Anniversaries of 2019

According to statistics, the Russians are included in the list of most reading nations. A survey conducted by the "Foundation for Public Opinion" showed that citizens spend about 6-7 hours a week at a book. And both books by modern authors and the good old classics are in demand. An additional reason to refresh your favorite works in 2019 will be anniversaries of writers and poets.


In the first month of winter, the list of anniversary writers includes:

  • 01.1919 (100) Jerome David Salinger.Writer from New York. Master of American short story. The creator of the legendary novel "The Catcher in the Rye".
  • 01.1929 (90) Tatyana Alexandrova.The artist, wrote a fairy tale about the house-keeper Kuzka, based on which the famous cartoon “House for Kuzka” was shot.
  • 01.1809 (210) Edgar Allan Poe.Preferred style of American romanticism. The first to choose a novel as the main form of his work, created the concept of a modern detective story, a genre of psychological prose. During his lifetime was more famous for his works of criticism.

Edgar Allan Poe

  • 01.1759 (260) Robert Burns.Folklorist from Scotland.The author of poems in plain Scottish, English.
  • 01.1879 (140) Pavel Bazhov.Folklorist, who became famous thanks to his Ural tales.
  • 01.1919 (100) Nikolay Glazkov.The founder of the neofuturistic direction of poetry.


In February, such famous writers and poets were born:

  • 02.1829 (190) Alfred Brem.Scientist-zoologist from Germany. The compiler of a large number of travel essays on the life of the animal world.
  • 02.1769 (250) Ivan Krylov.During the lifetime of 236 Krylov's fables were collected in several collections. Many phrases from them have long been part of the Russian-language use.
  • 02.1909 (110) Nikolay Rylenkov.Soviet lyricist, awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor.

The beginning of spring 2019 was marked by anniversaries of such writers and poets:

  • 03.1969 (50) Cyril Benedict.Fantasy. The novel "The Testament of the Night" was filmed by Sergei Zhigunov in 2008.
  • 03.1859 (160) Sholem Aleichem.Jewish playwright. The first began to create modern fiction, including children’s, in Yiddish. Also used Hebrew, Russian.

Sholem Aleichem

  • 03.1899 (120) Yuri Olesha.In the 1920s he was one of the main members of the Odessa literary circle. The first major novel that brought general popularity was the tale "Three Fat Men".
  • 03.1939 (80) Irina Pivovarova.The artist, together with her spouse illustrator, created children's books, the talent for writing of which was revealed in her already in adulthood.
  • 03.1929 (90) Irina Tokmakova.Linguist, created numerous translations of poems for children of preschool, school age.
  • 03.1929 (90) Fazil Iskander.Abkhazian author of satirical works, aphorisms. The story "Constellation Kozlotura", which brought wide popularity, was filmed in 1989.
  • 03.1619 (400) Savignin Cyrano de Bergerac.Playwright from France. Creativity was the basis for the birth of the science fiction genre.
  • 03.1909 (110) Stanislav Jerzy Lec.Polish philosopher, creator of aphorisms, satirical works on acute socio-political themes. A member of the diplomatic mission.

Stanislav Jerzy Lec

  • 03.1949 (70) Agop Melkonyan.Bulgarian science fiction teacher of Armenian philology, translator of Armenian poetry. The compiler of popular science articles, technical publications.
  • 03.1839 (180) Alexander Navrotsky.From the verses a Russian folk song was born about the Stenka Razin cliff.
  • 03.1839 (180) Rene Sully-Prudhomme.French essayist. The first Nobel Prize in literature.
  • 03.1929 (90) Krista Wolf.German editor, researcher at the German Writers' Union. One of the most popular German writers of her time.


In April 2018, the birthday would be celebrated:

  • 04.1809 (210) Nikolay Gogol.Classic Russian literature. After the legendary "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka", which made him famous, followed by a series of humorous stories about Ukrainian life, included in the collections, which brought immense popularity.

  • 04.1929 (90) Milan Kundera. French novelist from the Czech Republic.
  • 04.1889 (130) Lidiya Seifullina.Journalist, wrote a story about the revolution in the village. The re-enactment of her play “Virinea” became popular among the audience.
  • 04.1899 (120) Vladimir Nabokov.Literary critic, translator. Since childhood, fluent in English, French, along with Russian. He used a complex technique with a deep analysis of the emotional state of his characters. The scandalous novel "Lolita" was filmed twice.
  • 04.1889 (130) Ludwig Rennes.German compiler of military-historical, political articles, as well as children's books.

The list of May birthday includes such domestic and foreign authors:

  • 05.1909 (110) Yannis Ritsos.Greek lyricist.He wrote more than a hundred collections of poems, as well as numerous prose creations.
  • 05.1919 (100) Boris Slutsky.Poet engaged in translations. Only 3 months after the death of his wife wrote over a thousand poems.

