Annunciation in 2019

The Annunciation is one of the twelve most significant - the Great Twenty - and important holidays in Orthodoxy. Commemorating the good news received by the Virgin Mary on the Archangel Gabriel - the coming birth of the Savior, this holiday is of great importance both in the Christian and in the national calendar.

What date is the Annunciation in 2019

The Annunciation is one of those Orthodox holidays that have a clearly fixed date and do not depend on the time of the celebration of Easter. Annually, the Annunciation is celebrated on the same day - April 7 (March 25, old style).

The Annunciation in 2019 falls on Sunday, April 7th.

Virgin Mary and Angel

Christian holiday

The event, which formed the basis of the holiday, is approximately equally described in many sources. The general plot is as follows: the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and informed her that she was destined to become the mother of Christ. This news - the Good News - and gave the name of the holiday.

In the interpretations of the theologians, it is commonly believed that the news of the birth of the Son of God was the first Good News heard by mankind since the fall.The Annunciation thus symbolizes the future forgiveness and redemption of original sin.

Folk traditions

The significance of the Annunciation in the folk tradition is hard to overestimate. Suffice it to mention that the holiday was included in the annual cycle, symbolizing the change of seasons. Christmas was the key point of winter, the Annunciation symbolized the coming of spring, and Ivan Kupala and the Ascension, respectively, summer and autumn. According to popular belief, on this day birds flew in and “earthly reptiles” - snakes, frogs, insects - were chosen to the surface after hibernation.


The symbol of the Annunciation is the Lark. This little bird is the first to announce the arrival of spring, and therefore special attention was paid to it. For the holiday hostess baked larks - cookies made from unleavened dough in the shape of birds. Such cookies were generously treated to relatives and neighbors, given to children so that they shared birds with friends. Baked larks were thrown in hands with the words “larks, fly, take spring with you!”, Carried them out to the barn and shed where the cattle were kept and the grain lay, so that the spring birds would bring warmth and here."Click" spring, that is, to call the heat with the help of roasted birds, followed with songs and round dances. However, too bright, too noisy fun was still forbidden

Virgin Mary and Angel

Today, the tradition to bake the larks is gradually being revived. And although the symbolism of this action has already been lost, many houses and apartments in the Annunciation are filled with the magical aroma of the baking cookies, the larks.

The nest bird does not twist, the spit maiden does not spin

Perhaps the most well-known omen associated with the holiday. On this day, unmarried women - girls - were forbidden to braid their hair in a traditional braid. To look in accordance with the customs, weaving braids should be in advance, before going to bed the evening before the holiday. The ban on braids meant any ban on hair styling, including combing. Today, this sign is treated differently - it is undesirable to go to the hairdresser on this day, cut and dye your hair. Violation threatens with serious problems with a hairdress, up to baldness.

In some lands, the custom of "non-weaving of the braid" was interpreted much more widely - it implied a total ban on any activities at home.Even food for the day should be prepared in advance to minimize all the chores around the house.

Another sign of the Annunciation - the ban on the "takeaway". On this day, it was forbidden to give anything away, "take out" from home. This included some large-scale "returns" - the return of debts, for example, and all sorts of small lending - and even the neighbor of salt or milk on this day should not be given debt. According to legends, any thing taken out of the house has never returned. Hence another example emerged, already criminal: the successful theft committed on the Annunciation promised a successful year for the thief.

Healing water

The water at the Annunciation was considered special. She was believed to have been attributed healing properties. In the morning, preferably at sunrise, it was necessary to collect fresh well water (good and flowing, from streams and rivers) and wash, pouring water on the ground. Flowing from the hands, face, body, water took away all diseases, illnesses and ailments, all eyes and spoils. To wash the Annunciation water could even bed patients - only the dirty water had to be poured onto the ground.

In some regions, the Annunciation water for patients could be left for future use - to fill tubs and buckets, to close tightly so that the “grace” was preserved.However, only meltwater could be used for such storage.

Open skies

According to the legend, the Sky was opened to the Annunciation - and any prayer, any word could fall into “God’s ears”, that is, come true. The main thing - the sincerity and fervor of prayer. On this day, God could be asked for everything - and every wish could come true. According to popular beliefs, on a holiday, all living things freeze in peace, awaiting their gospel. And even sinners in hell on this day are resting from torment.

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