Ariston Hotpoint dishwasher errors: decoding error codes, troubleshooting tips

The Ariston Hotpoint dishwasher developers thoroughly thought over not only the design, but also provided for the possibility of prompt detection of equipment failures. The equipment of this brand signals about the breaking up of a breakdown, “reports” on violations of different values. The code displayed on the panel gives the owner the right to decide whether the service center or he will start repairing it. Convenient, right?

How the errors of the Ariston Hotpoint dishwasher are determined, you will learn from the article submitted by us. In it it is in detail told about what the code put by engineers warns. Described in detail what can be done independently to correct the situation, and when it is better to turn to repairmen.

The author presents the subtleties of diagnostics, gives advice, subject to which the risk of breakage and machine breakdown is dramatically reduced.Photo, video recommendations and reviews are used as a useful informative supplement.

Water intake or discharge problems

The PMM Ariston provides a self-diagnostic system. As soon as the control module detects a malfunction, it immediately stops the execution of the program and flashes the hint code.

Consider the most common mistakes - from easily removable to requiring expert intervention.

AL01 - Leak in the car

This code indicates a loss of tightness in the PMM connections. If you look inside the dishwasher, you will most likely find water on the pallet and a floating “float”, which gave the control board a signal of a malfunction under the code01. On devices without a digital screen, the lights will blink: on machines with 4 programs, the first diode will flash, on the model with 6 modes - the third on the left.

Water leakage in PMM
Ariston Hotpoint dishwashers have an AquaStop protection system that blocks the water supply, but sometimes it works not only in an emergency situation, but also when using highly foaming detergents.

What should be done:

  1. Disconnect the instrument from the power supply.If the water is already on the floor - you need to act carefully, so as not to step into a puddle.
  2. If the protection has worked when the tank is full, press the drain program and wait until the chamber is empty.
  3. Shut off the water supply valve to the PMM.
  4. Inspect the gum on the appliance door, check the hose connections, the condition of the clamps and all available components. If you find a leak, try to fasten parts or renew seals. It is better to replace the failed consumables, hoses and gum.
  5. In case of long-term operation, corrosion of working chambers can be the cause of depressurization. Although high strength steel is used in Ariston Hotpoint models, leaks are not excluded. In this case, worn places are treated with special sealants and soldering.

If you didn’t manage to find the culprit on your own, you’ll have to call a wizard with a repair kit that will diagnose and help you determine the reason for stopping the machine.

AL02 - no water in the car

Machines with 4 modes without display will signal by flashing the second from the left diode, and those calculated on 6 - the fourth one. The first thing to do in error02- make sure that there is water in the system, but for some reason it does not go inside the device. To do this, you can simply open the tap at the nearest point of water intake. It does not hurt to check the shut-off valve, if it is installed separately for the PMM.

Filter in the inlet hose
The inlet filter is installed inside the inlet hose, and its small cells often suffer from rust particles from the aqueduct, fine sand and other foreign matter.

Causes of error 02 and their elimination:

  1. The system has low pressure, i.e. from the tap water flows under weak pressure. Such a machine is not enough power, and it will not work. In this case, it is worthwhile simply to postpone washing the dishes until a normal flow appears.
  2. The door latch is broken, so the device does not start the program in order not to make a flood.
  3. The inlet filter or inlet hose is blocked by various impurities found in tap water. In this case, you need to unscrew the hose of the bay, make sure that it is not pinched and in good condition. Then rinse it and the protective mesh under good pressure.
  4. The problem with the feed valve. If the blockage is not detected, and the water still does not flow to the machine, it is most likely that the voltage required to open / close it stopped flowing to the water supply valve. In 99% of the reasons for such a breakdown are jumps in the power grid.In this case, it is better to replace the part with a new one and connect the device through a stabilizer.

If the machine is under warranty, for replacement of defective items it is better to contact the service center.

Sprinkler Replacement
If the device not only occasionally highlights the error, but also badly washes and rinses the dishes, most likely the problem lies in the upper or lower sprinkler

In long-running machines one of the frequent failures under the code01may indicate wear of fasteners in the internal spray system. Such damage is easy to fix by yourself.