Boris Slutsky

  • 05.1899 (120) Maurice Karem.The largest French-language lyricist of the twentieth century from Belgium. From his pen out 60 collections.
  • 05.1809 (210) Giuseppe Justi.Tuscan author of satirical poems and songs.
  • 05.1859 (160) Arthur Conan Doyle.Classic English and world literature. He wrote historical, adventure novels. Gained world recognition through the creation of the image of Sherlock Holmes, based on the adventures of which subsequently were shot multiple films, series.
  • 05.1819 (200) Walt Whitman.Reformed American poetry, comparing people and objects with the infinity of the universe.

In summer, birthdays are celebrated by famous poets, whose works have long been part of the school curriculum:

  • 06.1799 (220) Alexander Pushkin.A classic of Russian literature, author of poems, critic. The founder of the Russian realistic direction. The key figure of the creative environment of the beginning of the XIX century. Laid the foundations of the modern Russian language. Even during his lifetime he was called a genius, even by print publications.
  • Alexander Pushkin06.1899 (120) Nikolay Ushakov.In addition to writing poetry and prose, he translated and edited translations of the authors of various peoples of the USSR.
  • 06.1929 (90) Georgiy Graubin.Poet from Transbaikalia. Winner of awards and diplomas as a compiler of children's books. Works translated into many languages ​​of the world, included in school textbooks.
  • 06.1889 (130) Anna Akhmatova.The great lyric poet of the twentieth century. Became famous during her lifetime. The compiler of a large number of poetry collections.

In the second summer month of 2019, we congratulate such anniversary writers:

  • 07.1789 (230) Faddey Bulgarin.Russian author of Polish origin. He became the founder of the genres of adventure plutonic, science fiction novel. Works translated into many languages.
  • 07.1919 (100) Boris Balter.Received fame after the release of the autobiographical story "Goodbye, boys!"
  • 07.1889 (130) Nikolay Aseev.Poet, screenwriter, worked in the style of futurism. Revolutionary creations amounted to more than 80 collections.

Nikolay Aseev

  • 07.1899 (120) Peter Pavlenko.Was considered a classic of the Stalin era. He wrote scripts, 7 of which were subsequently filmed.
  • 07.1899 (120) Ernest Hemingway.The classic of American and world literature, which had a great influence on its development in the twentieth century.Nobel Prize Laureate. According to the works about 15 screen versions were created.
  • 07.1929 (90) Vasily Shukshin.Winner of many awards, the creator of the works of ordinary Russian village people, workers, including a detailed description of life, everyday life. He acted in films, acted as a screenwriter, director.
  • 07.1789 (230) Mikhail Zagoskin.At one time, a very popular creator of the first Russian historical novels.


August 2019 is especially generous for anniversaries:

  • 08.1819 (200) Herman Melville.Writer from the United States. General recognition received thanks to the novel "Moby Dick".
  • 08.1809 (210) Alfred Tennyson.Victorian Lyric. Queen Victoria was a big fan of his sentimental-conservative art.

Alfred Tennyson

  • 08.1959 (60) Alexander Gromov.Science fiction winner of numerous awards.
  • 08.1689 (330) Samuel Richardson.English founder of the flow of "sensual" works.
  • 08.1939 (80) Sergey Kozlov.He wrote a fairy tale and a script for a cartoon about a hedgehog in the fog. The author of poems to the cartoon about a lion cub and a turtle.
  • 08.1869 (150) Edgar Lee Masters.The American creator of the Anthology of Spoon River, which has an unusual form and consists of a set of epitaphs about the life of the inhabitants of a small town.
  • 08.1899 (120) Jorge Luis Borges.The Argentine writer has become famous for his mastery of posing serious philosophical problems in the form of prosaic fantasies. He founded the avant-garde Hispanic poetry of Latin America.
  • 08.1949 (70) Nikolay Konyaev.Head of the Orthodox Writers Society of St. Petersburg. Winner of many awards, including the Pikul Award for the book The True Story of the House of Romanov.
  • 08.1949 (70) Martin Amis.English prose writer, Moema Prize winner.
  • 08.1909 (110) Caesar the Solodar.A famous song about Cossacks in Berlin appeared on his words.
  • 08.1899 (120) Cecil Forester.English creator of military historical works. He gained fame after the release of the adventure of Horatio Hornblower. The creation of the "African Queen" was filmed in 1951.
  • 08.1899 (120) Andrey Platonov.A distinctive feature of the works is a special “original language”, including the intentional use of “children's” reservations, mistakes.

Andrey Platonov

  • 08.1749 (270) Johann Wolfgang Goethe.Classic German and world literature. The founder of the direction of Weimar classicism. The tragedy of Faust has brought worldwide recognition and popularity, it is a world-class masterpiece.
  • 08.1749 (270) Alexander Radishchev.Anonymously published “Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow,” was sold in huge editions and even reached the Empress, who called him a “rebel”.
  • 08.1929 (90) Viktor Golyavkin.The artist, whose popularity was brought by children's stories, which were published by such popular magazines as Murzilka and Koster.


