Antique furniture

Today in the production of furniture used a variety of materials, these are plates of compressed waste lumber, plastic, cardboard and of course lumber from natural wood. There is a lot of material, but preference, nevertheless, is given to natural wood. No wonder the tree is called a living, warm material. This is by nature an environmentally friendly material, it is able to breathe, and gives breathing to all the people around him. The texture of wood is unique and diverse, there are no identical patterns in nature, as well as not to find two identical fingerprints.

What caused such an increased interest in the furniture, decorated with antique. Now people who are tired of high-rise buildings, urban turmoil, noise and polluted air tend to buy country houses. And a country house should not resemble a city apartment with its furniture. Some people intentionally acquire very old houses, with furniture preserved in it and other exotic antiquities.

And for some, modern furniture with a traditional finish has namozolila eyes, and they want to buy something unusual.Many are attracted by antiques and antiquities. Antiques, especially furniture, are fashionable today. Go to the cafe, club, restaurant and you will see woodwork and wooden elements with a particularly pronounced relief pattern.

Artificial materials, no matter how well imitated wood, can not replace the natural warmth of wood. Of course, you can order antique furniture but artificially created by human hands, aged furniture will not have such great artistic value as antiques. However, well-chosen and developed constructive solutions, combined with the ideal performance of work, give hope to create high-quality, modern semi-antique furniture.

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