Beautiful greetings for the New Year 2019

Not one New Year's holiday is not without congratulations. Depending on your social circle, you can get a little restrained wishes or humorous parting words. There is another kind of New Year speeches. These are beautiful greetings for the New Year 2019, filled not only with meaning, but also with artistic content. Moreover, the form of such congratulations can be both discreetly laconic and artistic, although there are beautiful versions in verses.

Laconic and short greetings

Santa Claus with a featherCongratulations on your passing year, taking away all the troubles and difficulties. I wish you new year tenderness, love and happiness. Let these feelings fill you all 365 days.


Let in the year of the Boar, none of you will know the real swinishness! Let the good leaving Dog leave with you true friends and protect you from bad people.


Beautiful words are sometimes meaningless, but some of them have deepest value. Just let these words fill the whole year. Here they are: love, understanding, happiness, tenderness, luck and health.This is important, and the rest is just words.


I wish you boundless happiness, constant good luck, good well-being, loyal friends and good health. Let love and tenderness surround you, and good desires are constantly fulfilled without much effort.


Let the Year of the Yellow Pig be for you a period of absolute success, endless victories, unusual events, regular happy moments and worthy deeds. Let the days be bright and interesting, and the nights warm and unforgettable.


Not only in the New Year, people need a feeling of celebration in the soul. So let the New Year's Eve leave such a flurry of emotions that will allow the beautiful feelings not to fade for many months. Let big and small joys, weighty and insignificant victories be added to these emotions, as well as new reasons for bright events appear.


No expensive gifts can replace the sincerity of friendship and the warmth of the family. May every New Year be surrounded by faithful friends and the closest people. Happy New Year 2019!


I wish you that the New Year brings joy and understanding, love and tenderness, support and care, as well as a strong sense of the rear and fulfillment of desires.


Many wish others to get millions of dollars, to buy a cool apartment or car, but these are such empty things. Let it be better for everyone in this world to have close people, faithful friends and a sense of being needed by someone.


I want to wish everyone sincere kindness and real devotion. May the New Year be surrounded only by honesty, generosity and selflessness. Let not only those around you, but ourselves. Happy New Year to a new life!


Let this year in our house only the brightest and the kindest find the way. And the bad goes astray in the deaf more often, without harming anyone. With new good and light!

Greetings in prose

Santa Claus in the houseI wish you every minute of the outgoing year to take with it sadness and anxiety, difficulties and misunderstandings, offenses and problems. Let at the time of the onset of the New Year the vacated space be filled with joy and happiness, good luck and health, love and pleasant events. I want to wish each of us to find what he needs most for happiness and peace.


Let this New Year's Yellow Pig help you to fulfill all your big dreams and small wishes.Let the year be filled with wonders, smiles and constant good luck, but such, when every day is like a gift of fate. I wish that even the necessary lessons of life this year were understandable and passed without problems, giving the joy of understanding and a sense of appreciation.


Glare festively decorated house and spruce spruce give rise in the soul waiting for a miracle. I wish this feeling not to be lost in vain and something magical, fabulous and surprisingly beautiful has entered your life. Let it be the fulfillment of a dream, the most cherished and good, the one from which the world and the people around them become kinder.


The magical emotions of the New Year should not fade away as they grow older. I wish all adults to keep in their hearts the children's faith in miracles, and besides, it is on New Year's Eve that the most secret desires come true. May the sincere request for a miracle be heard and fulfilled. Happy New Year! With magic!


December has quietly crept up and the Yellow Pig is already on the threshold, promising bright events and unforgettable moments in the New Year. So let these events and moments be only good, bright and pure. I wish to gain unearthly love, endless luck, inexhaustible wealth and reinforced concrete health.


Let the joyful events this year go so unceasingly, that they cause not only a surge of happiness, but also a sincere desire to share fun with your neighbors. I wish this desire to be incredibly powerful, fulfilled without delay, covering everyone around you with love, joy and happiness.