Simultaneously with the start of the new school year 2019, we can congratulate the following anniversary writers:

  • 09.1809 (210) Juliusz Slovak.The great Polish lyric poet of the Romantic era.
  • 09.1769 (250) Bohuslav Tables.He founded in Slovakia a department of the Slovak language, as well as a society of Czech-Slovak culture and language, in order to publish school textbooks in understandable Czech. Much has been published in the framework of the activities of the society and the promotion of Czech-Slovak culture.
  • 09.1869 (150) Felix Salten.The Austro-Hungarian creator of the famous novel about the deer Bambi, who was subsequently repeatedly filmed.

Felix Salten

  • 09.1809 (210) Nestor Kukolnik.The founder of the direction of dramatic poem. Creativity inspired 27 composers, including Glinka, to write music. He became the compiler of texts of popular love songs.
  • 09.1789 (230) James Fenimore Cooper.Classic American adventure prose. Already during his lifetime he became very popular in Russia after the translation of his work into Russian.
  • 09.1839 (180) Leonid Trefolev.He specialized in local history, historical essays.


In October, book readers celebrate the birthdays of such famous authors:

  • 10.1919 (100) Sergey Narovchatov.He published more than 40 books of poems and prose, mainly about the war.
  • 10.1609 (410) Paul Fleming.The most famous poet of the German Baroque era. The work is distinguished by a special cheerfulness against the background of the fluctuation of life.
  • 10.1899 (120) Alexey Surkov.The compiler of a large number of lyrics about the war, which later became popular, for example, “Chapaevskaya”, “In the Dugout” and others.
  • 10.1809 (210) Alexey Koltsov.Poet, studied folklore, wrote about the life and work of ordinary peasants.
  • 10.1869 (150) Johannes Linnankoski.Finnish creator of prose about the struggle of the old and the new, redemption of guilt, punishment. On the works came 8 screen versions. He also published many socially useful articles, for example, on agriculture or the technique of speech.
  • 10.1929 (90) Ursula Kreber Le Guin.A writer from the United States, winner of many awards in the field of fantasy, science fiction.Her works touch on acute social and psychological issues, such as communism, anarchism, interracial relationships and others.

Ursula Kreber Le Guin

  • 10.1919 (100) Doris May Lessing.English science fiction, Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Harvard University. She released a series of creations with images of alien gods, for which she was subjected to sharp criticism.
  • 10.1899 (120) Ilya Selvinsky.Krymchaksky poet, founder, head of the Literary Society of Constructivists.
  • 10.1959 (60) Neil Town Stevenson.Science fiction from America. A fan of cyberpunk currents, post kiberpunk in his works. Winner of several awards Hugo, Locus and others.


The end of autumn brings anniversaries of such writers:

  • 11.1899 (120) Charles Edgar du Perron.Dutch lyricist in the style of modernism.
  • 11.1909 (110) Antonina Koptyaeva.Winner of the Stalin Prize. Fame gained after the release of the trilogy about the life of a neurosurgeon.
  • 11.1759 (260) Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller.A classic of German and world literature, a philosopher. “Ode to Joy” with some changes became the text of the anthem of the European Union.
  • 11.1929 (90) Heinrich Borovik.Writer, prose writer, winner of numerous awards, honorary rector of the Ostankino Institute.
  • 11.1869 (150) Zinaida Hippius.Key poetess of the Silver Age. In her works, one film and a cartoon were shot.

Zinaida Hippius

  • 11.1869 (150) Andre Paul Guillaume Gide.French essayist, Nobel laureate. He had a great influence on the worldview of several generations of French, thanks to the description of issues of personal freedom.
  • 11.1849 (170) Francis Eliza Burnett.English novelist.
  • 11.1939 (80) Yuri Nikitin.Founded the course of cohistics. Fan of Slavic fantasy. Poems turned into songs from the repertoire of modern music groups.


Winter is especially rich in the birthdays of children's writers and poets:

  • 12.1907 (112) Zinaida Nikolaevna Aleksandrovna.Children's poetess, author of the poems "Herringbone", "Five of one star".
  • 12.1819 (200) Jacob Polonsky.The compiler of a large number of poetry collections, poems.
  • 12.1937 (82) Eduard Nikolaevich Uspensky.Children's writer, author of famous stories about Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, many generations' favorite stories about Uncle Fedor and his friends from Prostokvashino.

Eduard Nikolaevich Uspensky

  • 12.1905 (114) Daniil Ivanovich Kharms.Soviet poet. Author of many poems for children's and adult audiences.
  • 12.1865 (154) Joseph Redd Kipling.The great storyteller and novelist who gave the world "Mowgli", "The Book of the Jungle", the story of the brave Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and the cat, walked by itself.

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