Beautiful and reliable fence

Such types of fencing as profiled new fences have become increasingly popular. With its low price, this material is of sufficient quality and durable. It will reliably protect your land, as well as hide your plot from prying eyes. The established fence from a professional flooring will serve very long if it is competently established, observing technology of carrying out a similar sort of works. Strictly observe the distance between the pillars. It is advisable to fill the basement layer in order to reduce the contact of the corrugated sheet with the ground. Reliable installation of the pillars is one of the few requirements for high-quality installation of corrugated fence.

The minimum shelf life of corrugated board has reached fifteen years.

These galvanized sheets of metal with a wavy surface have a large margin of safety. Sheets are produced with different wave heights. The hardness of a professional flooring depends on it. The most popular is the profile for the fence C8. This wall profiled. The height of the wave is eight millimeters.

Now let's talk about design.Sheets can be clean, that is, without a layer of coating. Or have a coating layer. Coatings come in a variety of colors and textures. So the “Print” coating perfectly imitates the texture of wood or stone. A polyester has a uniform color with bright and rich tones. Polyester can be glossy or matte. There are also coatings like Granite Polyurethane. This is a durable coating. And the sheets of profiled sheeting, which are covered with plastisol, have a thick texture coating.

So that a variety of colors will not leave indifferent any buyer. And allows you to choose a professional flooring to install the fence just under the color that will harmoniously fit into the interior of any building or courtyard.

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