Back to school: ideas for a school photo session on September 1

School time is a time that is remembered with a touch of nostalgia. This is the period when we studied not only “count, read, write”, but also real life, made friends and fell in love for the first time!

September 1 photo 023

Therefore, many modern parents want to capture the beginning of this stage of their child’s life in touching school photos. After all, how many new and interesting things await the first-graders ahead!

September 1 photo 038

What should be the photo on the school

Autumn is the time of the year, which is consistently associated even with adults with school and new knowledge.

September 1 photo 014

This is a great time for a back-to-school thematic photo shoot, depicting a love of learning and a craving for learning. Not only first graders can participate in it, but also toddlers going to the garden, as well as high school students, whom the school managed to get bored with.

September 1 photo 047
September 1 photo 003
unusual pens photo 2 unusual pens photo 1 unusual markers photo 3
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Even adults who have decided to recall the student past can pose for a school photo shoot.

September 1 photo 043

A photo session dedicated to the holiday of September 1 is best carried out in a park or a public garden, where the autumn entourage does not have to be recreated, where nature itself will provide it.Yellow-purple leaves, the last rays of the still warm sun, fruits, trees, have not yet cast off their "robe".

September 1 photo 051

Only changeable weather can spoil the idyllic picture of “September 1”, so watch the forecast carefully or order a back-to-school photo session also in the studio for insurance.

September 1 photo 022

September 1 photo 034

Regarding the studio photoset “the first of September”, it can be held all year round, although it is also relevant in the fall - during a period of heightened interest in the school and everything connected with it.

September 1 photo 020

So far, not all studios have an entourage at their disposal that conveys the school atmosphere, and not all photographers shoot in this narrow genre. If September 1 is coming soon, and you haven’t yet found a suitable location and photographer, try organizing back to school photography yourself using the photos and tips below.

September 1 photo 006

September 1 photo 010

birthday garland photo 6 birthday garland photo 4 garland tassels photo 4
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What is required for a back to school photo shoot

Specific school photography requires preparation and appropriate props. Girls do the "correct" hairstyle: braid a braid or knit a big bow. Boys prepare a white shirt, tie or bow tie, suspenders.

September 1 photo 029

September 1 photo 049

The best props for thematic photos about school:

  • desk;

September 1 photo 012

September 1 photo 040

  • blackboard;
September 1 photo 017
September 1 photo 045
  • piles of books;
September 1 photo 057
September 1 photo 013
September 1 photo 016
September 1 photo 042
  • Soviet-style school uniforms, especially important if the thematic photoset “back to school” is organized by adults who have decided to recall the glorious school years, marking the next anniversary of graduation;

September 1 photo 100

  • globe, geographical maps;

September 1 photo 050

September 1 photo 015

  • horn-rimmed glasses;

September 1 photo 026

September 1 photo 025

  • pencils, pens;

September 1 photo 018

  • portfolio;

September 1 photo 033

  • hypertrophied giant school supplies (ruler, scissors, pencils, pens) of a child's height or more, made of cardboard or foam.

September 1 photo 056

props for school photo shoot photo 4 props for school photo shoot photo 3
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In the photos of schoolchildren, emotions and diversity are important: here the child plays the role of an excellent student and writes something diligently in a notebook, in another picture he is restless and active.

September 1 photo 041
September 1 photo 030

Many ideas of a school photo shoot are easier to implement with a few guys, so think about shooting your classmates together, where they will convey the true atmosphere prevailing in the classroom.

Try to get away from the staged photos that were infested with the old school albums, give the children free rein to make the frames “live” and dynamic.

September 1 photo 044

Best ideas for a photo shoot on September 1

School photos will be especially sincere if the entourage on them corresponds to the hobbies of the little student.The child loves zoology - hang around the images of animals and plants, the young chemist is better to photograph surrounded by test tubes and smoking reagents, and the future geographer - in the “company” of maps and globes.

September 1 photo 053

September 1 photo 110

Use simple, obvious, but touching ideas for school photo shoots so that, as an adult, your beloved child can easily recall this interesting period of his life:

  • Give the child small pieces - let him write his name on the miniature school or slate, the banal “2 + 2 = 4”, the name of his favorite subject, the alphabet. It's okay if the baby is writing uncertainly and clumsily so far, the main idea is to capture the difficult learning process of a focused and thoughtful student in the photo.
September 1 photo 004
September 1 photo 039
September 1 photo 027
September 1 photo 011
September 1 photo 019
September 1 photo 028
  • Another idea related to colored crayons: draw or write something on the asphalt by them - you get a good background for school photos. The immortal game "classics" is also suitable as a background for pictures of girlfriends-classmates, merrily jumping on the drawn squares.
September 1 photo 058
September 1 photo 048
September 1 photo 005
September 1 photo 046
  • Looks great at a photo of vintage school supplies: a worn leather backpack, an old globe, a desk, or a typewriter from pre-war times. Such old-school attributes are good for studio shooting.

September 1 photo 036

  • Use stretch marks, paper garlands with the name of the back-to-school photo session and other school “slogans”.

September 1 photo 024

Keep in mind that high school students are unlikely to want to look in the photo as touching first-graders. They better offer something in the style of American schoolchildren.

school uniform for photo shoot photo 3 school uniform for photo shoot photo 1 school uniform for photo shoot photo 2
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Future graduates will certainly want something provocative, so you can arrange a photo session in the style of a showdown between different classes. Although this idea is somewhat extravagant, teenagers will definitely like it.

Another idea - shooting with a candle or a keracine lamp, demonstrating how difficult knowledge is sometimes given.

September 1 photo 055

Be original! Create a beautiful childhood story of your children, attach them to the “brainstorming” of ideas for school photos, as well as the creation of props. It brings together, adds bright colors of life, gives a lot of positive emotions.

It is always nice when there is something to remember, besides lessons and homework, about a wonderful school time.

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