To check the status of the system, you need:

  • Remove the lower basket of the dishwasher - underneath it installed the lower sprinkler. Its blades need to be unscrewed and removed.
  • Now inspect the fastener - in fact, it is a plastic or metal ring, which may have cracks or other damage. If problems are detected, it is better to replace the mount (and the sprinkler itself) by unscrewing the old hardware with a key, and then install a new holder.
  • Top sprinkler attached to the top basket. To get to it, you need to push the tray, press out the stops and unscrew the rotating blades.
  • Here you need to check the sealing rubber ring, the mounting nut and the channel that supplies water, if necessary, replace the broken elements and reassemble the system.

Causes of failure of parts often becomes scale, the penetration of small objects or normal wear during active use. But it is rather simple to perform such a repair with your own hands, the main thing is to find the exact match of parts for your PMM model.

AL03 and AL05 - problems with the drain or pump

Often the reason for stopping the machine are clogs from food residue on the dishes. If the drain hose, pump or nozzle is blocked, and the maximum allowed time for water discharge is exceeded - the machine will signal with numbers03. In machines without a display, this will be a simultaneous wink of 1 and 2 or 3 and 4 diodes (for 4 and 6 programs, respectively).

Drain filter
Checking the drain begins with a filter that is located at the bottom of the dishwasher - it must be carefully removed, disassembled and rinsed

In this case, you first need to make sure that the hose is permeable - it can simply be pinched or clogged with food waste, as a result of which the pump cannot push the waste water into the sewer drain.

If checking the filter and the hose did not help solve the problem with the drain, the reason may lie in the malfunction of the drain pump. The state of its connections and wiring is checked with a multimeter. If the voltage indicator is insufficient, the part requires replacement.

Dishwasher Pump Repair
A dishwasher will signal with a code 05 or a 1 and 3 or 3 and 5 diode lights will flash at the same time if a pump or water level sensor fails.

It can also cause problems with the drain:

  • A break in the wiring leading to the pump - you need to "ring" and, if necessary, solder the contacts.
  • Penetration of a small object into the impeller of the pump - the part is disassembled and the interference is removed by mechanical cleaning.
  • Breakdown of the water level sensor or clogging of its tube - check the voltage and, if necessary, clean the part.
  • Malfunction of the pump triac on the control module - the element must be replaced with a new one.
  • Incorrect drain hose connection. Some models have a special code for this error.A14which is displayed if the waste water, instead of going into the sewer, is returned to the machine.

The most difficult case is the failure of the board. But sometimes the problem can be solved with the help of a simple "reanimation" of electronics - de-energize the device, give 10-20 minutes to rest and reboot.

But even if this method worked, the failure can happen again at any time, so you should contact the experts about the inspection and flashing of the board - perhaps the contacts went off or you need to rewire the module tracks.

Heater malfunction

If you notice that the machine is washing dishes with cold water - the problem most often lies in the malfunction of the heating system. It is easy to detect a malfunction: the body of the device stays cold throughout the entire cycle, and traces of fat, food and coloring drinks remain on the pot itself, which are usually easily cleaned with warm water.

Tension voltage test
If there are problems in the power supply circuit of the heating element, the dishwasher can heat water, but this process can stretch for 30-40 minutes, increasing the operating time of the machine.

Possible errors and their interpretation:

  • AL04- Fault in the supply circuit of the temperature sensor NTC. For machines without a display, this will be the signal of diode No. 3 or No. 5 (for 4 and 6 programs, respectively). In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the machine, inspect and check the voltage at the sensor contacts.
  • AL08- malfunction of the heating sensor (flashing 4 diodes).If the PMM signals a sensor failure, it does not mean that it has failed. It is possible that the part is loose on the tank or there is a break in the wiring in the circuit from the module to the sensor.
  • AL10- problems with TENG (simultaneous blinking of 2 and 4 or 4 and 6 diodes). Causes of problems can be an open circuit in the wire leading to the heating element, a blown relay on the control module, or the combustion of the heating element itself. Such failures are a frequent occurrence in areas with hard water. In this case, you need to disassemble the machine, check the wiring, and possibly replace the heater or module.

