Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

Bahrain Grand Prix 2019 - the 15th edition of one of the most unusual stages of Formula 1. Riders to compete in the middle of this desert! Severe Bahraini sands do not forgive mistakes. Participants will have to apply maximum skill to succeed. However, the more difficult the race - the sweeter the victory. The fight for places on the podium promises to be hot!


Where and when will the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix race take place?

In recent seasons, the competition takes place in April of each year. If there are no major changes in the calendar of Formula 1 2019, the 15th edition of the Bahrain Grand Prix will be held in April 2019.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

This is one of the Asian stages of Formula 1. Car racing will take the island nation of Bahrain. Pilots will race cars at the Bahrain International Circuit, located in the middle of the Sakhir Desert. This is an ultra-modern sports complex, in which annual Formula-3, GT, drag-racing and GP2 competitions take place.

Those who want to watch live the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2019 will have to have a fair amount of patience. The main race of the Bahrain Grand Prix takes place at night.


At the start there will be several dozen pilots. They will represent such factory teams as Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, Red Bull and Mercedes.

The most award-winning racer of the Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​Sebastian Vettel. Great Seb excelled four times on the Bahraini highway. One victoria less than a veteran of Formula 1 Fernando Alonso.

The best "stable" in the history of the Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​Ferrari. Italian Scuderia 6 times won first place.

The results of the Bahrain Grand Prix season 2019 Formula 1

The best "stables" again clash for prizes. Who will be the main lucky and unlucky future auto racing? It is difficult to give an answer ... But, judging by the results of the previous edition of the Grand Prix, interesting events await the audience!

The 14th draw of the Bahraini auto race was remembered for the second consecutive triumph of Vettel, the accidents involving the leaders and the last place of Sergey Sirotkin. However, first things first!

Bahrain Grand Prix 2019

According to the results of the free practice of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen became the best. Finnish veteran excelled in two of the three races. Only in one practice was the best Daniel Riccardo.

In qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel won.German teammate Kimi Raikkonen and another Finn Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes followed the German. For Hamilton qualification has developed not too well. Fans of the British hoped that the star "Silver Arrows" rehabilitated in the main race. But luck turned away from the 4-time world champion ...

The main race was eventful. Both Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo had an accident. The list of losers also filled up Kimi Raikkonen. Finn was in such a hurry that he left boxing, almost knocking over a mechanic. The rider had to stop the car.

Vettel was in the lead almost all the time, not giving doubt in his superiority. His main competitor - Lewis Hamilton - could not impose the fight. But the partner of the Briton - Valtteri Bottas - was very close to victory. But in the end, Vettel lost 0.699 seconds. Triumph in the second stage in a row Formula 1 2018 celebrated the great Seb!

The representative of "Williams" Sergey Sirotkin took the last place. Considering that in Australia he could not even reach the finish line, this is a good result for a Russian.

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