Assassination Nation - 2018 film

  • World premiere:2018
  • Premiere in Russia:2018
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Genre:thriller
  • Directors:Sam levinson
  • Cast:Bella Thorn, Odessa Young, Abra, Hari Nef, Bill Skarsgard, Suke Waterhouse, Joel McHale, Anika Noni Rose, Maud Apatow, Cody Christian.

The new project of the famous actor, TV host and director Sam Levinson is addressed both to the youth audience and to quite adult, established people. The situation described in the 2018 Assassination Nation film does not seem so fantastic at all. Especially today, when the world is constantly shaken by hacker attacks, and it’s almost impossible to keep secrets on the Internet, even to secret services.

"Killing a nation," so you can translate the name of a new thriller, shows that in order to turn the life of a whole city into a nightmare, it is not necessary to hold a machine gun in your hands or put on a suicide belt. To do this, it is enough to be cynical, but talented owner of a good computer.

Joel McHale

Talent, youth and fame

Having written your own script for the future tape,Sam enlisted the support of such famous producers as Aaron L. Gilbert, behind whom the implementation of more than 60 film projects.

The team of producers included Manju Gargi with 25 successful film works as not only a producer, but also an actor, and Anita Go. The operator of the picture was Marcel Rev, known for his work in the genre of not only fiction, but also documentary films, and having experience in acting and screenwriting. For Jason Cloth and Andy Polak, this film was another project as an executive producer.

For the successful implementation of our plans, we very seriously approached the choice of actors. After all, the feature of the plot is that the main characters are teenagers, who will have to be in a very difficult everyday and psychological situation. So, the actors had to be young, but already have some experience in order to be able to express the many nuances of the experiences of the characters. And I must say that the creators managed to assemble a wonderful acting ensemble combining talent, youth and fame. Together with experienced and masterful popular artists of the older generation, they formed an interesting team.

New roles

To embody on the screen teenage girls, the main characters, were entrusted to Odessa Young, Abre, Syuki Waterhouse and Harry Nef.

Actress Assassination Nation

The track record of Australian actress Odessa Young is not great yet. But she also has experience of successful work both in the cinema and on television, and for her role in the film “Daughter,” Young was awarded the AASTA prize and received good criticism in the press. Transgender Nave is known as an actress, model and writer. The English model and actress Suka Waterhouse, despite his youth, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the cinema. I remember the fans of her role in films such as "With Love, Rosie", "Divergent, Chapter 2" and a number of others. But Abra has all the success and glory yet to come. What will help this film, preparing for the premiere.

In general, according to the creators of the film, four girls, who represent a real “slice” of society, as immigrants from different population groups, with different upbringing, traditions and wealth, managed to create a real ensemble. They managed to achieve a powerful "sound" on the screen.

Undoubtedly, more experienced filmmakers, such as Bella Thorn, also provided them with help.Fans of cinema know Bell by the performance of the roles of Toniki Henrikson in the popular seral "Big Love" and Sisi Jones in the "Dance Fever" of Disney channel. In addition, she starred in four more films, and her voice is known to fans of the game "Ant Bally", the computer version of which she voiced. And in 2010 she received the award for the best “Young Actor” for her role in the TV series “My Personal Enemy”.

American actress Anika Noni Rose embodied on the screen the role of the mother of two heroines of the film, a woman with a very bad reputation and a difficult fate. Successfully cope with the role helped her experience of successful work in such tapes as "The Princess and the Frog" and "Dream Girl". However, it would be possible to list all her works on the screen for a long time. In her personal opinion, the new movie role will be one of the most significant actresses in her career.

Actress Assassination Nation

The young and stellar line-up of the “Assassination nation” film 2018 is complemented by actors Bill Skarsgard and Cody Christian. For fans of American Cody Christian, this will be another opportunity to see the work of his idol. One of the most sought-after young actors today, he gained his popularity by performing the main role in the project of the mystical youth series “Teen Wolf”.

And for the Swede Skarsgard, nominee for the Golden Beetle Award, this is another significant role after he debuted on the international stage in the film Anna Karenina. Among his star roles are such major works as the clown Penny in the screen version of the novel “It” by the famous horror master Stephen King and Roman Godfrey from the popular television series Hemlock Grove.

Male role performers in Assassination Nation

Provincial nightmares

All the characters live in a small provincial town where almost everyone, to one degree or another, is familiar. Here are just the external well-being of the inhabitants is broken in unexpected ways. Unknown hacker set out to conduct a cruel experiment. The fact that people hid from prying eyes, he carefully dug in both social networks and personal correspondence. And for all to see, completely unsightly acts of people whom everyone knew well were exposed.

Betrayal and intrigue, hidden hints and threats, unpleasant opinions - everything suddenly became publicly available. How to live in this, if the heroine Rose already has a bad reputation. But if the adults opening pictures are just shocking, then how to survive all this for adolescents, for whom absolutely unseemly and dirty actions of their close people have been revealed.Far from everyone can cope with this, and the general mistrust and suspicion develop into a real hysteria of insults and hatred. And no one was surprised when the “cute” town of Salem begins to be overwhelmed by a wave of violence. And discouraged teenagers are turning into unwitting "stars" of the Internet.

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