Every year banal words cast boredom on someone, but it is these wishes that are most necessary for each person. It is only important to sincerely desire something good and bright. Therefore, I wish you wholeheartedly devoted friends and mutual understanding in your family, bold ideas and confident victories, powerful health and unlimited happiness. Let only love and tenderness surround you, and all sad and unpleasant things will be left far behind in the outgoing year. Happy New Year! With the new influx of happiness!


Congratulations to all the next magical holiday! Let the wonderful component of the New Year's night fulfill my words. I wish all the loyalty of friends, loyalty to loved ones, caring of loved ones, sincerity of others and personal honesty with the world. Let the days of the New Year be filled with vivid impressions, new emotions and wealth growth!


Every year we wish each other bright days and joyful events, health and love, happiness and tenderness, as well as many other good events and things. Let this year all the good wishes of the past come true, and then everyone will be able to consecrate everything around them with their happy views!


If you look far into your soul, then everyone will be able to understand that money and expensive things are not as necessary as love, care and tenderness. Also much more expensive than money and well-being of loved ones. So let this New Year, anyone will get a complete set of real benefits for the heart, not for the wallet. At the same time, let, along with the abundance of love, be prosperity in the house.


In the New Year there is no need to remember past insults, failures and difficulties. It was in the past, it was left behind. Now we need to look forward, knowing that somewhere there we can meet our love, find the best job, make friends with a stunning person or get some great opportunity. Let it be! Happy holiday to all, Happy New Year!

Poetic forms of congratulations

Santa Claus and verse

Glitter festive salutes

Razkrasit sky bright,

Let things look like

In the New Year we will be hot.

Let the January frosts,

Reflecting the light of the fireworks,

Will remove from the life of thunderstorms,

In happiness, let them open the door.


Do not think about complex problems

Let them pass by,

Let it be easy work

And the sun of good luck is coming!

Let happiness stand on the threshold

and tenderness surrounds you

Let there be roads,

that you are directed to your loved ones.

I wish that the joy in the window

Always infinitely luminous,

And adventure basket,

But only so as not to have it.

May all wishes come true

Realizing a dream in your life

Let new all beginnings

Pass, without meeting obstacles.


In the New Year I wish you happiness

And love is boundless streams.

Let luck be a disaster

Clearing the paths and roads.

Let not only the soul, but also the body,

They are full of great health.

And it’s easy to do

As if it is performed in threes.


I wish you peace and warmth

May life be unto you,

Let all the good things begin,

The soul of happiness will smile

Let this bright New Year,

The soul sings of joy.


Let the coming year be new,

It will not be so harsh to you.

To all the strength enough

And who was angry, he will be nice.

Let the enemies disappear completely,

Things will be good for everyone,

Let your soul warm

For everyone will open the door to heaven.

And even in severe frosts

At the heart let mimosa bloom.


That kind Grandfather Frost

As a gift everyone brought:

Love, luck and fun,

Health, joy, idleness.


Happy New Year congratulations,

I wish you happiness in every home.

And also love and laughter

Joy, warmth, success.

Let good luck all year round

Do not move away from the gate!


Leave the cares of the outgoing year,

Let the soul rest a little.

Let on mail in daddy with incoming

You will receive a letter about a big win.

And let it be true, not linden,

And in the hour when you come to win,

For a bunch of all the papers, for this pile,

The man you have been waiting for.

And let the two of you all add up,

And from smiles let the mouth get tired,

And let this happiness multiply from the minute

Let the new year be magical.


Happiness, joy, health

We wish everything around

Then one, then three at once,

But a friend once told me:

“Aloud to voice your wishes

Can each of the colleagues

But all this mumbling,

Kohl without a spark man.

These words come true,

We must sincerely wish!

To the heart responded

And not just to say! ”

Looking deep into the soul

Happily I say:

“I wish you all a strong friendship!

I give everyone my warmth! ”


Happy New Year

And wish you friends,

To leave adversity,

But the family did not quit.

To happiness waterfalls

Covered with head

And always to be near

Tenderness, joy and peace.

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