Since the repair of the heating system requires dismantling, disassembling of the device and professional diagnostics, it is not worth it to do it yourself without a decent experience in electronics. In this case, the most appropriate solution would be to contact the Ariston Service Center.

Deciphering codes for Ariston machines without display
For Ariston Hotpoint models that are not equipped with a digital display, you can use this decoding table to self-diagnose the most common breakdowns (+)

But sometimes problems with the heating system can be the result of improper operation. For example,if the machine is incorrectly connected, it will constantly collect and drain the water, not having time to heat it - alas, such cases are not uncommon, if you trust the PMM installation to an inexperienced master. The solution here is obvious - dismantle and reconnect the device.

Another easily fixable problem is that the filter is clogged, causing the water circulation to deteriorate and the heater simply does not turn on. Therefore, before contacting the service center, try to clean the filters, hoses and check this guess.

Errors of key elements of the device

Eliminating blockages and replacing worn gaskets is a task that does not require special skills and special tools. But when electronics or the main components of the device fail, you have to partially disassemble the machine and know how to properly dismantle and inspect its elements.

Replacing Control Module
Repair of the control board requires serious skills in working with electronics, but replacing it is quite simple - you just have to disassemble the dishwasher door, remove the control panel and disconnect the sensors with wires

Serious malfunctions of the dishwasher, requiring the obligatory call of the master from a certified service department, include an error06- violations in the supply line of the valve bay.The features of the definition and elimination of breakage will be introduced by the video:

Difficult breakages at which it is better to call the master:

  • AL07, AL08, AL09- errors in the operation of the control module.
  • AL10- problems with heating elements or intake valve electrics.
  • AL11- failure of the circulation pump, which supplies heated water to the spray system. If this part is broken, the machine will draw water, heat it, but at the washing stage it will turn off.
  • AL99- means that there has been a break in the internal wiring or damage to the power cable. Requires verification of all wiring or replacement of the control module.

If such errors occur, you should first clean the filters and reboot the system. If you know how to handle a multimeter - check the resistance of the thermistor, heating element, circulation pump and intake valve. But the problem of such failures is that any master will even give a dozen possible breakdowns to each of these errors. Therefore, it is still better to conduct a full diagnosis of the device.

The author of the video tells in detail about the reasons for the occurrence and methods of eliminating failures, indicated by code number 10 and 11:

Ways to prevent damage to the dishwasher

Although the Ariston Hotpoint is a very reliable dishwasher, maintenance errors can also damage it. And in order not to become a regular customer of repair shops, you just need to follow a few tips that will extend the life of the equipment.

Pill box
In some models, in the event of improper operation, the code 13 is displayed, which means that the valve in the detergent compartment cannot open due to residual powder or the dishes are not properly placed.

Recommendations for use:

  • In Ariston Hotpoint, filters are installed that purify water from various impurities. To avoid clogging, they need to be cleaned in a timely manner.
  • At the entrance to the sewage system it is recommended to install a grease filter to avoid external blockages.
  • To facilitate the work of the machine, before loading wipe the dishes with a napkin, removing food debris.
  • If hard water is flowing in your plumbing, use special salt-softeners or install a special filter at the inlet of the PMM.
  • Do not use soap, shampoos and other substances not intended for dishwashing equipment as detergents.
  • Do not overload the dishwasher with objects.
  • After each start of the machine, rinse and dry the tablet cuvette.
  • Install the dishes in such a way that they do not touch or overlap the sprinklers.

And the last piece of advice - at least once a month, arrange a “day of cleanliness” for your assistant, launching it at idle mode along with a cleansing and disinfectant.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

If you are well versed in the repair of household appliances and are going to troubleshoot the dishwasher with their own hands, then you should try. The truth is there is a sure way to avoid such troubles - compliance with operational rules.

How to properly care for PMM to avoid damage:

The dishwasher Ariston Hotpoint is a faithful assistant who, with proper care and proper operation, serves without problems and breakdowns for many years. But if you still encounter a problem with an electronics or control module, it is better to immediately contact a qualified master without losing time on independent experiments with the repair of equipment.

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