Bath with veranda and attic

Rest with friends in the bath can become one of themost fascinating options for pastime. It is especially pleasant to have a rest in this way, when gatherings in the company take place directly under the peak of the veranda of a spacious sauna with a terrace.

Types of verandas

bathhouse with veranda

Projects for the construction of baths provide for the possibility of building several types of verandas:

  1. The front veranda is attached to the frontal part of the structure.
  2. The side verandah is located on one side of the building.
  3. The corner veranda is a rather original variant, which is most often used when the capital walls converge at right angles.
  4. The shingled veranda surrounds the structure along the entire perimeter.


The attic in the form of a canopy is advisablebuild of wood, or a strong metal sheet that can withstand strong wind gusts and a load of rainfall. An excellent alternative is to replace traditional coatings with sheets of transparent, high-strength polycarbonate. To stack such a visor is convenient on the bent aluminum profile.

The visor is securely connected to the building wall andis supported by several racks. As supports, which are attached to the peak and serve as a reliable support, you can use metal pipes, asbestos-cement poles, or the same wooden beam.

Nuances of design

bathhouse 6 6 with veranda

At present, a bath with a veranda canto be built according to the most numerous projects. Therefore, among them, it is easy to choose the most accessible and simple option. However, when making the final decision, it is worthwhile to rely on some nuances, on which the convenience of building operation will directly depend.

The primary task is to defineoptimal terrace parameters. One of the most common options is a bathhouse 6 * 6 with a veranda. However, if you plan to regularly visit the steam room in a large company, it is advisable to pay attention to more large-scale projects.

An effective solution is the construction of a bathwith a terrace, the walls of which are represented by sliding constructions. Such a structure, if desired, can easily be transformed into an open summer area. The completed sliding walls can be made of glass panels, plastic, metal and even dense fabric.

Traditionally, the terraces are located on one sidethe basic design of the bath. But if you want to stretch it can be between the house and the bath, giving the appearance of a fairly original structure. If a small bathhouse 6 * 6 is built with a veranda, in this case, the lack of free space can easily be compensated for by building the maximally spacious terrace.

Important points

bath-house with a veranda

A bathhouse with an attic and veranda must havereliable coupling of all elements of construction. Unlike open terraces, verandas are erected exclusively during the construction of the bath itself. Otherwise, the design of the terrace over time will become noticeably "walk". This is the result of seasonal soil movements. If this requirement is violated, the bath from the bar with the veranda will not be a very safe construction.

For the reliable joining of the main capital structure and an additional lighter object, it is recommended to adhere to the following rules:

  • The outbuilding and bathhouse should be constructed of the same material;
  • the floor covering of the veranda is arranged on the logs and falls several centimeters below the floor surface of the bath;
  • The roof of the bath and veranda must be connected with a sufficiently movable galvanized sheet;
  • between the walls of the extension and the main structure it is necessary to leave a small gap of about 1.5 cm, where any elastic material is laid.


bathhouse with an attic and veranda

The bathhouse with a veranda features a wide range of advantages. The presence of the veranda allows visitors to the steam room to enjoy fresh air, conveniently sitting at the table directly when leaving the bath.

In the space of a free veranda you can easilyfit a comfortable oven. Under the peak of such structures it is convenient to place structures for cooking barbecue. Such a bath with a veranda provides an opportunity not only to prepare food without the need to return to the house, but also helps maintain the most comfortable air temperature in the annex.

In general, the bathhouse with the veranda is reallyprofitable project. Proper implementation of the idea turns the terrace into an additional full room, which can be used for household needs and even living.

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