Balcony with carry

January 22, 2018

People who live in standard apartments are not at all spoiled by the large amount of living space. As a result, every inch of living space goes into business. This is especially true loggia and balcony. For many, this space is a kind of pantry, which stores all unnecessary things at the moment.

 Balcony with carry

If the territory of the balcony to glaze, then it can turn almost into a full-fledged room. The same applies to the loggia. Therefore, it is very important to know how to safely and safely takeaway on the balcony. Through the removal of the territory increases the balcony. This can be achieved with fairly simple welding work. In addition, when glazing a balcony, experts strongly recommend taking out before this, in order to install a window sill to order from a stone in Moscow, as in an ordinary window. And still such procedure will allow to expand space of a balcony by 30-50 cm.

Balcony door

A very important role is played by the balcony door. It should tightly close the exit to the balcony, as well as harmoniously fit into the interior.Usually balcony doors are made of PVC in size 690 X 2170 and they open depending on the location of the balcony in the room.

 Balcony with carry

Loggia with the removal can be called a whole mini-system, including not only the doors and the presence of double-glazed windows, but also the interior decoration, the availability of lighting and furniture. Unlike a balcony, it can be used all year round.

Such a newfangled design of a balcony or loggia as a takeaway requires not only the ability to handle welding equipment, but also knowledge of metal-cutting techniques, as well as skills in conducting construction work. Therefore, professionals do not recommend doing such work on their own unless you know how to do it. Otherwise, because of your inept actions, you risk completely losing the balcony.

 Balcony with carry

But the skillful actions of a specialist will allow you to make the correct measurements of the length and width of the balcony, as well as determine the size of its removal. Only after the removal is made, it is possible to install a window system on the balcony. Before you install the windows, out of the frames necessarily remove the glass. Still need to set the ebb. It is strengthened so that it can block the gap between the balcony and the window and enter the territory of the balcony for at least 15 cm.

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