and make-up with a nude transparent lipstick.
  7. As they say, the effect is obvious.

Summer makeup 30-year-old women: features

1At the heart of a woman's makeupslightly over 30alignment of skin tone lies. An even, properly applied tone can make a 30+ young girl out of a lady.

It is worth remembering the main rule, those over 30 -a tone lighter - five years younger. It is forbidden to use dark tones, as they are very old.

Will help to refresh the appearance of pink or beige blush. They are applied with a slight movement in order to evenly “stretch” the tone of the face. If you lighten it with a tonal tool that is lighter in color than your color, in the area of ​​your lips and eyes (the place where there is the greatest accumulation of small wrinkles), then you will end up with a young, toned face.

Summer makeup for 35 year old women

The age of 35 years implies the rejection of many cosmetic products that have recently been used every day. To lay out from your cosmetic bag you should:

  • black eyeliner and mascara, they visually add age;
  • tonal means (proofreaders, creams) on a fat basis, they can make the makeup look like a mask;
  • lipstick bright, defiant colors, replacing them with neutral colors;
  • glitter, except nude.

At this age, it is important to emphasize the beauty bestowed by nature, while hiding age-related changes. Will help to cope with this task:

  • matte shadows
  • delicate peach or pink blush,
  • eye pencil brown or emerald color,
  • neutral lipstick.

Summer day makeup for 40 and 45 year old women

1At the age of 40–45, age imposes its own traces on the face. Oval face is no longer clear, the cheekbones slightly "slipped." Reducing the intensity of previously actively produced collagen makes the skin thin, microcirculation worsens. Because of this, makeup should be approached carefully.

Now the main friend becomes concealer, which is applied under the eyes and on problem areas of the skin. It is applied to thin layers in order to hide wrinkles. If you overdo it, the concealer will roll up and get the opposite effect, emphasizing age-related changes.

  • "Pokold" should be above the eyes and eyebrows. About dark colors should be forgotten. Although today eyebrows are in fashion, age does not allow this. Light brown, graphite - these are the optimal colors for coloring eyebrows.
  • If a pencil, then brown or gray, if the shadow, then pastel, peach, light brown.
  • The use of mascara is assumed only on the upper eyelid, the staining of the lower part will give a few years, and the look will be "tear-stained."

Summer makeup for women 50+

Who said that a woman in 50+ can not look great? Properly selected make-up will help to hide all the flaws, give freshness and remove for several years. The main principles of makeup for this age, see the video.

What you need to know about summer make-up: the main secrets of makeup artists

Each make-up artist has his own secrets, we will share some of them:

  1. Famous makeup artistJoanna shlipantiperspirant is applied under the tonal base. Due to this, the skin does not sweat and make-up "sits" perfectly, there is no greasy shine.
  2. Louise Zizzoadvises to process the contour of the lips transparent gel, which is used for styling eyebrows. And only after it is completely dry apply a coating for the lips. This method will prevent the spread of lipstick.
  3. Joanna shlipadvises instead of lipstick in the summer to use water and food dye. They are mixed together, seeking the desired shade. After applying the lips will be soft and natural, and their color is saturated.
  4. Victor Tsembellinaon one of the latest fashion shows, he advised the girls not to share their eyelashes with a comb, but rather, as if to glue them together, creating the effect of wet eyelashes, as if the girl had just come out of the water.
  5. The latest trend iswet eye effect. To create it is not necessary to buy cream shades. Enough to the usual dry add a little balm or clear lip gloss. The main thing is that it is of high quality, since the skin of the eyelids is very delicate.
  6. Polly Osmondto make the eyes larger, uses the technique of a white pencil, which is applied inside the mucous of the lower eyelid.

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Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up 75

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Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up 57

Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up 34

Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up 98

Beautiful summer make-up for women of different ages step by step: features of everyday, day, evening, light and bright summer make-up 68